Back massage: contraindications and benefits

Today one of the most popular Wellness procedures is a back massage. It helps to reduce tension in the muscles and regulate the work of many organs and systems. The back gives the opportunity to influence the entire human body.Массаж спины: противопоказания и польза

However, massage can be used for treatment, not all diseases. For example, if you have a fibroadenoma of the breast, physical therapy is undesirable, as it can provoke deterioration. Consider the types of massage, as well as indications and contraindications of this procedure.

Massage and its variants

Massage is a set of techniques dosed mechanical impact in the form of pressure, friction and vibration. Such manipulation is carried out directly on the surface of the body with hands, feet, and special devices through air, water or another environment. Back massage is very popular, because it is this part of the body is experiencing a serious load and are susceptible to various negative influences.

Secrete massage General and local character. Mechanical procedure adopted to classify the local shape. Depending on the tasks distinguish the following types of back massage.

  • Point. Is a massage on the so-called meridians, i.e. channels that are responsible for energy. It is used to restore the flow of energy and eliminate the causes of many diseases.
  • Sports back massage. Helps to relieve or eliminate muscle pain, relieve fatigue and give strength after intense exercise.
  • Массаж спины: противопоказания и польза

    During the session the therapist uses different techniques

  • Soft or surface. Such procedures are necessary to relieve pain in the muscles and tension in the lower back through the skin/muscles of the back with light touches. Such a massage can be administered with mild forms of diseases of the thoracic region, but not in the presence of small seals in the breast (fibroadenoma).
  • Deep. Such procedures involve even correction corset and assigned to patients with low back pain, after injury or to control negative emotional States.
  • Back massage is only a highly qualified specialist, because the procedure can harm humans. There are contraindications for massage, so he performed exclusively by the treating physician.

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    When the procedure is beneficial and when harmful

    Many people without a physician use the services of masseurs. Back massage is useful for many, but some of it is necessary. Consider the basic indications for such procedures.

    Массаж спины: противопоказания и польза

    The procedure helps in the presence of a curvature of the spine

  • Pain, fatigue and muscle tension back, neck and lower back.
  • Increased nervous excitability.
  • Physical or mental fatigue.
  • Decrease in immunity and loss of protective forces of an organism.
  • Muscular or arterial hypotension.
  • Osteochondrosis and scoliosis.
  • Sciatica and paralysis.
  • The rehabilitation period after traumas and some diseases of the spine.
  • Injuries, sprains and functional disorders.
  • Cellulite and reduce the elasticity of the skin.
  • This list could go on and on, because the back feels very heavy loads. However, there are contraindications for massage. The main ones are the following factors:

    • acute infectious diseases;
    • abrasion, trauma, bleeding and predisposition to them;
    • acute purulent and inflammatory processes;
    • inflammation of lymph nodes, blood vessels or bile ducts (fibroadenoma, enlarged lymph nodes, etc.);
    • the active form of tuberculosis and venereal disease;
    • the chronic form of osteomyelitis;
    • different skin diseases, including those due to allergic reactions;
    • psychological ailments, accompanied by strong excitation or inhibition of the Central nervous system.

    Back massage is a simple but effective means of contributing to the promotion of health and relief from various diseases.

    Experts recommend to prevent at least 1 time in a few months to go about 5 massages. This will help to prevent some health problems.