Bandage for the ankle joint: types and indications for wearing

Бандаж на голеностопный сустав: виды и показания для ношения

Soft locking support for athletes

The bandage on the ankle is used as to protect from damage, and to treat existing injuries or their consequences. The principle of the brace is clear with one glance on the product. It fits snugly around the joint, locking and protecting it.

The ankle joint is injured often enough. Such injuries often occur in athletes and people whose work involves physical exertion. But they are exposed and those who walk in uncomfortable shoes. The cause of the damage that this joint takes the whole mass of the human body.

Reasons to wear a brace

The brace on the tibia is able to protect the joints from early wear and unexpected injuries. Increased load on the ankle joint carries the risk of surge related muscles, ligaments and wear cartilage. These problems interfere with everyday functioning, cause pain, create discomfort due to atrophy of the surrounding tissues and ligaments.

Injury can occur with excessive physical activity, sports. Damages can be obtained in a domestic environment, for example, when using the uncomfortable tight shoes or shoes with high heels. While injuries can range from blows, sprains, tucking his feet.

Бандаж на голеностопный сустав: виды и показания для ношенияThe first damage will react with pain ligaments, since ligaments are more nerve endings. The ankle — elastic, and so far so good, it’s uncomfortable. The injured joint becomes hypermodernism, which is why there is mild pain with movement. This leads to swelling and bruising.

If the ankle does not lock, you can get additional injury. That is why the bandage on the ankle and any other joints just need.

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Types and functions of orthoses for ankle

There are many different devices for the prevention of injuries, treatment and recovery calf after disease. These include splints for ankle joints, elastic bandages and much more.

Bandages for the ankle are of the following types.

  • A soft orthosis to damage household and sporting character. Applies if you have joint pain.
  • Durable, heavy-duty products, used for fixing damaged ligaments, rehabilitation after surgery, moderate pain.
  • Бандаж на голеностопный сустав: виды и показания для ношения

    Tight corset for a broken ankle

    Soft tires are more like an elastic bandage. The composition of the material from which they are produced, there are elastic fibers. The fabric used for the manufacture of the retainer, does not cause allergies.

    Fractures and dislocations for the treatment used a special device — the so-called splints. To properly choose and wear a bandage on the Shin and ankle, need to know that these orthoses differ in characteristics and indications for use.

    In the application of design, fixing the ankle, accelerates the healing of ligaments, reduced the time of postoperative rehabilitation, prevents new injuries. Protection for the ankles is used not only athletes and those who have suffered trauma. Bandages are assigned to pregnant women for the prevention of ankle joint injuries.

    The main functions of a latch on the ankle:

    • contributes to the effective and rapid restoration of the ligamentous and muscular apparatus of the leg, securing them to the bones;
    • assists in the coalescence of ligaments;
    • reduces mobility and reduces the side effects from it;
    • reduces the load on the belt due to its compression action;
    • relieves and prevents swelling, bruising;
    • has a warming effect.
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    The bandage on the Shin and the ankle joint is worn long enough. He firmly grabs the foot and ankle, constantly in contact with the skin. That is why it is very important that the concrete model of the brace sitting comfortably on the foot and cause discomfort.

    Apply bandages to the lower leg in many different situations.

  • With the constant instability of the joint to maintain the necessary for comfortable mobility.
  • During the period of rehabilitation after surgery.
  • When a large torn ligaments.
  • In chronic diseases of musculoskeletal system, arthritis, arthrosis, etc.
  • For the prevention of diseases associated with damage to the joint.

  • How to choose the right lock

    Бандаж на голеностопный сустав: виды и показания для ношения

    The boot is a corset for complete immobilization of the joint

    Before you choose the model or type of ankle brace, you should consult a doctor-traumatologist. He will tell you the most suitable orthosis to correct the consequences of trauma. Choose design on the ankle, on the basis of their purpose and material used for manufacturing.

    The market is now ready to offer a large number of ankle braces, and the prices are very diverse. Cheap jewelry can cause discomfort during use. You should focus on the medium price category and pay attention to the manufacturer. Price depends on what material is made bandage.

    Choose a bandage, like a new pair of casual shoes, you must the size of the foot. Latch design is quite simple and consists of several elements. This ribbon of elastic material as well as different mounts and fasteners. Before use, you must check whether the brace is rubbing the skin.

    In addition to bandages on the ankle, there are braces designed for fixation of other joints, elastic belt for pregnant women, etc. of Such support structures help to speed healing and protect it from possible damage.