Bandage for legs: how to choose

Бандаж для ноги: как правильно выбратьOften in today’s world people get injured and are forced to wear a corrective brace. The doctor can assign the patient to a similar device if damaged articular, cartilage and muscle tissue. A bandage for the big toe is used in the development of the arthritis patient. In this disease there is often swelling and pain are accompanied by destructive processes within the joint capsule. As a result, the tissue damage and the accumulation of salts in the body provoke the appearance of bowing in the bone near the big toe.

Such growths cannot pass on their own. So the doctor recommends the patient special bandage. Assigned this corrective device is not only arthritis or osteoarthritis. In case of strong dislocation or inflammation of the joint the patient should keep the leg or arm at rest. In this case, fix the limb with the help of bandage.

There are two main types of brace for foot: sports and medical. Sports represent devices with a light-hold, which promote the healing of sprains. There is a strong medical effect, such dressings do not have. Their main task is to prevent the appearance of swelling.

And sports, medical devices are divided into 3 types according to the degree of fixation:

  • light;
  • semi-rigid;
  • hard.

The device easy fixing

Corrective bandage on the thumb relates to devices for easy fixing. Such dressings provide a fixation of the damaged joint. Often these small devices have the form of silicone pads that tightly covers the big toe and prevents further bone growth. This brace is invisible, and can easily be worn with any shoes.

Бандаж для ноги: как правильно выбратьAnother light bandage, corrective foot may look like a special bandage. In most cases it is used to prevent injury in athletes or as a secondary method of treatment for the sprain, dislocation. These devices are very elastic. They are aimed at facilitating the work of the ligamentous apparatus of the legs and a good warm foot. In all sprains and bruises you can use the easy locking.

Often in this category include conventional elastic bandages. If you have damaged your finger, then this is the best way to fix the limb in the desired position. Correctly applied bandage promotes fixation of the toe or the entire limb that gives the person additional support when walking. Applying a bandage with a light-hold prevents the development of inflammation, swelling, promotes rapid healing.

A device of this type can be assigned not only as prevention or at early stages of the disease. Even in advanced disease the doctor may recommend the patient like a bandage. But it will be used exclusively during the recovery period. Correction of this kind is allowed with bursitis, arthritis, osteoarthritis, tendinite and rheumatism.

Apart from silicon bands, you can purchase jerseys. The main feature of such devices — flexibility, ability to stretch and hold the shape.

Usually the part that is tightly adjacent to the foot, made from cotton fabric. This allows the patient’s skin to «breathe». Certain models of bandages for ankles are made using silicone inserts. This is done in order to stop was stronger than recorded, and all liquid which accumulates in the damaged area, quickly gone, and swelling is decreased.

Semi-rigid devices

Бандаж для ноги: как правильно выбрать
If the big toe in a patient severely injured and the swelling extends to the entire foot, the physician may prescribe the patient a semi-rigid brace. In this case, the patient’s leg fixed is stronger and instability of the ankle joint is fixed. Often the semi-rigid brace correction is assigned after fractures, operations or removal of plaster. If the patient had severe damage to the hand, ankle, knee or elbow joint, an easy fix for him is unlikely to help. That is why such patients recommend retaining device medium hardness. Semi-rigid band can be assigned to the patient if he suffered a finger.

Such products are essential when you damage ligaments and tendons. In this case, the patient’s leg should be in a tight frame, which will contribute to the speedy healing of the injured area. The bandage prevents the spread of inflammation. Semi-rigid bandage for the fingers provides fixation of the foot from both sides, strengthens the ankle and heel region. The patient can move fingers and bend the foot. Used this product not only to reduce pain and relieve edema, but also as a prevention during class extreme sports.

Semi-rigid fixators are usually made of dense material that allows the foot to breathe, maintains elasticity and moisture resistance. The device has a cotton insert. The density of the bandage provides not only material, but solid iron inserts in the unit casing, lacing, straps and tight fastener.

In some types of bandage on the leg there is a special insert of gel. Their main function is to cool the injured limb and contribute to the speedy disappearance of edema. These retaining clips are very bulky and can be worn with shoes.

Rigid fixation

There are three type of hard banding devices: traumatic ankles, derotation boots and braces with drooping foot. Traumatic ankles increased fixing aimed at complete immobilization of the limb of the patient. Most of these products assigned to you when you leg injury, but if the patient’s arm was badly damaged, it is possible that he will prescribe the orthosis of this type.

At strong damage the toes, fractures, displaced fractures, tendon rupture or soft tissue the physician writes the patient a hard brace. To apply such a device can also after surgery (especially if it was carried out on the ligaments or tendons). Often hard corrective brace can be equipped with special locks fastenings and hinges. Such additions allow you to increase or decrease the force of compression of the limb to adjust the flexion and extension of the ankle joint. Certain models rigid orthotic devices allow you to gradually reduce the strength of fixing of a foot.

Derotation boot is a design that provides a tight fixation of the big toe and whole foot in General. Looks product in the form of the boot and so tightly wraps the injured limb, which does not allow the foot to rotate freely. With the use of such a brace leg of the patient is always fixed in one position.

Бандаж для ноги: как правильно выбратьOften assigned to this device, not only when injury of the foot, but the hip fracture, damage to the hip joint. Boot does not give the damaged areas of the foot to function freely and assists in the knitting of the fracture. Derotation boot often attributed to cerebral palsy, paralysis and nerve damage in the extremities.

If the patient has suffered a stroke, severe infection or the result of pathology of the sciatic nerve had a lesion of the foot, it is best to choose a special hard brace. It completely fixes the foot and helps to restore its functioning.

Running the device from a dense solid material with inserts of iron spokes. This allows to provide the required immobilization of the affected area of the patient’s body and speedy recovery. Worn this brace with a dense stable shoes that will additionally fix the product.

Rules of the band

The first thing to remember is that the bandage always chooses the doctor. The only exceptions are bandage of elastic bandage and bandage lightweight silicone device that fits over the bone on the leg. These products can be pick up and buy yourself, it will be only a slight effect.But as semi-rigid or rigid products, they can injure the patient if they are chosen incorrectly. Only a doctor knows what needs to be fixed foot, and with what force to tighten belts. The doctor will not only find you need a brace, but also will determine the time and mode of its use.

In most cases, a bandage device when you want to lock in one position, not only the foot, but the knee (and sometimes hip). After severe injuries and operations to carry the locking device is necessary. It promotes the proper functioning of the recovery limb. All patients who have had a stroke, is assigned to the constant wearing of the bandage to the limbs were in the correct position.

During operation of the device pay attention to the condition of their skin. Most of tires made in such a way that human skin can «breathe» during use of the product. But if you have on the body have sores, ulcers or open lesions in the area that will be in contact with the bandage, it is better to postpone until its use. Talk with your doctor. He may suggest you to wear a retainer on top of the socks. It is worth remembering that any bandage can be washed by hand only, and not in the washing machine. Any plastic parts of the product, wipe with a damp cloth.

Try to change the shape of the fixture, to regulate and bleach, or iron the bandage is impossible. After washing, the orthopedic device should be dried without the use of additional heat sources (battery, Hairdryer).

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