Back pain between shoulder blades — causes, treatment and prevention

What can cause pain between the shoulder blades in the spine

When a person feels pain in the back between the shoulder blades, he usually does not occur, what are the first symptoms of serious diseases.

What can cause a dull or sharp pain between the shoulder blades in the spine? Typically, these symptoms occur when sedentary lifestyle, sedentary work.

For such problems often complain of programmers, secretaries, drivers, and representatives of other professions whose work is connected with the need for most of the day to spend sitting.

Scientific language area between the shoulder blades is called the thoracic spine.

The seriousness of the problem is that such pain is not always very strong and therefore does not cause fear and the desire to go to the doctor.

In order to understand what the danger will try to consider in more detail the types, causes and treatments of pain.

The aches and pains

Pain in the blades is different:

  • burning;
  • stupid.

If the pain between the shoulder blades in the spine increases when a slight turning or tilting of the body, arms, neck, with a deep breath — it can be caused by degenerative disc disease, and if is surrounding the character — intercostal neuralgia.

If you have any after stress, and is not associated with movement — myocardial infarction.

If the cause of muscle pain — it becomes a kind of heaviness in the back. If the reason is hidden in nerve endings, tendons or bones — the pain is sharp, stabbing, crushing, or bursting in nature, sometimes run and needles or even numbness in the body.

Pain itself can also give back in the heart area or distributed along the spine.

After repeated attacks it becomes chronic.

Aching pain between the shoulder blades is possible in chronic diseases of the spine (scoliosis, kyphosis, spondylosis, osteochondrosis).

Similar complaints of pain may appear with other diseases such as pneumonia, pleurisy, hernia of the intervertebral disc, scapulohumeral periarthritis and others.

Causes of pain in the thoracic spine can be many, therefore, to determine the causes of a necessary visit to the doctor.

Causes of pain between the shoulder blades

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The presence of any pain is quite unpleasant. In addition, it prevents to live normally, may limit the movement.

What can contribute to back pain between the shoulder blades? It is the following factors:

  • the inability to properly distribute the load, when engaged in heavy physical labor that causes pain;
  • reluctance to protect yourself from cold, draughts, colds, also can cause pain;
  • profession, suggesting constant sitting position, and this is an additional load on the cervical and thoracic spine, which subsequently can also cause pain;
  • cause pain can disruption of the heart, liver, lungs;
  • the lack of reasonable physical activity (charging, gymnastics), which causes the development of many diseases that cause back pain;
  • the pain may be due to previously suffering back injuries that may periodically remind myself.

What diseases can cause pain between the shoulder blades?

Most often, the pain occurs in the following cases:

  1. Scoliosis of the thoracic. The disease occurs in case of a prolonged stay in uncomfortable positions. This leads to muscle strain and spasm, which pulls the displacement of the bones of the spine. It is the curvature that leads to pressure on the nerve endings. The pain can be dull and sharp, it depends on the severity of the disease.
  2. Kyphosis of the thoracic spine. In the chest, the spine is curved, has a kind of stoop, yet it is called round back. Shoulders tilted down, and his chest is deformed. Pain, aching, dull.
  3. Herniated disc of the thoracic. The pain occurs due to nerve damage or loss of flexibility of the intervertebral joint. The pain is aching, long-lasting nature, enhanced by the evening gradually growing.
  4. Kyphoscoliosis. Violation of posture, in which the rounding of the back the spine is curved to one side. Spasm of the muscles and the spinal curvature contribute to the compression of nerve endings leading to pain. Pain, aching, dull.
  5. Low back pain. The disease may be caused by deposition of calcium salts in the joints of the column of the spine or deformation, dissection, inflammation of the intervertebral discs. This causes a loss of mobility of joints and pressure on nerve endings emerging from the spinal cord. Pain during movement is amplified and can be different — dull, dull, pulling, sharp, shooting acute. By night, she’s strong. Can give a hand, and give a sense of tingling in the hands.
  6. Intercostal neuralgia. Inflammation in the intercostal nerves. The pain is concentrated in the blades, and diverges in the direction of the intercostal nerves. Is strong, paroxysmal, circling, shooting, and movement of the body increases.
  7. The spondylosis of the thoracic spine. The defeat of the joints of the spine. Cartilage destruction and the deposition of calcium salts leads to pain in the shoulder blades. It may be sharp, shooting and aching, associated with motion, enhanced at night.
  8. Humeroscapular periarthrosis. As a result of degenerative disc disease of the cervical spine the nerve roots are damaged. The result is the change in the soft tissues around the shoulder joint.
  9. Enhanced physical load on the shoulder joint or trauma. The pain is quite severe, sharp, stabbing and is increased when turning the shoulder, radiates to the scapula, back, neck.
  10. Disc protrusion in the thoracic spine. Extension of the intervertebral disc from the spinal column, during which no changes of the connective tissue. Accompanied by severe pain.
  11. Sciatica. The disease is caused by inflammation, pinching or compression of the nerve roots. The pain is sharp.
  12. Coronary heart disease, angina. The cardiac blood supply. Gives in place between the shoulder blades, present fear, dizziness, feeling of lack of air. The pain is sharp, burning, pressure, depends.
  13. Pathology of the mediastinum. The area is in the depth of the chest. Its inflammation or the formation of tumors cause dull pain.
  14. Tuberculosis and polio – diseases infectious. Harm the spine, which contributes to the dull pain.
  15. Pathology of lungs and pleura. Inflammation can activate the pain between the shoulder blades. Dull pain and in diseases of the pleura stitching.
  16. Features of professional activity. Aching, dull pain is caused by tension in the muscles of the upper shoulder girdle.
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Pain during pregnancy

During pregnancy complaints of pain between the shoulder blades due to the fact that increases the load on the spine.

This is due to the weight gain of a pregnant woman, the displacement of the center of gravity and as a consequence of overexertion of the back muscles. The pain may be both weak and sharp, after the holiday passes.

Methods of treatment of pathology

What to do if pain between the shoulder blades?

The probability of cure in the home low enough, you can try to alleviate the condition, taking painkillers or rubbing.

In order not to miss the beginning of a serious illness to visit a doctor who will prescribe treatment accordingly discovered disease. There are, however, common to all diseases therapy. The complex treatment includes:

  • the use of drugs (this includes painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs);
  • physiotherapy (exercises are chosen after the cessation of acute pain, individually);
  • treatment with physiotherapy (includes the use of devices of ultrasound and electrophoresis, magnetic and manual therapy, a course of massage and, if necessary, extraction. In case of indications — treatment).

Preventive measures

The best prevention is a healthy lifestyle. You need to learn to take care of your body. And this norm should be the following rules:

  • it is necessary when performing physical works to prevent overload of the back muscles;
  • to do physical therapy or just daily exercises;
  • work must be performed in a comfortable position, do not forget to control your posture and prolonged stress to rest the muscles of the back and neck.
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Performing all this requires discipline and self-control, but keeping the body active and yet gentle enough state help for a long time to forget about the pain in the back.

Caring attitude to your body and yourself, timely access to a physician for consultation when pain is the way to achieve harmony and health.

Video: Kinesiotaping for pain between the shoulder blades

Kinesiotaping the long extensor of the neck used in such a widespread problem such as pain between the shoulder blades. Immediately after application of kinesio tape muscles relax and the pain goes away.