Bandage for the back: features purchase

Бандаж для спины: особенности приобретенияDiseases & disorders musculoskeletal system hold a leading position in the list of medical problems for 10-15 years. That’s why, many people need practical, comfortable high quality bandage for the back. Modern children have bad posture already in preschool age, and this problem, unfortunately, is getting worse.

In adults, this diagnosis is also not excluded: spinal deformity, back pain, hernia, stretching of the vertebrae can result from overuse, injury, or minimum mobility, which is characteristic of «sedentary» professions. In all cases a doctor should be consulted, as even orthopedic bandage buy individually is not recommended. We will look at why this happens and how to choose the right corset.

The main types of bandages

So, for the health of your spine needed a bandage. Pharmacies and specialty shops offer a variety of options. All bands are divided into two types: corrective and orthopedic.

The first is a posture corrector designed to correct small defects of the spine and maintain it. Bandage ortopedicheskii, as the name implies, rigidly fixes the spine. To correctly select the most suitable bandage, you need to follow a few simple rules.

Бандаж для спины: особенности приобретения

Thoracolumbar belt for maintaining correct posture of the patient

  • To consult a doctor and conduct a thorough examination of musculoskeletal system in General and spine in particular.
  • Find out (again from the doctor), what type of incorrect posture and to what extent it is already occurring.
  • Be sure to check the metabolism in the body because of some violations wearing the orthopedic brace is contraindicated.
  • Without medical reasons and a doctor’s advice can only be of a preventive posture corrector. In other cases, the independent selection is fraught with unpleasant consequences. So, with spinal hernia bandage orthopedic fixation can lead to increased pain.

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    Normal support belt for back you can get. To make the right choices, guided by their own feelings. To try the tires when buying is not only permitted, but recommended.

    Bandage, relieving the load from the back should sit comfortably on the person. In its application should not be pressure, but tangible relief such a device to bring a just obligation.

    What to consider when purchasing products

    Бандаж для спины: особенности приобретения

    Treatment-and-prophylactic belt lumbar

    If you want to support the spine after an injury or in the postoperative period, a bandage is chosen with a sufficiently rigid fixation. The selection is made in accordance with the recommendations of a physician. The doctor will tell you for what area of the spine requires fixation or support. Depending on this measured by either waist circumference or girth of the waist (the volume of the abdomen 8-10 cm below the waist).

    You also need to consider that orthopedic fixation bandage has a different length. In some cases, medical orthopedic bandages are made individually. Such designs have the extra ribs for adjusting the pressure and take into account the individual characteristics of the spine of the patient.

    You need to understand that almost every brace has its own degree of hardness. It is selected depending on the required treatment. If you want a substantial limitation (the period of reconstruction after spinal fractures, surgeries and injuries of the lumbar region), orthopedic fixation bandage.

    Sciatica, low back pain, sprains require you to wear semi-rigid corset. It is worth considering that brace for back support type belt allows you to remove the pain and keep the spine in the correct position.

    Features of the structure of the body have value

    Бандаж для спины: особенности приобретения

    Posture corrector for adults eliminates the risk to the curvature of the thoracic spine

    Please note that the orthopedic bandage for men and women vary because of the peculiarities of the body structure. Because the patient is often not able to produce the fitting, it is desirable to measure the required parameters. Measurements of waist girth and waist are made before the purchase. All measurements are performed on bare skin. Do not press the centimeter too tight but don’t loosen. The accuracy of these parameters depends on whether you will choose an orthopedic fixation or support.

    If you want to support the spine with frequent exercise, the manufacturers offer a model brace suspenders. It is convenient because to undo the corset, you can, without removing it completely (for example, when the slopes), and when it becomes possible again to lock it into position. This orthopaedic device has an average degree of rigidity.

    To eliminate pain, a small stoop and in the preventive purposes it is recommended to wear a soft brace. It is made of flexible fabric and does not provide rigid fixation of the spine.