Antibiotics arthritis: the treatment of the disease

Антибиотики при артрите: особенности лечения заболеванияInflammation of the joints, arthritis, the disease is not only the elderly but also young people. Its manifestation is very painful, therefore, to dismiss them cannot. Any inflammatory process people used to treat pharmaceutical drugs, but whether to take antibiotics for arthritis, the question is moot. Need to try to find the answer to this question.

So, arthritis is a common name for joint diseases of different etymology.

Antibiotics — medicines, substances that inhibit the growth and development of bacteria trapped in the human body.

What types of arthritis can be identified?

There are two varieties of arthritis, depending on the causes:

  • Infectious arthritis is caused by the external infection trapped in the body. To this type belong septic (purulent), post-infectious and reactive arthritis. In these diseases, antibiotics are used as part of combination therapy, since they are directly required to destroy microorganisms in the foci of infection. Treatment of arthritis with antibiotics in this case gives the opportunity to put a favorable prognosis, speed up recovery and to avoid relapse.
  • Inflammatory arthritis occurs without external influence. A failure occurs in the immune system, which becomes a conflict of cells. After that, its own cells, the body begins to perceive how viruses and deal with them. Of course, the use of antibiotics is unacceptable.
  • One of the most common articular diseases, rheumatism. Direct exposure to antibiotics does not make sense, as the rheumatic fever occurs after streptococcal throat infection.

    To remove this infection from the body, it is subjected to the effects of antibiotics penicillin group by injection. Rheumatism is manifested in the inflammation of the joints, most often the ankle, elbow and knee.

    A little less rheumatism found rheumatoid arthritis. It not only affects the joints but deformed, and then lose their mobility.

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    Medical treatment for rheumatoid arthritis aims to slow the development process, to prevent irreversible changes in the joints and loss of mobility, reduce pain.

    Antibiotics in rheumatoid arthritis: the treatment of the disease

    Антибиотики при артрите: особенности лечения заболеванияHow is the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis? It is important to note that the use of antibiotics for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis is carried out only under the supervision of a physician, because there may be unpredictable reactions of the body (side effects). The doctor chooses the drugs and the intensity of their application individually for each patient, based on the features of a particular organism. For example, breast cancer (breast cancer) in combination with a rheumatoid arthritis occurs more aggressive, more recorded deaths. In this case (if there is a BC) used a special treatment Protocol.

    Among the antibiotics, which treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, there are several groups of drugs: non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, glucocorticoids, biological response modifiers, analgesics, and so on. After the start of treatment the patient is under constant observation during exacerbation of the disease necessarily changing the dosage of the drug.

    Diseases of the joints the patient experiences severe pain in the inflammation, therefore, before determining the type of arthritis your doctor may prescribe a particular antibiotic arthritis, but later cancel it.

    To date, doctors always remind patients about the dangers of self-medication. Even if you know the diagnosis, clearly know what happened, the affected joints (relapse), in any case, do not take antibiotics without medical advice. These drugs decrease the immune resistance, act on the digestive system and internal organs, so their uncontrolled intake can lead to disastrous consequences. Indeed, as already noted, the use of antibiotics in rheumatoid arthritis and after treatment must control specialist.

    The latest diagnostic techniques and laboratory tests make treatment with antibiotics more effective.

    But it is advisable to start early, so when the first symptoms (sore joints, fever, there is swelling in the joints), you should immediately contact a doctor. So you will be able to get rid of the disease.