Arthrosis of the shoulder joint: symptoms, diagnosis and treatment

Shoulder joint arthrosis is a consequence of injury or vospaleniya

Shoulder joint arthrosis is a chronic dystrophic-degenerative disease in which the morbid phenomena develop not only in articular cartilage but also in bone tissue.

The main cause of the disease is a violation of the trophic processes in the cartilage tissue due to trauma or inflammation in the joint. While hyaline cartilage becomes thinner and starts to crack. These cracks accumulate calcium salts, thus, there are osteophytes, deforming the joint.

With the progression of the process in bone tissue also develop disorders, it is compacted and deformed (occurs in deforming arthrosis).

The disease is slow. In the initial stages it does not manifest itself.

The clinical picture

The leading symptom is pain that increases with load and causes the restriction of motor activity in the joint. Patients it is difficult to raise a hand or take her back.

Palpation of the shoulder revealed pain points, located at the lower edge of the scapula, and the lower edge of the clavicle.

This pain is caused by inflammatory process in the joint and surrounding joint soft tissues. In osteoarthritis, these processes are inevitable. The osteophytes result in clicks and POPs or crackle when moving the shoulder joint.

The disease progresses slowly but steadily and is complicated by severe disturbances of function of the affected joint.

In highly advanced cases may form a contracture.

Diagnosis of the disease

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• Clinical examination (complaints, anamnesis).
• X-ray examination (required in comparison with the healthy joint).
• CT or MRI.

Treatment of osteoarthritis of the shoulder joint

Today in the treatment of this pathology is used as a conservative (medication) and surgical treatment.

The choice of method is determined primarily by the stage of the process and the General condition of the patient, presence of severe comorbidity, and contraindications for anesthesia.

Usually surgical treatment is given under the most extreme situations, when there is a marked progression of the process.

  • In the conservative treatment of arthrosis of the shoulder joint patient medication relieves signs of inflammation (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, e.g. Diclofenac or Movalis), improves trophic and metabolic processes in the tissues of the joint;
  • Widely use chondroprotectors (Structum, Chondroitin) as a topically in the form of ointments and gels, and in pill form;
  • Sometimes additionally used Supplements specifically designed to improve trophic processes in hyaline cartilage;
  • Patients under the supervision of a doctor of physical therapy learning how to perform exercises therapeutic exercises;
  • Appointed and physiotherapy (electrophoresis, magnetic therapy);
  • Special diets;
  • Therapeutic massage.

At the beginning of the disease is such a complex treatment, quickly relieves painful symptoms. In addition, correct and scrupulous implementation of all recommendations of the doctor helps to slow the progression of the disease. Therefore, the patient must understand that the disease itself without effort does not pass, and to obey all the doctor.

In the later stages of osteoarthritis, conservative treatment does not provide the desired impact, therefore, the question arises how to treat the disease at this stage? Unfortunately, there is only surgical treatment.

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The operative technique of shoulder replacement surgery is technically very difficult and traumatic, and therefore it is not as widespread as operations on the hip or knee joints.

The main goal of the operation is the restoration of the functional activity of the upper limb and the person gets rid of pain. This surgery is indicated for patients with marked destruction of the tissues of the shoulder joint in the absence of effect from conservative therapy.

Treatment folk methods

  1. Well relieves pain in osteoarthritis of the shoulder joint massage. To do this, one tablespoon of honey put in a Cup and heated on a water bath. Honey should not be scalding hot. The shoulder joint pre-heat the warmer for 15 minutes. Then begin to RUB the honey into the region of the shoulder joint in a circular motion until completely absorbed. Duration at least 25 minutes. After the massage, the shoulder joint is wrapped a shawl or a scarf. To achieve a more pronounced effect between fabric and skin, put the cellophane. After two or three hours the med wash, but the joint is still kept warm. Usually carried out ten sessions of massage.
  2. To the affected joint tie burdock leaf or cabbage for 12 hours.
  3. Rubbing the affected joint with sea buckthorn oil, cover with cellophane and wrap with a scarf. This procedure is performed daily for ten days.
  4. In the treatment of osteoarthritis using a tincture of nettle collected in the Ivan Kupala day on July 7, as it is believed that on this day the power of herbs is much higher. The nettle is passed through a meat grinder and squeeze juice. In equal proportions (1:1:1) is added to the juice, rubbing alcohol, and honey. Insist 17 days and drink twice a day one teaspoon.
  5. Good help for this disease ointment-based oils of fir or pine.
  6. Apply a poultice of radish and oatmeal.
  7. Quite effective massage in sea water, to go to sea is optional. In the bath pour 3 tablespoons of salt and 3 tablespoons of baking soda, pour hot water, and right in the water doing massage all for twenty minutes. Then warmed the affected area.
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Physiotherapy (physical therapy) and exercises for osteoarthritis of the shoulder joint