Back massage during pregnancy and breastfeeding

Массаж спины при беременности и грудном вскармливанииFor many years people have treated various diseases with the help of massage. It not only helps to relax the body after a stressful day at work, but also normalizes the functioning of many body systems. Making a back massage during pregnancy, you need to consider some nuances, in order not to hurt the baby and to relieve tension in the body.

For the entire period of gestation a pregnant woman is experiencing great physiological and psychological stress. To relieve stress, to cope with the swelling, improve gas exchange, blood circulation, get rid of tension in the lower back, improve sleep and to prepare for childbirth, a woman needs a massage. But it can be done only after survey of the doctor and his permission. There are a number of contraindications, under which pregnant women are contraindicated to massage the back:

  • the risk of miscarriage or premature birth;
  • severe toxemia;
  • gestational diabetes mellitus;
  • hypotension or hypertension;
  • disturbances in the development of the foetus or placenta;
  • breech or transverse fetal presentation;
  • cardio-muscle failure;
  • violation of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • SARS.

Massage technique for pregnant women

Массаж спины при беременности и грудном вскармливанииRegardless of how many years a woman, if there are no contraindications, the massage during pregnancy will become an assistant to maintain her health. To use hypoallergenic oils, and the procedure is performed in the form of light.

A relaxing massage, a pregnant woman can be done not only in the lumbar region. Often make these types of massage:

  • The neck massage. Make it no more than 15 minutes in the sitting position. Thanks to him, improves blood circulation, relieves tension and fatigue in neck area.
  • Massaging the thighs, calf muscles and your feet is on your side or sitting. Through this massage, women improves blood circulation in the limbs, reduces swelling and improves elasticity of the skin. But due to the fact that on the feet is a large number of biologically active points, you are able to stimulate different processes in the body, is limited stroking of the feet and rubbing his fingers.
  • A facial massage. It relaxes, relieves headaches and improves blood circulation.
  • Massage is considered essential to strengthen the back muscles. It is made in the sitting position or lying on its side. Thanks to him, is fatigue in the lower back, the load is removed from around the spine and the birth process of the lumbar massage can reduce the pain of contractions. It is very important that during the massage was not mentioned on the spine itself. Polivaetsya, pulverized, and then just warm up the back muscles. Start with the lumbar region and gradually rise up.
  • Massage technique for pregnant women should be relaxing and not cause pain. Never use the stimulator and vibrating massagers. In the first trimester is impossible to have an impact on the area of the sacrum, coccyx, heels and filologo tendon. Also do not massage the breast and nipples due to the fact that they are closely interrelated with the activities of the female sex organs, and massaging can cause miscarriage. In the last weeks of pregnancy back massage and wearing the brace significantly improves the health of women, normalizes blood circulation, which beneficially affects the status of the fetus, as blood flow it receives enough oxygen and nutrients.

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    Массаж спины при беременности и грудном вскармливанииTo reduce the risk of fractures at birth, with effect from the 29th week of pregnancy, it is recommended to massage the perineum, which will give the skin greater elasticity.

    Massaging the breast, particularly the nipples, doing only as directed by your gynecologist. Usually it is recommended for post-term pregnancy, to stimulate the onset of labour.

    Massage after childbirth while breastfeeding

    Many women after giving birth wonder if it is possible to do massage for breastfeeding.

    Massage affects not only the skin, but also on the whole body. Therefore, before to make an appointment to the masseur, you should consult with your doctor. A relaxing massage of the whole body is acceptable while breastfeeding. Usually is done on the side, as alwaysas Breasts may cause discomfort. It is able to significantly improve the General health of women.

    Many experts recommend breastfeeding to do a light stroking massage of the mammary glands. But this procedure is better to entrust the specialist.

    Massage for newborns and infants

    Массаж спины при беременности и грудном вскармливанииWhen the baby’s born, he also needs to do a light massage which will favorably affect muscular activity and stimulate the process of proper development. Gentle touch baby will not only be useful but pleasant.

    After birth, the baby will be easier to adapt to the new environment through a mother’s touch. Baby massage should not be more than 15 minutes, in the process, you need to talk with the child. This will encourage his speech development.

    To do a full baby massage can not be earlier than 20 days after birth. This time you need to ensure that the body of the newborn is stronger, the massage affects the nervous and cardiovascular system.

    If it begin to do so immediately after birth, this will create additional load on the child’s body.

    Contraindications for massage

    Massage is a method of treatment and prevention of many diseases, resorted to for many years, but it has contraindications:

  • Diathesis and other skin diseases.
  • Viral and infectious diseases.
  • The increased body temperature.
  • Disorders of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Hernia.
  • Diseases associated with bone fragility.
  • Congenital malformations of the heart.
  • Different types of tuberculosis.

