Arthritis fingers symptoms, prevention and treatment

Артрит пальцев рук: симптомы, профилактика и лечение

Joint inflammation hands is a common phenomenon, which is accompanied by a pulling and sharp pain not only when moving the fingers, but when they are alone. Often pain is worse in the evening and at night, when weather changes, acute pain occurs most often in the morning.

Arthritis of the fingers is inflammation of the joints, which can lead to deformation of extremities. In this disease the joints thicken, brush become ugly and disabled. Arthritis of the fingers does not allow a person to lead a normal lifestyle. And a huge misconception that this disease can only manifest in older people. With this disease stalkivayutsya people and at a younger age, completely different reasons. Disease of the fingers, photos of which can be viewed on the Internet, often have similar symptoms.

Causes inflammatory diseases of the joints

The cause of the arthritis of the joints of the fingers, may be different. From the total list should be the most common:

  • hereditary factor;
  • injuries of different nature;
  • a metabolic process for a variety of reasons, including due to improper and unbalanced diet;
  • various infections and viruses.
  • frequent overcooling;
  • disorders in the organs of internal secretion;
  • great physical exertion;
  • overweight etc.

Causes inflammation of the joints many. And in order not to face such problem, it is necessary to monitor the health of not only joints, but also the entire body. We need to remember the reason and know the basic symptoms of the disease, in time to spot a problem and to consult a doctor for qualified help. In most cases, the disease begins with a thumb and gradually affects the other fingers.

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Артрит пальцев рук: симптомы, профилактика и лечение

The main symptoms of the disease can be attributed to the following phenomena:

  • redness of the skin;
  • pain, especially in the cold or from the cold water, and after a long rest;
  • high fever with pain;
  • change the size of the joints of the fingers;
  • the crunch in joints at movement;
  • General malaise, sleep disturbance and appetite.

But do not forget that no symptoms is necessary to clarify the diagnosis — whether you have arthritis of the joints of the fingers. If you experience any discomfort, pain should not wait until the symptoms of inflammation. You must immediately contact to the physician, who will refer to a rheumatologist for further evaluation and treatment.

Treatment and preventive measures

The treatment is prescribed by a doctor after examination and confirmation of diagnosis. To determine the tactics of struggle with the disease need to identify the causes of arthritis of the hands. It should be noted that the treatment of such illness requires much time and patience. It is a long process that includes various methods of therapy, depending on the form of the disease. First and foremost, all procedures are aimed at removing inflammation and pain.

Treatment is usually applied medication, with the use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and slowing of degenerative processes. When severe pain are assigned to non-narcotic analgesics, and sometimes hormonal therapy. If arthritis of the joints of the fingers has an infectious origin, antibiotic treatment. To combat disease of the joints always used physiotherapy treatments: ultrasound, electrophoresis, phonophoresis. Can be treated with massage, mud, paraffin baths and therapeutic gymnastics. Surgery is used only in a very advanced situation. For the treatment of arthritis of the thumb is a very effective means of alternative medicine.

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To not know what is arthritis of the fingers, it is necessary to monitor the health of the bones and joints throughout the body. Especially if there are people suffering from such diseases. Prevention is needed for those who work a lot with your hands, sportsmen and women after pregnancy and childbirth. During and after treatment of severe forms of arthritis it is necessary to provide a comprehensive approach to prevention. Food should be enriched with vitamins and elements that help restore mobility and elasticity of joints. It is important to stick to a diet in combination with physical therapy and gymnastics.

After successful treatment, the prevention should be directed at eliminating the recurrence of the disease. To do this, you need to protect your hands from cold, to strengthen the immune system and effectively cure viral diseases correctly and to eat a balanced, healthy lifestyle. If necessary, periodically repeated physical therapy and massage of the hands.

Effective prevention measures are considered to reduce weight and maintain it at a lower level. Being overweight puts tremendous pressure on all bones and joints, violates the metabolic processes in the body.