Arthritis: the treatment of folk remedies and its features

Traditional methods of arthritis treatment, if used correctly, can be a wonderful addition to prescription medication treatment. But if the disease is diagnosed at an early stage, and a good alternative to him. But in any case, their use is permissible only with the permission and under the supervision of a physician.

Causes of joints inflammation

Артрит: лечение народными средствами и его особенностиSometimes a person has to treat diseased joints of the fingers, the elbow or the knee joint. Because of the many types of arthritis, and the degree of joint damage are different, you need to have extensive knowledge and wide practical experience, to a rich Arsenal of traditional medicine to choose the right recipes and build them into a coherent treatment strategy.

If a patient’s arthritis is primarily the painful swollen joint (or several), the medicine differentiates between several types of this disease: rheumatoid, gouty, psoriatic and many others. Not identifying and not eliminating the root cause of the disease, without defining the type of arthritis and the degree of damage, cure disease impossible. The maximum that will be able to do using traditional methods to reduce pain, but only for a short time.

Arthritis is an inflammation of the joints, occurring in acute and in chronic form.

It can affect any joint, small or large, from the fingers and the foot to the elbow and knee joints. The reason for its occurrence are a variety of bacteria, viruses, fungi or toxins, and the trigger may be a number of reasons – from allergies to metabolic disorders, injuries of joints to to lack of vitamins in the body.

Features of some types of arthritis

For osteoarthritis characterized by a small area of distribution: one, and in the case of the coverage of disease of the fingers or foot of several joints on the same limb. The incidence of osteoarthritis at the same time two symmetrical large joints – elbow and knee is very rare. When driving you can hear a creaking, rasping sound inside the patient’s joint. Bones are deformed, they can form growths and cysts to appear. This is especially true for the feet or fingers.

Unlike osteoarthritis, polyarthritis is characterized by extensive inflammation: it affects many joints. It most often occurs in the chronic form. The causes that provoke its development are not fully understood today. At the initial stage is inflammation of the joint. It provokes the destruction of the cartilage layer within the joint. In the place where cartilage is destroyed, the bones begin to RUB against each other, impeding movement and causing pain. Located around the affected joint protective frame made of muscles and ligaments stretched, its elasticity decreases, so that for arthritis there are many cases of dislocated joints, especially the elbow or knee.

Артрит: лечение народными средствами и его особенностиThe feature of arthritis is its symmetry: it affects the joints in pairs. For arthritis of the elbow joint characteristic lesions on both hands, for knee or foot – at the same time on both legs. At the initial stage the symptoms of this ailment are similar to the manifestations of influenza, so it’s easy to miss the moment when you need to treat the disease. It usually starts from small joints of hands or feet, then you can go on foot and the wrist, spread up to the knee or elbow joint.

Cause of infectious arthritis become trapped in the body of harmful bacteria or viruses, and chronic foci of infection. The main difference from the first two types – a very quick progression of the disease. Occurs in all age groups, including not immune from it and children. Infectious arthritis can develop into purulent.

In cases of suspected infectious arthritis need immediate hospitalization.

Methods of dealing with the disease

Every human body is individual, and because arthritis is manifested it differently. It must be considered, choosing a folk remedy for arthritis. One more help a variety of baths, others pain ointment or herbal. Conventional medicine prefers to treat arthritis in the early stages anti-inflammatory drugs. Depending on the severity of the disease the doctor prescribes non-steroidal, hormonal or antimicrobial drugs.

Good results are obtained with special physiotherapy exercises which is aimed at restoring the mobility of affected joints. But here are their recipes: in severe form of joint disease do not abruptly to give the load. In this case, we should start with a passive, gentle exercise and improve health to become more active. If there is no acute inflammatory process, before starting the painful joints you need to warm up.

A variety of recipes for arthritis treatment folk remedies known from ancient times. And although they don’t eliminate the root cause of the disease, but can relieve the inflammation. It also can greatly reduce pain in the affected joints.

In the period of acute inflammation to reduce pain need to use cold compresses, and the transition of the disease in the chronic phase is much more effective exposure to heat.

Therapeutic baths and their use

Артрит: лечение народными средствами и его особенностиGiven the specificity of the treatment, folk remedy for arthritis gathered a rich collection of effective recipes. Among them are a kind of mud bath – recipes using sand. For the procedure it is better to use sea sand as it has more iodine than in the river. For the procedure, you need the right size container (preferably wooden, as the wood will be less sand away from heat) and plenty of heated dry sand. If treatment is required of the fingers or foot, in hot sand immersed the affected joint. If you need treatment for an elbow or knee joint, the healers suggest to immerse the body in warm sand.

Duration of one procedure: from half an hour to an hour, depending on the cooling rate of sand. At the end of it to rinse with warm water and lie under a warm blanket for at least 2 hours. It is important that the heated sand and warm bed well warmed up affected areas, by supporting the release of maximum amount of sweat and reduce pain.

If arthritis is a focal character, it is possible to apply the simplified method: heated dry sand is poured into small bags, preferably cotton. Then they privinchivayut to the affected area, on top of another winding woollen shawl or blanket to retain heat longer. This method is used in the treatment of the elbow or knee joint, fingers, or foot. But still in people with arthritis is preferable to the direct contact of the heated sand with the skin as a more effective way. In most cases, 20-day or one-month course of this treatment, subject to such procedures 1-2 times a day.

Артрит: лечение народными средствами и его особенностиThe sand bath is not the only folk remedies for arthritis. Besides, to treat the joints, whether the knee, foot, elbow or fingers, it is better and more efficient moist heat, not dry, as in the case of sand. This method to treat the disease better helps to relax muscles and increase mobility in the injured joint.

Especially effective salt bath. The easiest recipe: every day before bedtime to dissolve in hot water 4 tablespoons of salt and soak in a tub a quarter of an hour.

Anti-inflammatory and analgesic ointment

200 g of salt is mixed with 100 grams of mustard powder and then the mixture pour in the melted paraffin and mix until creamy. The mixture remained in this condition she must be in a warm place. RUB the mixture into sore joints need to until it is completely absorbed into the skin. Do it preferably at night. If there is inflammation of elbow or knee joint, it is best to additionally wrap. In the morning wash off the mixture with warm water. After 5-6 of these procedures, the inflammation in the large joints is significantly reduced, and in small, for example, fingers, and all passes, and the pain disappears.

Another recipe: ointment of birch buds. 400 g of fresh birch buds mixed with 800 g fresh sunflower oil, pour it in a clay jar, tightly closed and sent for a day to infuse in a warm oven. You can use dry buds, but then the steeping time should be increased to 2 days. The vessel was then opened, its contents are passed through a thick sieve and add 5-6 g of camphor, and then put to storage in a cold place. Use ointment for rubbing arthritic places to sleep.

To treat arthritis the joints of the fingers and foot, to treat the elbow or knee joints always need the principle of «do no harm». Use in the treatment of arthritis folk remedies should be cautious, because the vast majority of them have not undergone clinical studies, therefore, there is a greater risk of contraindications. But if there are no contraindications, hand-made folk remedy for arthritis can be as effective but much cheaper alternative to ointments, which uses the official medicine. The above recipes of ointments – just because of the discharge of such alternatives.

It is important to remember that the treatment of folk remedies may to some extent replace the drug only in the initial stages of the disease, and then only after consultation with your doctor. In all other cases, it serves to complement the specialist rate, amplifying the effect of the medication.

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