Arthritis of the fingers: features of the disease, its types and treatment

Arthritis of the joints of the fingers — early diagnosis and treatment

Often in the elderly it is possible to observe deformation of the fingers and swelling in the joints. Reason for change – developed arthritis.

As practice shows, women are more susceptible to the disease, with one in seven suffering from this disease.

When the first symptoms to start treatment, the only way to defeat the disease.

Causes of arthritis in the hands

Arthritis does not appear suddenly, the reasons for its development are changes in the body:

  • Violation of metabolism, thereby developing a non-infectious arthritis. They suffer more often than older people who have occupational diseases, microtrauma, etc.
  • Of infectious diseases – gonorrhea, influenza, syphilis, dysentery and other diseases, which pathogens are streptococci and staphylococci.
  • Damage to the joints, surgery, etc.
  • Genetic predisposition.

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Types of arthritis of the fingers and their symptoms

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Pressing, and then a sharp pain in the joints, stiffness, redness of the knuckles and burning – all symptoms of arthritis.

It manifests as swelling in the joints, that indicates one hundred percent developed the disease.

Pain mostly occur at night.

The pain intensifies in the fall, while reducing the temperature and increasing the humidity level.

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Doctors distinguish three types of arthritis of the fingers: metabolic, infectious and rheumatoid.

Exchange develops because of the appearance in the joints of crystals of the substance, which is formed as a result of metabolism of purines. Excessive accumulation of balance, which causes an increase in the concentration of uric acid in the blood. In the future, the acid can be the cause of gout.

Symptoms: sudden pain, swelling, redness in the joints. More sore fingers later they formed cones.

Infectious develops as a result of Contracting TB and other diseases.

The symptoms are the same.

Rheumatoid is more frequently diagnosed in the elderly. The main reasons for the development of disease – hypothermia, trauma, and even heredity. Joint pain appears in the late afternoon after exercise. In the morning you may receive a stiffness in the movements. Feelings disappear after a long warm up fingers.

Treatment and prevention

Treated arthritis of the joints of the hands, or with medications or prosthetics.

It must be time to see a doctor, only in this case, the treatment process will take place without operation.

In the early stages of development of the disease patient treated with ointments, antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs. From organism pathogens, and to restore the cartilage to produce a massage, spend physiotherapy, practiced mud therapy, etc.

During remission the patient is necessarily undergoing physical therapy.

During treatment it is necessary to follow a strict diet and consume foods with a high content of vitamin E.

To avoid tedious trips to the doctors, it is recommended to toughen up, exercise: good win immunity any infection. It is extremely important to adhere to the principles of proper diet (1.5 g protein, 0.5 g fat and 4G of carbohydrates per 1 kg of body weight). It is recommended to take in food garlic, to monitor the weight and limit the intake of salt and sugar.

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The final decision how to treat the disease decides Your doctor on internal reception. Avoid self-medication!

Only that person is healthy who cares about himself, remember the rules of power and loves sports – this is the basis of life of each of us.