Back massage yourself at home

Массаж спины самостоятельно в домашних условияхBack massage — the most popular form of massage. This is a great procedure which allows you to relieve stress after a hard day, normalizes blood circulation, strengthens and tightens the muscles. When any disease of the spine, the doctor will prescribe a course of treatments including a back massage. To make such a procedure is possible at home. Stretch your back you will be able another person or you can do self-massage.

Before you start kneading the spine, you should pay attention to some factors. Not worth starting a separate manipulation if the patient has varicose veins, the damaged top layer of skin, tumors or diseases of the skin. When you have at least 1 factor before the procedure independent of the back massage you need to contact a specialist for help.

The benefits of the procedure

Massage is very good for the patient. Massage of the spine in the first place restores the normal outflow and the inflow of blood. The cells of the skin are enriched with oxygen and the prevention of premature death of cells. The benefits of massage are invaluable. From the patient’s body toxins, restores skin elasticity, elasticity of muscles, warm up the damaged ligaments. After such manipulations, lost, aching pain in the cervical region of the back and shoulder blades.

Injury of the spine — a serious problem that over time can develop into a serious disease. If you constantly overload the back and not well give it to relax, you can seriously damage your health. Back pain can become not only a cause of diseases of the spine, but also to disrupt the functioning of all organs of the body. Massage is able to relieve any painful symptoms in any region of the back. After this procedure, the patient feels much more confident and feels a sense of cheerfulness.

Массаж спины самостоятельно в домашних условияхMassage at home will definitely save you from edema, swelling, headaches and sprains. This procedure can improve the whole body. There are many methods and techniques of massage. Some of them only possible with the help of special devices. These machines are intended for whole body massage or specific areas. Patients usually use a wooden device, ideal for self-massage of the back. They are small and compact, and bring a good result. There’s quite a bulky device, which have the form of seats and is designed to relax the entire body of the patient. Not always this device replaces manual quality massage.

To determine the type of massage you consultation with a specialist. He set out the problematic part of your back and depending on the diagnosis will select a course of therapeutic procedures. Preferably the treatment under the supervision of a physician, after all, an experienced therapist will always be able to provide the best impact on the patient’s back.

If your back massage is more of a preventive nature, it is enough to practice a little and start healing self-massage.

Preparation for massage

Start manipulating best with a light touch. Stroking the patient’s body should relax. If the person will be in a highly frozen state, then the procedure will not bring the desired effect. Massage cream or a special oil, it is desirable to prepare in advance. If you decide to combine a variety of manual treatments and hardware, make sure that the massager was room temperature, not cold. A gentle manipulation along the spine to warm up the body. Movement must be implemented from the bottom up.

Массаж спины самостоятельно в домашних условиях

At the beginning of the procedure, the patient’s muscles should be thoroughly warmed translational movements up and down

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Initially you must warm up the lower back of the patient. To do this a few times to make slight movements with different sides of the waist to the center with both hands. Making a circular motion, slowly climb to the blades. Hold this area for 2 minutes. Massage the skin with your hands. As soon as you feel that the blades start to heat up, move on.

When you rose to the cervical spine, pay special attention to the shoulders and neck. If it is not enough to warm up the area with a soft progressive movements, reinforced manipulations during the massage will bring pain to man. Gently work through the vertebrae of the neck. To do this, push the left hand to the speaker 1 vertebra and his right hand gently feel all the rest. Try to feel each vertebra in his neck.

Last massage may not last long, but prepare for it it is necessary very carefully. Do not interrupt the contact with the skin. Try to work well the muscles of the thoracic spine.

This area becomes problematic for patients due to its reduced activity. In this area often accumulates salt, which needs to be addressed through quality massage.


Массаж спины самостоятельно в домашних условиях

The methodology of the procedure by using vacuum cans

As soon as the patient’s skin will become warm, this suggests that he is ready for the procedure. Apply to hands and back patient massage cream. Put your hands on the lower back of the person and begin to make circular translational motion of the center of the spine. Such manipulation must be strong enough. The skin needs to gather the folds, but the patient no longer feels pain. Be careful to not simply crush the skin, but also affect the muscles.

Massage instruction is not as time consuming as it may appear, it is enough just to feel the body of the patient. Stand on the right side of the patient and prepare your muscles of the spine, moving from the bottom up. In the blades try to pull the skin and increase the force of the pressure. Now take the right hand of the patient. Lift it up and get back. The palm of the person put on the lower back down the back. Hold the left hand shoulder of the patient and develop a muscle that runs from the shoulder to the scapula. Then change your location and do the same manipulations with the other hand.

The basics of massage include the development of every muscle of the human body. Continue with manipulation of the thoracic spine. Lift the patient’s shoulder and put his hand just above the rib of man. Feel the muscle under the shoulder blade. Spend a few times there hand, alternating smooth motion with pressure. Repeat the element with a different blade. Is any movement gently, but with a little effort.

Массаж спины самостоятельно в домашних условиях

The main methods for deep heating of the skin of the patient

Descend again to the lower back and start to work out side of the fabric. First, massage with your fingers the entire area from the waist to the upper edges, then proceed to a deeper muscle massage. To do this, squeeze his hands into fists and walk in a circular motion over the entire lateral surface. After working so one side can proceed to 2. The duration of the massage does not affect the quality of its implementation.

