Arthritis shoulder joint symptoms and treatment

Among the diseases of the musculoskeletal system common and the most common is the arthritis of the shoulder joint. The disease, symptoms of which can for a long time does not manifest itself that is caused by inflammation in the articular tissues of the shoulder. In the beginning of the disease the person usually feels some pain in the shoulder area, which, as a rule, does not pay proper attention. And for good reason.

Because the disease progresses, affecting an increasing number of joints, and in the end results in quite serious complications. And it was in the beginning, quick and easy to defeat shoulder arthritis and its symptoms. But in order to be able to pay attention to the initial symptoms of the disease, you need to know how to recognize its symptoms.

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Symptoms of arthritis in the shoulder area

Symptoms of shoulder arthritis depends on its species.

  • Rheumatoid arthritis manifests itself in such signs: severe inflammation in the connective tissues of the shoulder joint, cyclically manifesting joint pain, slight swelling and swelling of joints, redness of the skin, impaired motor functions in the area affected area, the limitations and stiffness (especially after waking up in the morning), pain when lifting the arms up, General weakness and inherent fatigue, joint deformity (recurrent disease), atrophy of muscle, loss of sensation of the affected area.
  • Infectious arthritis of the shoulder characterized by the following symptoms: the presence in the body of the infection that has spread to the joints, tenderness of the affected joints, fever, weakness, intoxication.
  • Metabolic arthritis of the shoulder joint manifests itself thus: violated the metabolic processes in the human body, hormonal changes, accumulated a large amount of salts, which causes irritation and inflammation of the joints.
  • Post-traumatic form of arthritis characterized by the presence of injury, fracture, dislocation.
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    Thus, the symptom complex in different types of arthritis will vary. However, it is possible to highlight some General characteristic of all varieties of the disease. These include the following symptoms: pain in the joints and limited movements.

    Particular features only complement each form of the disease, allowing to identify the exact causes for its occurrence and to plan the best treatment.

    Features of treatment of shoulder arthritis

    Treatment of arthritis of the shoulder joint depends on at what stage was identified by its symptoms. The earlier the diagnosis and started appropriate treatment and rehabilitation therapy, the more favorable the prognosis. Therapeutic measures also depend on the form of arthritis. So, paramount in the treatment of infectious, metabolic and post-traumatic forms of arthritis is the elimination of the main causes that triggered the onset of the disease.

    The severity of the disease also affect the treatment strategy. Heavy, have already passed into the chronic stage, the disease is treated for a long time. Sometimes treatment is aimed not so much at full recovery, much to the relief of the patient. In addition, the presence of concomitant chronic diseases complicate the treatment of arthritis.

    The effectiveness of treatment is determined by the applied methods and techniques of treatment. Modern medicine has in its Arsenal a wide range of used medical means:

    • injection with corticosteroids;
    • antibiotics;
    • pain relievers;
    • and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs;
    • resection;
    • arthroscopy;
    • the endoprosthesis.

    Local treatment is carried out with application of ointments, gels, solutions, compresses, lotions. Popular methods in the treatment of shoulder arthritis are considered to be physiotherapy, massage (is carried out without exacerbation). In addition, if necessary, apply radical measures.

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    Methods Features
    Laser therapy. Effective, but not cheap tool.
    Surgery. Shown in strong deformation of the joints, abscess in the connective tissues.
    Rehabilitation methods of treatment of arthritis of the shoulder joint. Spa treatment, kinesitherapy, aquacentre, climatic, swimming, yoga.

    Shoulder arthritis is a serious disease that if ignored can result in unfortunate consequences, up to disability. It is therefore important to know the symptoms of this disease, to pay attention to the first signs and promptly seek the assistance of qualified professionals.