  • General indications for massage babies

    If the baby is completely healthy, after birth and until his first year of life massage is done 3 times a day at least hour before eating. It can be as restorative, and therapeutic. One of the features of baby massage is that it can be done without the use of oils and creams and use powder.

    Any baby massage should be carried out in the ventilated room at a temperature not below 21°C. the hand of the masseur should be with close-cropped nails and washed. All the stroking and rubbing made smooth slow movements. If the child does not like, he is experiencing discomfort, you should change his posture or massaging motion. It is impossible violently to force the child to massage.

    Very soon with regular and proper treatment, the baby will get used to it and with impatience will wait for the next session.

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    The technique of baby massage for babies from 3 weeks to 4 months

    Массаж спины при беременности и грудном вскармливании

    The basic massage movements for infants

    Since 3 weeks the child can do massage. It consists of light stroking moving handles, legs, tummy and back. All the movements are smooth and effortless. It is recommended to start the massage with the toes and then move on to feet and above. These exercises stimulate the nerve endings and all the innate reflexes of the child.

    Then move to massaging the handles. As with legs, so here the massage begins with rubbing of fingers and climb up to the shoulders, then to your chest. Her massaged from the middle towards the sides. Special attention should be paid to the intercostal space. During all these procedures the baby is lying on his back.

    Starting to massage the tummy, you need to be very careful, because kids at that tiny age, often suffer from colic, especially if they are not breastfed. Excessive pressing on the stomach will increase the pain. But to learn how to massage your belly every mom, because with the right massage (light stroking clockwise) abdominal pain passes.

    The final stage is massaging the back of a child. Doing it smoothly and also gently, provided the avoidance region of the spine. When you massage the calf of the child should avoid places where there are lymph nodes. Not to put pressure on the liver and heart.

    Do not forget about the massage of the ears. On the lobes is full of nerve endings, touching which relaxes and calms the child.

    Massage for babies aged 3-6 months

    When the child grows up, it is already possible to vary the massage with a light kneading and slapping. If the baby likes it, the procedure is extended to 30 minutes.

    Массаж спины при беременности и грудном вскармливании

    Firming massage for children 5 months already includes elements grudnichkami gymnastics. Its basis lies in the development of innate reflexes, which are added to passive exercise.

    To strengthen hand muscles and improve grasping reflexes the baby ought to keep the index fingers of mom. He reflexively begin to grasp at them and try to catch up.

    To train the dorsal muscles of infants are placed to the side and with light pressure, gently hold your finger on okolomatocnah line from the pelvis to the neck. This will cause a reflex bending of the trunk.

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    Massage of the fingers and palms not only contributes to the development of the grasping reflex, but also stimulates the development of speech abilities of the baby.

    Placing the child on the belly allows you to use almost all the muscles. If you put the baby on his tummy, with emphasis feet on the wall (definitely need to wear warm socks to the baby was not hurt), he instinctively starts to Balk, beat feet and try to crawl. This is the first attempt crumbs for independent movement.

    When the child is 6 months, with proper technique and the lack of excess weight he was alone trying to sit and crawl. Very soon the baby will try to stand and then walk.

    In addition to a light massage, gymnastics for infants should include these exercises:

    • the crossing of the handles on the chest;
    • flexion-extension of arms and legs in the joints;
    • turning from back to stomach and back;
    • the circular movements of the hands;
    • lifting and straightening the legs.

    Complex of such exercises has a positive effect on raising muscle tone in infants. To 5 years gymnastics is carried out in the form of a game.

    Therapeutic massage

    The purpose of this massage is to eliminate the drawbacks that could arise during or after birth, small child.

    Assigned massage pediatrician after inspection, and to do it should only be a specialist. Depending on the violations assigned to the appropriate course of therapeutic baby massage. It is administered in such situations:

    • hypertonicity or hypotonia;
    • asymmetry of muscle tone of the trunk and extremities;
    • torticollis;
    • congenital dislocation;
    • hip dysplasia;
    • congenital or acquired clubfoot;
    • some types of umbilical hernias;
    • Central nervous system diseases.

    Up to 3 years worth to pay special attention to those body parts and muscles that bear the biggest burden of bipedalism.

    The child grows, and the more he is, the more massage techniques you can apply. The baby continues to develop properly, parents should not neglect their child’s health. When a baby learns to walk, his body will continue to experience a large number of loads. To the formation of muscle mass and bone of the skeleton was correct, we need to continue to do massage. In 6-7 years the child will go to school and will change to the normal play in the seat behind the Desk. In this period of life treatment and preventive massage will be a good helper to relieve stress and strengthen the immune system.