Arthritis of the knee joint: the main symptoms and treatment plan

Prevention and treatment of arthritis knee joint

Arthritis is a group of inflammatory diseases of the joints, and the localization in the knee joint is one of the most unpleasant options is the largest joint in the human body and in the absence of treatment greatly limits or even eliminates the mobility seriously impaired quality of life.

In severe cases the only treatment is surgery expensive surgery for joint replacement and a long rehabilitation period, so it is very important to recognize the first signs of arthritis, start treatment and stop the disease in its early stage.

That might be the reason?

Arthritis is a very variable disease, some forms have very specific reasons, for example, reaction occurs after a previous infection. Some, such as rheumatoid arthritis have a complex origin, most experts explain the development of the disorders of immunity and metabolism.

The most common causes are:

  1. injury. It should be noted that the symptoms occur only after several days or even weeks after the damage to the joint, so patients do not associate arthritis with the trauma,
  2. infectious disease. In most cases this infection of the genital organs, less common arthritis caused by other infections,and even parasites,
  3. circulatory disorders or food joint due to the lower immunity or metabolic disorders. The immediate cause may be an allergic reaction, and General disease of the body.

What types are

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Arthritis are divided into several types depending on the cause of the inflammation. It is necessary to find out as soon as possible so as to successfully combat disease, it is very important to begin treatment of the underlying disease or eliminate the causes of arthritis.

Rheumatoid arthritis

This is the most common form, and it often occurs in old age and progresses rather slowly, but the first symptoms may appear between the ages of 30 years. The reasons for the development of this form of arthritis is not fully known. It may be a genetic predisposition to disorders of the mechanisms of the immune response of the body. Also cause inflammation can be one of the retroviruses, herpes virus, or some other with their active reproduction because of low immunity.

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Inflammation in this case almost always covers both the knee joint, often together with them affects the other joints in the legs, especially the smaller ones. The joint swells, hurts, after a short time the mobility decreases.

Osteoarthritis of the knee

This form is caused by eating disorders of articular cartilage, it thins and ceases to perform its functions in motion, the bone surfaces start to contact each other, causing inflammation and pain.

The immediate cause of joint disease may be unknown, in this case, the arthritis is called idiopathic. The joint is often injured when a strong regular activities or sports.

This form of the disease in the initial stage is manifested by pain and stiffness after strenuous exercise, which pass through some time. On a more severe stage, the pain becomes constant, and the limitation is substantial.

Reactive arthritis

Occurs as the body’s response to severe infection. Most often it is a sexually transmitted infection (gonorrhea, Salmonella, chlamydia and others). Inflammation in the joint starts 2-4 weeks after the start causing his condition and is very sharp.

Pain syndrome is characteristic for all inflammatory diseases of the joints, accompanied by fever, swelling of joints, diarrhea, vomiting, General weakness.

This is one of the most dangerous forms, if untreated which can lead to the destruction and deformation of joints in a short period of time.

The most severe form of reactive arthritis is an acute suppurative arthritis. In this case, the inflammation burdened with pus in the joint cavity. The temperature rises to 39-40°, rapidly deteriorating health, the joint swells, often there is a very serious condition requiring hospitalization.

Suppurative arthritis may be a complication of osteomyelitis, infection or performed without error operations in the region of the joint. Severe pain occurs at the slightest change of position of the joint, the patient holds the foot in a slightly flexed position (it provides the greatest capacity of the joint).

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It can result in the development of sepsis and death of patient as a result of General infection. It is therefore essential when there is any suspicion of this form of arthritis as soon as possible to go to the doctor, self-medication in this case.

How to spot the disease at different stages?

The symptoms of the disease are varied and depend on the stage of development and its forms. Common symptoms of all arthritis are pain and reduced mobility.

At the initial stage of the disease the pain occurs in the morning and subsides by evening, the pain syndrome may worsen after strenuous exercise and decrease after the holiday. The pain subsides when the foot in a slightly flexed condition and increases with extension. Stiffness is evident when climbing stairs, taking a vertical position, the patient is difficult to squat.

If the inflammation develops further, pain increases, the pain becomes strong, exhausting and constant, limitations of joint mobility significantly complicate or make it impossible to climb the stairs. Begins deformation of the joint, leading eventually to complete loss of mobility of the legs.

Also the arthritis can be accompanied by swelling of the joint, increasing the General and local temperature, additional symptoms characteristic of the acute-occurring forms of arthritis – diarrhea, vomiting, severe deterioration of General health.

What treatment can be prescribed by a doctor?

Before you decide how to treat arthritis the first step is to determine the cause of the inflammation and take steps to address it. If it is caused by infection, is primarily antibiotics. Further treatment of the consequences of joint disease.

Conservative (medical) treatment includes taking pain with a pronounced anti-inflammatory injections and pills. Most often it is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or drugs of steroid group. Also used opiates and opioids (synthetic opiates) and other drugs.

Allowed the use of painkillers and anti-inflammatory ointments, more about the range of ointments is available here.

In severe cases, are assigned to intra-articular injections of non-steroidal drugs or steroids, this method allows you to quickly reduce inflammation and reduce pain quickly ease the patient’s condition.

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A good effect has a therapeutic gymnastics, which gives the joint the necessary to restore the load. Articular cartilage receives power only while driving, no vessels that deliver nutrients directly to the joint. Therefore, to restore its functions, physical activity is of great importance.

If the joint is severely deformed, the only treatment to get rid of the consequences, is operation prosthetic joint.

A few words on prevention

It is always preferable to cure in the first place should pay attention to the appearance of the first signs of arthritis – the pain and difficult movement of the joint. Do not ignore any injuries, even if they seem insignificant, especially if the pain persists for a long time and after it occurs swelling. As a first measure, access to a doctor better and safer self-medication.

Also prevents the development of inflammatory processes active lifestyle, good nutrition, diet and timely treatment of all infectious diseases that occur in the body.

Depending on which caused the disease causes, arthritis can occur as an acute or indolent disease, but in any case, if untreated, the inflammation leads to a significant deformation of the joint and a strong deterioration in the quality of life.

This can be avoided by timely noticing the first symptoms are: mild pain in the mornings and little restriction of normal movement of the joint. Remember that all degenerative processes in the joints cannot be reversed, but a comprehensive and timely treatment can stop the development of arthritis at an early stage.

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