Back pain above waist: left rear and right rear — causes and treatment

What can cause back pain above waist

Almost all adults to periodically feel pain in the back. The structure and function of the spine makes the back prone to pain and injury.

The spine includes 33 vertebrae connected by flexible cartilage, called vertebrate discs, wherein the disc is surrounded by ligaments, muscles and nerves. A sudden movement, a large load or poor posture can lead to back pain.

Mostly this pain is not considered a serious deviation, and it is easy to avoid, but it can be a precursor to serious illnesses and injuries, diseases of the digestive or urinary organs.

Causes of pain

The most common pain provoked by the disorders of the joints and muscles of the back, but often can contribute to other, more serious deviations, especially if the pain causing the high temperature..

The main reason that causes back pain above the waist is low back pain. At this violation in the joints there are processes that cause the destruction of joints and the appearance of growths on them.

In osteochondrosis, which takes a lot of time, there is a pinched nerve, causing sharp and sudden pain.

Pain above the waist on both the left and the right can occur due to damage during the displacement of the intervertebral disc.

Pain in the back of the back above the waist can arise from damaged muscles. Inflammation of skeletal muscle could trigger unilateral pain.

In myositis, the patient does not feel a constant acute pain – it occurs in a particular movement.

If the temperature and lower back pain, it may indicate inflammation in the kidneys.

The cause of the pain may be incorrect posture associated with weakness of muscles or not equipped place of work.

Often incorrect posture – slouching, leads to the fact that pain occurs above the waist while tilting his head.

Pain can cause diseases such as:

  • heart attack, angina and other heart disease;
  • disorders of the organs of the peritoneum;
  • kidney disorder;
  • diseases of the esophagus;
  • pleurisy or pneumonia.
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Also such a pain sometimes accompany pregnancy. In all the above situations the pain location does not coincide with the locus of violation.

The main feature is that the pain is quite strong, it is difficult to get used to.

Where most localized lumbar pain

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Causes of pain right in the back above the waist:

  • changing the position of the discs of the spine hernia right;
  • right myositis;
  • kidney disease, causing a buildup of fluid.

Dependent currents pain syndrome can be divided into:

  • sharp;
  • chronic.

If the pain on the left back above the waist, it should be assumed the following reasons:

  • inflammation of pancreas – pancreatitis;
  • osteochondrosis of the spine;
  • the defeat of the adrenal glands.

The character of the pain is different:

  • pain, aggravated by movement;
  • constant pain

There is another version — in this situation, the pain of cutting or burning, but it depends on traffic, so it is easier for the patient to adapt. Standard causes of such pain are problems of the spine or surrounding muscles.

It can be:

  • lumbar degenerative disc disease or thoracic;
  • damage to the thoracic;
  • myositis;
  • other lesions of the bones and muscles in this area.

Note that in this case the focus of pain coincides with the outbreak of the disease, which to some extent simplifies the diagnostics.

The pain can be combined with fever, nausea, cough and other symptoms. The nature of pain, we can approximately determine what a violation is suffering people.

Often patients concerned about exhausting nagging pain, without clear localization. It is called «reflected». Such feelings provoked by the violation of the internal organs.

If you are concerned about pain below the waist, will help article:

Diagnostic methods

Only one character of the pain is impossible to determine their cause. First, you need to see a doctor, self diagnosis should not deal with. And even the specialist on the basis of complaints or manifestations may only assume any status.

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Because there are many causes of back pain, there are times when it is difficult to distinguish one offense from another, have similar characteristics.

Diagnosis is made the following ways:

  • computer or magnetic tomography;
  • myelography;
  • radionuclide scan.

Computed tomography provides an opportunity to identify changes in the structure of the vertebrae. The study allows us to estimate three main indicators: the condition of the bone, soft tissue and blood vessels.

Myelography — x-ray contrast examination of the pathways of the spinal cord. Required in all States, characterized by a reduction of the lumen of the spinal canal.

If the information of x-ray is not sufficient, carry out radionuclide scanning. This method detects tumors, arthritis and other diseases.

Therapeutic methods and tips

Treatment for pain of unknown origin is symptomatic and includes bed rest, the appointment of sedatives, analgesics, anti-inflammatory drugs.

Effective is also receiving muscle relaxants, reduce muscle tension and therefore relieving the pain.

If after examination a specific diagnosis, the doctor prescribes the necessary conservative treatment, and in some cases makes the decision about surgical treatment.

Not always helps the blocking of the manifestations of the disorder, because the disease itself remains. Hence, the treatment should be such which will aim to counteract the root causes of pain.

Helps patients osteopathic treatment, consisting of physiological mechanisms of self-regulation processes in the body.

The most important thing — not to self-medicate but to consult competent specialist who will establish the correct diagnosis and develop a treatment algorithm.

When the pain is above the waist will certainly need to visit the doctor.

After the diagnosis he prescribes a treatment. Neutralize pain, mainly joint application or course of treatments of acupressure, acupuncture and hirudotherapy.

Depending on the cause of pain and degree of manifestations, such actions are focused on treatment:

  • medicinal treatment;
  • chiropractic;
  • physiotherapy;
  • physiotherapy;
  • acupuncture;
  • massage;
  • blockade;
  • operative treatment intervention.

Also helps wearing lumbosacral corset.

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Preventive measures

Prevention of lower back pain is manifested in the observance of such rules:

  • the correct posture;
  • to avoid heavy lifting;
  • in sedentary work, you should use a comfortable chair or a chair with a back support;
  • control of body weight;
  • not to stretch to get something from the high shelves. It is better to use a chair or a ladder;
  • less bend;
  • not to stand for a long time;
  • walking.

If the rhythm of life is associated with a large amount of traffic:

  • wear comfortable shoes without heels with soft soles;
  • use orthopedic insole.


If you experience the first signs is very important appeal to a doctor who needs to carry out tests to determine the cause of the pain. Then be sure to prescribe a treatment that will help to neutralize the pain.

You should not forget about preventive measures — not to overextend the back, do not lift weights, perform gymnastics. An excellent tool for the back is yoga, it is suitable even for pregnant women, helps to eliminate stress and reduce pain.

It is also very important to have an active lifestyle, to relax and fail to remember about nutrition.

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Diseases of the spine can become a problem for many other systems of the body. Pronounced lower back pain often indicate severe pathology of the body.