Back massage: technique classic, erotic, therapeutic

Массаж спины: техника исполнения классического, эротического, лечебногоThe massage usually starts from the back. On the back is more muscle, therefore more tension is accumulated and clamps than in other parts of the body. Back massage — the most enjoyable part of the entire complex.

To learn how to do therapeutic massage, not necessarily have a medical background and any special skills. To pass the course, you can have a professional, watch instructional videos or read information about the techniques.

Someone a massage?

The question of interest to many, as is often the massage is done at home when, after a hard day’s work a person does not want to go anywhere, he needs to relax and unwind. Theory will help you to master the technique of the procedure, delight your loved ones and get positive comments about your new skill.

Technique of the massage depends on the needs of the person. The main types of massage are determined by the impacts which they have on the human body. Distinguish classical, therapeutic, sports massage.

The method may be selected for any different types of massage and hardware, hand, foot, and massage the Breasts, buttocks or back.

Therapeutic massage

Массаж спины: техника исполнения классического, эротического, лечебного

Procedure is prescribed even for little babies

The back treatment is prescribed in combination with physical exercises to achieve the following results:

  • Eliminate curvature of the spine, rehabilitation after injuries of the spine.
  • Eliminate the pain in the spine.
  • To eliminate muscle spasms.
  • To improve tissue regeneration in the presence of scars or scars.
  • Therapeutic massages are widely used in the violation of posture. Back massage strengthens muscular frame around the spine that holds it in a stable position. Professional therapeutic massage performed by specialists who are familiar with the anatomical features of the human body and fluent in the skills of conducting such procedures.

    Therapeutic massage has contra-indications for multiple sclerosis of brain vessels, in cancer and other inflammatory processes in the body at the acute phase, if the skin of the back has ulcers or abscesses, with fever and with certain mental illnesses.

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    As to the procedure to be effective, it needs to be some rules:

  • Best therapeutic massage carried out after the bath.
  • So the movement was smoother, the therapist lubricates the hands with oil, cream or vaseline.
  • All movements must be directed from the spine.
  • To enhance blood flow back therapeutic massage is performed on a hard couch.
  • Therapeutic massage begins with superficial strokes. Strokes help to relax the muscles, calm the nervous system, reduce muscle pain and prepare a person to the session.

    Массаж спины: техника исполнения классического, эротического, лечебногоFollowed by a comb-like and circular rubbing. Rubbing increases blood flow to every involved area, normalized power and restoring function of tissues.

    Kneading is performed by two hands upward, downward, lateral, longitudinal. After each stage of the kneading is done stroking to achieve maximum relaxation of the back muscles. Warms up and improves blood flow to the muscles massaging the sides of the back. For this you need to stand on the opposite side of mash side and with one hand to pick up the muscle, and the second hand to perform a stroke. Need to move from the waist to the neck, then massage the neck shoulders.

    For heart diseases, therapeutic massage focus on the area between the shoulder blades, at the level of the seventh cervical vertebra and the inner part of the hands. These sessions are shown in pain and cardioneurosis.

    Therapeutic massage is performed on the entire back with a reduced impact on the heart and kidneys. I finish with vibration. Vibration is tapping, patting, motion chopped the edge of his hand. Each stage lasts 1-3 minutes.

    Therapeutic massage will have a therapeutic effect on the condition of the back and spine, if you take a course of 15 sessions every six months.

    Classics from professionals

    Массаж спины: техника исполнения классического, эротического, лечебного

    Kneading neck relieves pain and returns to its former flexibility

    Back massage stimulates the immune and nervous system and the release of endorphins, promote good health and muscle recovery, improves skin condition and increases the overall vitality of man.

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    The scheme of examination consists of the following steps:

  • Stroking. Stroking is performed by the hands with pressure medium degree of intensity. Traffic heading towards the lymph nodes. Stroking can be performed as an inner palm side and the back. Stroking may be continuous or intermittent. Continuous stroking is performed close to the skin of his palm, moving along the spine. This technique soothes and improves lymphatic drainage in the tissues.
  • Rubbing. At this stage the impact on the deeper layers of muscle tissue. Performed rubbing the thumb edge of the palm, the whole palm or knuckles. The pressure may be one or two hands. The reception has a different shape — depauperata, spiral, deep or surface (in Fig. 1 classic back massage).
  • Kneading. Kneading is performed on relaxed muscles. Massage techniques while kneading rather difficult. To their master, better watch the instructional video or take lessons from a professional masseur. Kneading is divided into three stages: engagement, muscles pulling and tightening. By conducting kneading, it is necessary to capture the largest possible area. To increase the pressure acceptable to use the weight of his body and put one hand on the other. The procedure should be strictly implemented the technique of back massage. The hand movements should be directed from the cervical vertebrae down. Side surface and the blades massaged towards the axillary troughs.
  • Stage classic back massage, which stimulates receptors and the nervous system. Phase is performed via tapping and tapping on the back surface.

  • Erotic back massage: technique

    The technique of erotic massage of the back is significantly different from the techniques of classical. Doctors-sexologists recommend erotic massage as a means to combat different kinds of illnesses, to relieve sexual disorders and muscle stress, and improve self-confidence and gain more psychological stability.

    Массаж спины: техника исполнения классического, эротического, лечебногоErotic massage involves a closer interaction between the masseur and his partner, so before the session undress both. Before the procedure well to take a bath with aromatic oils. A warm bath will help to tune in the desired fashion and to relax your body.

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    Erotic massage includes the standard methods, however they can be used on all parts of the body, including the genitals. All movements are carried out more smoothly and slowly, without intense effects on muscles and skin of the partner. To obtain true pleasure, you need good relax the body. Erotic massage only limited by your imagination, you can quickly come up with new techniques, and, most importantly, to enjoy your every touch.

    Erotic back massage starts from lower back and goes up. Fill each session various new techniques, to touch the back of his partner’s chest, lips, long hair. Then go to the other areas of the body — buttocks, thighs, stomach, chest and neck.

    Erotic massage — a kind of communication between a man and a woman. Through your actions you can show your attitude to the partner, to incorporate elements of flirtation and courtship in his technique. Tease your partner to intense, then suddenly go to a light touch to the body with fingertips.

    After back go to massage the front of the body. Start to massage the neck, chest, slowly sinking down. Special pleasure your partner will experience from massage of the ankles and feet.

    To improve technique learn to listen to the partner. Note areas and actions that the person gets the greatest pleasure, and try to repeat these movements often.

    Erotic massage better to do with a special oil to hands and other parts of the body to better slip on the body of the partner and caused only pleasant sensations.