Bandage for inguinal hernia: types and functions of fasteners

Бандаж для паховой грыжи: виды и функции фиксаторов

Inguinal hernia is formed in certain places

The brace inguinal hernia is used when damage to the lower part of the pelvis. The disease develops as a result of contact with the contents of the abdominal cavity in the genitals of men and women. Bandage inguinal hernia is assigned to the formation of lumps in the lower part of the pelvis of the patient. The hernia manifests itself a number of unpleasant symptoms that bother the patient.

A bandage for the groin hernia is appointed to maintain the affected area or prevent the formation of tumors. This bandage when the hernia cannot prevent everything that is in the abdomen, in the groin area, but does not allow it to become full or or without reduction. Most often such devices are used for preventive treatment.

When you need to wear a retainer

The brace inguinal hernia must be worn in the course of conservative treatment. But rather, the retainer holds the tumor in her normal state, what affects the process of treatment. The use of bandages for inguinal hernia helps to prevent the growth of tumors, act as a preventative tool. That is why retainers are often prescribed for patients whose disease is not developed, but they are at risk. This includes:

  • pregnant women;
  • professional athletes;
  • patients after the surgery.

Pregnant women have a risk of developing hernias. That is why they are often recommended wearing the inguinal bandage.

Бандаж для паховой грыжи: виды и функции фиксаторов

This zone captures inguinal hernia oblique type

This is because the more it becomes a fetus inside the womb, the stronger will be the abdominal pressure. At this time, the body has the risk of developing hernia. In order to prevent its occurrence, the doctor may prescribe the woman special bandage. The frequency and duration of wearing pregnant determined by a doctor individually. It is important to choose correctly the size of the product, so he did not press the fruit.

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Wearing bandages for inguinal hernia often assigned to professional athletes. People who are engaged in power sports and lift weights exposed to increasing abdominal pressure. Frequent weight lifting can cause of a hernia. In order to reduce the risk of developing the disease, athletes are usually discharged the locking brace.

Postoperative retainer is designed to maintain the condition of the patient in the recovery period. It prevents re-herniation, suture and promotes a speedy recovery of the patient. Acts postoperative bandage firmly obtachivaya gryzenia gate. The result is a tumor-like bag may not come out. Bondage for pregnant operates on the same principle.

The wearing of retainers is permitted not to all patients. For those who have skin diseases, wearing them is prohibited. It is not desirable to use the bandage well in that case, if the patient is prohibited by displacement of the pelvis. Such a retainer is often prescribed to patients who are denied surgical intervention because of the nature of the body. Then a bandage is used to prevent pinching of the hernia.

Functions and types of products

Бандаж для паховой грыжи: виды и функции фиксаторов

The support belt prevents the pinching of the hernia and holds it in place

There are many catches: left, right, bilateral. What concealer is needed you must tell your doctor. To buy the product desirable. A jockstrap performs several functions.

  • Prevent falling out of hernia bags through the holes to the outside.
  • The prevention of hernia strangulation.
  • A similar effect can be achieved in the result of tight constriction of the pelvis corrector. Of the product often depends on which side can form a tumor. Left-brace is not designed warning of herniation on this side. In the case of probable defeat of both parties typically use a two-sided brace. Wearing this product gets rid of existing tumors.

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    Бандаж для паховой грыжи: виды и функции фиксаторов

    The belt supports the stomach and protects against the formation of hernia

    Locking device designed for women and men. There are universal models and those that suit the members of one sex only. The most common retainers are made company PERSONAL or JOLLY. Related products of these companies confirm that their shape is comfortable to wear and men and women.

    The correctors presented in the form of trunks that have special pockets. This confirms their versatility. In the pockets you can insert an optional left or right hand latch.

    If necessary, the corrector can be placed extra pads that will strengthen the product and make it a two way clip.

    The band can be made in the form of special elastic and rigid bandages. These products are very practical and easy to operate. Reviews say that the correctors firms DENVER are often used to prevent the appearance of the tumor.

    These correctors are also universal. They are able to support hernias of various sizes. This hernia bandage is sealed with a belt and Velcro. The product is equipped with special rollers, so that it does not RUB the skin.

    Rules of carrying of a bandage for the groin

    Important correctly to put on a product. Assign the wearing of such devices may upon removal of the tumor. Therefore, putting on bandages for inguinal hernia in the best case to happen lying down. The product should fit snugly to the skin, and the clips should be around the affected area. After this postoperative concealer can be closed. If the product is correctly recorded, it reduces the risk of recurrent tumor in men and women. If the proofreader is wrong, it can affect the protrusion of the tumor from the abdominal cavity.

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    Any postoperative fixer can cause skin irritation. This is its main disadvantage. Even if the corrector is fitted with special cushions, the skin damage can still occur, especially in pregnant women. This is due to the fact that the lock can sometimes move and cause not only skin damage, but also to the infringement of a hernia.

    Double-sided bandage considers insufficiently productive way of treatment. It is a good preventive method or as necessary to prevent serious damage. For men and women the only way to get rid of the tumor is surgery.

    In most cases, to wear a bandage it is necessary for as long as possible. You should always ensure that the product was pure. Not always wash bandage in the washing machine, so it is better to clean it manually. To dry the corrector needs in a natural way in fresh air. The heat sources may deform the corrector and bring it into disrepair.

    Choose a lock able a doctor. He appoints the exact duration and frequency of wearing the product.