As the disease develops Sprengel in children: treatment of pathology

Extremely dangerous congenital disease Sprengel

Sprengel’s disease – a congenital disease that appears in disorders of fetal development.

This violation leads to a significant deterioration in the quality of human life and requires surgical intervention.

Therefore, if you notice symptoms of the disease should immediately consult a doctor.

What are the features of pathology

This term is understood a congenital disorder that manifests itself in the form high standing of the scapula. Pathology develops in utero.

In normal condition the blade is formed with a shoulder belt. First, it is quite high, but then drops to the usual place.

If certain factors interfere with the normal development process, the shovel remains in the wrong position.

It is worth considering that this violation is often combined with other defects:

  • appearance plus hemivertebrae;
  • syndrome, Klippel-feil;
  • fusion of the ribs;
  • clubfoot.

The disease can affect one blade or two. However, bilateral involvement is observed much less frequently. In this case, the blades are localized unevenly – usually the left is higher than right.

The causes of pathology in search for mom

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The main reason for the development of the disease Sprengel in children is the impact of harmful factors on an organism of the pregnant woman.

They can have external or internal in nature and have an impact on a child’s development while laying the upper shoulder girdle and spine.

Most often, the disease becomes a consequence of such factors as:

  • wrong position of the embryo in the uterus;
  • complicated pregnancy;
  • the pressure of the fetus the uterine wall.

High position of the scapula is often combined with other disorders of the spine.


There are two main forms of the disease – muscle and bone. In medical practice, muscle strain is not as severe a violation. It is characterized by hypotrophy of the shoulder muscles.

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The difference in the arrangement of the blades height is usually about 5-12 cm. the shoulder joint moves forward and rises up. This state is characterized by violations such as difficulty in flexion and abduction hands back.

Bone violation lies in the fact that the upper part of the blade reaches the nape of the neck. With this type of disease between the spine and scapula is formed amberallalone bone – it completely immobilizes the shoulder blade.

The symptoms visible to the naked eye

This pathology can be seen immediately on anomalous arrangement of the blades. In addition, its symptoms include loss of mobility of the shoulder and arm. Sometimes the disease can provoke the appearance of pain syndrome.

In simple cases, a person’s only concern is cosmetic violation. In more complex cases, the blade is too high in relation to the chest and looks much smaller. It is strongly deformed, while its end can reach the back of the head.

In addition to the deformation, atrophy of the rhomboid and trapezius muscles. Also the doctor during the examination may reveal additional bone, which is located along the vertebral edge of the scapula.

Children often have a fibrous strand between the outermost part of the scapula and cervical vertebrae. The person has difficulty in the vertical movement of an arm.


To make a correct diagnosis, it is necessary to conduct an external examination and do the x-rays.

With this study, you can detect the connection between the cervical spine and scapula, which is partial or complete.

This connection resembles a narrow strip of bone and communicates with the shoulder-blade and spine cartilage tissue.

Tasks and methods of treatment

The main objective of conservative treatment is strengthening of the muscle tissue of the shoulder and chest. Also it is used to increase physical activity and prevention of secondary deformities.

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This therapy is generally used in the initial stages of the disease Sprengel and is to perform massage, swimming, and physical therapy.

Very useful application with paraffin and ozokerite on the affected areas.

Consider that conservative therapy does not always produce the desired results. Massage and physiotherapy help to improve the performance of the shoulder girdle, but they are effective only for minor deformation.

You need to understand that spontaneous improvement in the condition of the patient when the disease is impossible.

If the child is 8-14 years old with a congenital disease is present in slight limitation of physical activity and minor cosmetic defect, surgical intervention is not performed.

In such a situation, children need to engage in therapeutic exercises that will help to organize the work of the shoulder girdle.


To 8 years indications for surgical intervention is much wider, because as you get older, the body can increase the strain. In addition, there is the risk of secondary deformities of the shoulder girdle.

If there are serious violations and severe deformity of the muscle and bone tissue, shows a surgical intervention.

During this procedure, mobilization of the scapula, after which it is fixed in the right place. The sooner the child will be made such operation, the best results will be achieved in the future.

The most appropriate age for such surgical intervention is considered to be 3-4 years. It is also permissible to carry out the operation and 4-6 years. As they Mature the body, this procedure becomes more difficult.

It is worth considering that fully correct the existing deformity impossible. In advanced cases, excessive attempts to move the blade to the normal level can cause dangerous complications.

Therefore, the only method of therapy for moderate and severe deformation is considered surgery.

Preventive measures

After operation for one and a half years to do therapeutic exercises. Prevention of recurrence is to swimming or volleyball.

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Massage and gymnastics are shown to children before surgery. These activities help to strengthen the muscle tissue of the back and to form a correct posture.

They also contribute to the prevention of the progression of an existing scoliosis or other deformities.

Of great importance for the treatment of this disease is therapeutic exercise.

People with disease Sprengel, you must perform a General warm up exercises that help to restore the adaptation to exercise, and increase muscle endurance.

A properly selected course of gymnastics helps to achieve positive results in 1-2 years.

The disease is a hidden danger for the whole organism

The main complication of pathology, that in its development a person can not take your arm vertically. Abstraction is carried out until the shoulder reaches the shoulder blades. The greater the angle of turn, the smaller the movement of an arm.

Surgery for the correction of this violation can also lead to serious complications, the main of which are paresis of the brachial plexus. Such problems occur approximately every tenth case.

Disease Sprengel is quite a dangerous disorder that can lead to extremely negative health effects. To avoid this, as soon as possible to begin treatment of this disease. Therefore, when identifying symptoms of illness should immediately contact an experienced doctor.