Now take the spine and the muscles that are adjacent to. Gently work through a few vertebrae, fingers and knuckles knead the muscles around. To perform a good massage for the back, try to do as many deep circular movements.

Work in a similar way spine a few times. It is a simple massage, which will improve the General condition of the patient and save him from discomfort.

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Massage Guasha

This method of impact on the spine is very simple and popular due to its effectiveness. Unlike conventional massage for the back, it brings a much stronger effect, and it is easy to learn. This type of Oriental massage excludes acupuncture, making it more accessible to the layman. Massage guasha is performed through non-standard manipulations with hands, and by the use of special plate. It can be made of jade or animals ‘ bones.

The duration of the massage can be different. It all depends on the experience of the master and the needs of the client. The average duration guasha back does not exceed half an hour. There are 3 main methods of performing such manipulations. 1 — rapid scattered movement, accompanied by strong pressure on painful points (CE-gua). 2 — slight relaxing of manipulation, alternating light pressure on the muscles (BA-gua). 3 — slow movement with frequent strong pushes (ping-BU).

Массаж спины самостоятельно в домашних условияхA back massage brings almost instant effect. The patient begins to redden and burn the back. In places that were especially corrupted or has been exposed to the inflammatory process, begin to appear red spots. This means that massage had a positive effect and waste of destructive processes come to the surface by hemorrhage. Be afraid of the appearance of such spots is not worth it. This is normal, which indicates that the massage was done right. Massage guasha can cause strong fatigue and soreness in muscles. Often patients feel weak for a few hours.

Massage guasha can cause bruises the next day. This process is absolutely normal. After some time they will pass. Often massage guasha is beginning to bear fruit already in the process of the procedure. Therefore, such manipulation is able to quickly remove the symptoms of any disease and to provoke the speedy recovery of the patient. At home to perform massage guasha is not very easy. This requires at least a few times be present during such procedure and to understand the impact on the patient’s back.

The training should take place under the patronage of skilled craftsmen.

When applied massage Guasha

Such procedures are used not only as part of a treatment, but as a separate prevention of any disease of the spine. How long should a massage last? Relatively short-lived. The standard procedure lasts for 30 minutes. But time can shrink and grow depending on various factors. If you do this kind of massage back home, the procedure time can be unlimited. It all depends on your wishes.

Массаж спины самостоятельно в домашних условияхA back massage for beginners — best practices and effects on muscle tissue. In addition, the data manipulation is able to significantly improve the skin condition of the patient. A back massage stimulates the removal of toxins from the body. And this, in turn, removes pigmentation and permanent acne.

Back massage made by this method is one of the most powerful tools in the fight against osteoarthritis. Through proper effect on the muscles of the normalization of metabolic processes in the cartilage and improves circulation. The patient’s swelling completely goes away. The longer muscles are located in the drainage position, the better they relax, and the patient pass the spasm causing the pain.

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Does the back massage even slight discomfort of the patient. Colds are good enough impact on your back at home, in order to significantly reduce the symptoms of the disease. Effect on internal organs by massaging the back is common. Using guasha to achieve cessation of spasms in the abdomen and gall bladder, the cessation of feelings of nausea and normalization of the internal organs.

Description of the massage speaks of his strong effects on the cardiovascular system. In patients there was a marked decrease in blood pressure and stabilize the heartbeat. The implementation of such a complex specialist or home environment influences on the nervous system. In humans, normal sleep are in a constant state of anxiety and nervous diseases. The full treatment course consists of 22 sessions of massage. You need to perform 1-2 treatments per week. To increase their number is not worth it. The patient should pass marks 1 massage to the new procedure. To carry out medical rehabilitation, preferably 2 times a year.

Adaptations for the session

There are various ways of influence on the back by self-massage. In some cases at home using special massage stick. They have 2 main functions: massage and the impact on the acupuncture point. Manipulations such devices are made in a circle.

How long to stretch each point, you decide for yourself. She needs to warm up well and this part of the back should begin to relax. To do this procedure is best in the morning. This will contribute to the appearance of vitality and energy, the body will be ready to carry any load and will not be so exhausted in the evening.

A description of the different massage techniques suggests that some manipulation can’t be made without the availability of special massage balls. Such devices are considered to be rejuvenating. 2 balls are placed on the patient’s back and move in a circular motion on the back. Thus, there is a strong simulation of nerve endings and the resumption of normal blood flow. Similar devices for massage is very popular in Eastern techniques of relaxation and treatment.

Rollers with spikes can be wooden, iron or rubber.

Each customer can choose the following devices for massage, which he likes. The advantage of rollers with spikes that they are very small, compact, but they are great to develop problem areas of the back. Simply massage the aching area and the pain immediately goes. Sometimes these massagers provide a sharp end that acts as a massage stick. Massage training with the use of such a device is not necessary, because the whole point of the exercise is to roll the roller on the problematic region.

Spring massager is a unique variety of such devices, directs his influence on points, which are located in the fingers. By stimulating the limbs is the effect on any internal organs. In order to get rid of low back pain and long lasting back pain, a patient needs to wear a special ring on the thumb which will stimulate certain points.