Application technique of the bandage dezo: instructions, photo, video

Bandage Desault: purpose and application technique

In the provision of emergency medical care or treatment of the patient, not only medical drugs, but also devices that facilitate the General condition of the victim, and conducive to a speedy recovery.

Most of these additional devices are used by medical personnel as well as civilians at home.

In the trauma and orthopaedic departments of any medical institution for minor fractures or injuries experts often use the so-called bandage Dezo, performing the locking function.

The use of bandages

Catatonic bandage of the bandage has developed and implemented a French surgeon of the eighteenth century — Pierre Desault. Bintawa headband is still used in surgery, orthopedics and traumatology.

Of course, the French specialist of that time was famous not only for this invention, but his name is indissolubly associated with this armband.

Bintawa bandage Desault used to fix the limb in fracture of the clavicle.

In other words, with a bandage the injured shoulder and forearm fixed to the body.

Bandage actively used for fixing the limb after a major operation and the rehabilitation period.

This technique to this day, allows closer positioning of the cleaved (broken) element clavicle bone to the main bone group.

It is clear that this method of fixation of the affected limb can be used only for simple, uncomplicated injuries (fractures).

To wrap it will need a medical bandage (with a length of 5 meters and a width of 20-25 cm) and 2-3 regular pins.

There are no contraindications, it is important to know how to apply a bandage.

It is important to remember! Despite the availability of online methods of applying the bandage Desault and ease of manipulation, we recommend you not to self-medicate. Suggest to go for help to specialists in the hospital or clinic.

Methods of care for the bandage

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We should remember these points:

  • the dressing can be subjected to washing in water at room temperature;
  • use hot water in the wash is unacceptable, as the band can deform and lose its size (reduce or extend);
  • allowed to use means of chemical cleaning (gels and powders), but the use of bleach is contraindicated;
  • drying bandages Dezo occurs only under direct sunlight and preferably indoors.
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To buy a jockstrap is recommended only with the permission of the attending physician. It is not recommended to buy a bandage at the pharmacy without trying for yourself.

If you know your dimensions (height, bust), then the instruction size.

How to conduct a immobilization?

Find out when you apply the bandage Dezo, consider what should be the technique of applying the bandage in a particular case.

Before you apply the bandage, the arm being attached to a natural position.

To start a medical worker (doctor, medical assistant or nurse) provides the shoulder to the body, then fixed the wrist, and at the end of the beam, the joint on the injured side.

The intact joints of the hands left free so that the patient can enjoy a healthy limb.

Of equipment you will need:

  • medical bandage (width 20-25 cm);
  • a cushion made of cotton wool or gauze;
  • ordinary scissors;
  • two pins and non-allergenic adhesive tape.

It is important to remember! Fixing (last) round of the bandage should be done to the injured limb around the body. Shoulder pressed tight enough to the sternum.

When the bandage on his right hand tours of the bandage starting from right to left and Vice versa. The injured upper extremity attach to a flexed position at an angle of 90°.

The algorithm apply the bandage Desault:

  1. First round (round of bandage around the body or limbs). The bandage is applied only after the patient is put with a cotton or gauze cushion in the armpit. Then you need to gently bend angle of the injured arm, bent at the elbow and pressed to his chest. Only after this procedure it is possible to proceed to further manipulation.
  2. Then make the second round. The doctor keeps a bandage from the back, from underarm, not the injured side, on the sore forearm.
  3. The third round is a continuation of the previous one. With the forearm bandage is directed at the shoulder side rear, then lower the forearm of the injured upper extremity, to guide the bandage to the healthy armpit. Then sent back to the shoulder of the injured arm.
  4. The fourth round involves the lowering of the bandage to the front shoulder, covers the elbow of the injured extremity, then is conducted back into the axillary region.
  5. Further applying the bandage implies the repetition of the above manipulation (except first round) three times. Three times is repeated a second, then third and fourth tours, it is important not to confuse.
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If the bandage Dezo is planned to be superimposed on a long period of time, then the tour can be strengthened stitched their usual thread.

After the reps finished the last bandage with a circular stage. The bandage is carried around the sternum of the patient.

After that, the edge of the bandage zhivaetsja previously prepared with pins, the extra edge of the bandage is clipped. In principle, the bandage French surgeon ready. If the injury requires long clamping arms of the patient, the use of gypsum.

Anyone can bandage but not a doctor?

A bandage of this type may be imposed by a person who is not a medical officer and never learned. But for the success of this manipulation is not enough just to know the theory.

Continuous practical training, it is recommended to view videos about how a bandage Desault on the injured part of the body.

Alternative bondage

It should be noted that to date, people who have no medical education, not necessarily to study in detail the technique of imposing of bandage Desault.

Just two years ago was invented a bandage that matched the finished bandage Desault. In principle this is the same headband, but she’s ready — a ready-to-use.

Such dressings are made from cotton, polyester and latex. This type of bandage has a convenient Velcro closure. Ready bandage firmly secures the desired limb, providing a comfortable environment to the patient.

The bandage material is able to warm the injured area, and is suitable both for right and left limb.

As for the cost, the price for such a convenient invention are readily available. The process of applying the finished bandage is much faster and more convenient than using a medical bandage.

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Indications for use of bandages ready

A bandage of this type sold in every pharmacies and on the Internet:

Suitable for:

  • immobilization of the hand and shoulder joint postoperative period;
  • minor injuries clavicle, elbow and shoulder joints, hand injury, shoulder dislocation;
  • assigned for arthritis of hand joints, osteoarthritis;
  • cuts and other minor injuries;
  • rehabilitation of the lungs after fractures of the upper extremities and scapula.

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Violation of the cortical bone with the advent of mobility in her unusual pieces or nonunion. Than can be caused by pathology?

As a conclusion

It is desirable that the acquired knowledge during the training and training never came in handy. But, the likelihood of rendering someone for emergency care in the absence of the specialist still exists.

And perhaps this ability someday save someone’s life. Imposition of bandage Desault simple and intuitive process, are available to absolutely anyone with a desire to learn.

And one last tip, if you do not have enough specific knowledge and experience, then the pad of the bandage is best left to professionals. This will help to avoid further complications.