Arthritis joints: diagnosis, treatment and prevention

Полиартрит суставов: диагностика, лечение и профилактика

The structure of the healthy and diseased joint of a person

Arthritis — inflammation of one joint, respectively, arthritis of the joints — inflammation of several. In the formulation of the diagnosis treatment will depend on the type of disease. Plays an important role and stage of development of the disease.

Types of arthritis:

  • rheumatoid;
  • infectious that develops after severe infectious diseases;
  • crystal arising from violations of metabolic processes in which salts accumulate;
  • psoriasis, which is a consequence of psoriasis, often affects the foot.

Causes and symptoms of the disease

The reasons for development of arthritis can be varied — infection, abnormal metabolism, allergies, injuries, psychological disorders. Arthritis of the shoulder joint infectious origin (syphilis, gonorrhea, tuberculosis) causes swelling, pain and redness of the skin, a sharp limitation of mobility. Rheumatoid arthritis does not have stable symptoms. The inflammation goes from one joint to another. The main symptoms of the disease in this situation are the sharp pains, deformation of the bodies and swelling in the affected area.

Полиартрит суставов: диагностика, лечение и профилактика

Due to the destruction of joints, deformation of fingers

In the area of inflammation can increase the temperature. In the early stages of the disease sometimes increased sensitivity to weather changes, swelling almost gone, the pain is minimal. The body temperature is not always up, but sometimes experience a decrease in appetite and body weight. Over time, the symptoms are worse and become more pronounced. The danger of rheumatic arthritis that when unexpressed characteristics at the initial stage of the disease there is a high probability of complications.

Gouty arthritis also has no pronounced symptoms early in the disease. But in the process of deposition of salts of uric acid there are severe pain in the affected parts of the body, mainly in the area of the big toe. Inflamed area becomes red and swells. The temperature sometimes rises to 38° C.

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Polyarthritis may occur in childhood. Mainly the causes are disorders of the immune system, psoriasis. As a rule, polyarthritis in a child occurs as a chronic, periodically there are attacks that take place in a few days. Drugs that can completely cure the disease, no. Treatment involves medication, suspending the development of the disease, preventing the destruction of certain structures.

Diagnosis and treatment of disease

Полиартрит суставов: диагностика, лечение и профилактикаAccurate diagnosis can put only an expert, after spending all the necessary tests. Of inflammation is evidenced by the complaints of the patient to deterioration of mobility in the morning. If the family of the patient have relatives with psoriasis, we can assume the presence of psoriatic arthritis.

The diagnosis of «arthritis» can be made, if there are inflammatory processes in the intestine, the membrane of the eye. Swelling and redness in the shoulder or knee can also indicate a disease of the joints. To diagnose rheumatoid arthritis do a test for rheumatoid factor. But even if the disease is present, the test can show a negative result (30% of cases).

For proper diagnosis you must:

  • to do a blood test;
  • to determine erythrocyte sedimentation rate;
  • to pass a urine test to detect the level of creatine.

If symptoms of arthritis are manifested over a year, conduct x-rays of knee, feet, hands.

Treatment of arthritis depends on the type of disease. Sometimes it is allowed to carry out therapeutic activities at home. Treatment of the disease, including the shoulder joint, prescribed by a doctor. The effectiveness of therapy of infectious arthritis depends on at what stage started to treat the disease.

Полиартрит суставов: диагностика, лечение и профилактикаAfter determining the infection that caused the arthritis, the doctor will select the appropriate antibiotics. Treatment of joints in the acute phase of illness performed in a hospital, because the drugs are administered intravenously. The patient is doing a spinal tap and injected anti-inflammatory drugs with the purpose of cleansing the joints from purulent formations and fluid accumulation.

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Treatment of arthritis of the joints of the rheumatic character is complex. First, the doctor prescribes anti-inflammatory medication. If this treatment of the joints did not produce results, apply hormones (prednisone). Increased pain when the patient applied the fixing bar. While the joints will heal, you will have to use different orthopedic means to reduce the load. Developed a set of exercises to promote healing of joints and maintain their mobility.

Enhance the effect of the treatment of the shoulder joint is possible with exercise. Approaching the wall, you should reach out and reach out, running his fingers up like walking. You need to try as much as possible to reach up to put my arm down to rest and repeat the exercise, trying to rise even higher than the first time. For the shoulder joint the treatment is the local application of drugs with diclofenac, pill (Airtel, nice).

Polyarthritis and polyarthrosis of the knee joint treated with anti-inflammatory drugs. If they do not resolve the pain, injections administered hormonal agents. With the defeat of the knee and shoulder joints treatment involves local application of chondroprotectors (chondroitin, glucosamine).

Physical therapy, folk remedies and diet for arthritis

For arthritis joints treatment is possible using the methods of physiotherapy:

  • ultrasound;
  • magnetic therapy;
  • ozone therapy;
  • cryotherapy (treatment with nitrogen);
  • paraffin;
  • massage;
  • of photophoresis.

Physical therapy is a basic treatment. After the procedure normalizes metabolism, improves blood circulation in joints, slows the destruction of cartilage. Prevention of arthritis primarily lies in improving the diet and lifestyle.

Полиартрит суставов: диагностика, лечение и профилактикаDaily to do massage, exercises for the joints to harden the body walks. It is important not to run an infectious disease, to avoid destruction of joints. You need to watch the weight.

If the patient has arthritis of a joint, treatment of non-traditional methods allowed. But this is only an additional measure to the main therapy. Before applying any folk remedies you need to consult a specialist.

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  • Apple infusion. Apple RUB on a grater, pour boiling water and insist 2 hours. Strain and drink warm as needed.
  • Packs of oil of Hypericum. 3 tablespoons St. John’s wort pour 0.5 cups of vegetable oil, heat a few times in the oven, to insist. Grease the joints before going to bed.
  • A mixture of herbs (buds of birch, peppermint leaves, chamomile flowers, nettle, flax seed, corn silk, elecampane, leaves of a cowberry). 3 tablespoons of the mixture pour 1 liter of boiling water and insist in a thermos 2 hours. The course of treatment — a month.
  • A decoction of a succession. 2 tablespoons herb pour 250 ml of boiling water, to insist 30 minutes. Take 1 tablespoon 6 times a day.
  • Bath with a decoction of any needles.
  • Diet for arthritis — one of the factors of successful treatment of the joints. When the pain you need to minimize the consumption of sugar and salt. In the acute stage of the disease, the salt should be excluded. The menu should include lots of vegetables, fruits, herbs. But care should be taken to fruits that can cause allergies. The diet involves the consumption of foods high in calcium (cottage cheese, low-fat milk, eggs). Excluded fatty meats allowed eat chicken breast, lean beef, rabbit.

    To avoid iron deficiency for arthritis, you need to eat the liver. Helpful steamed fish. Sodas should be replaced with infusions of chamomile, raspberry, marigold.