Bandage for the knee joint: the variety of fixtures

The human joint is a unique mechanism that allows us to perform hundreds of actions and not to think about how this happens. All actions that we do will depend on the ability of the joint to move. If a man gets a knee injury, to eliminate patient is prescribed a course of treatment and prescribe a special brace on the knee joint. Such a device helps in recovery and gives you the opportunity to fix the limb in the desired position.Бандаж на коленный сустав: разновидности приспособлений

Causes of knee pain

The knee joint just enough to cause damage. Injury may occur as a result of awkward movements, strike or irregular bending of the joint. Most often such injuries of the knee affects athletes. People who are professionally engaged in sports, give a very strong load on the legs and you get a variety of small injuries. If you do not pay for microtrauma knee joint attention, sooner or later, you may develop a serious disease.

By injury, dislocation or sprain it is necessary to consult a doctor, and on foot to secure the brace. Alternatively, use an elastic bandage to prevent. The price is low enough. Due to its density and elasticity, they allow to fix the limb and prevent the receipt of most small injuries.

Quite often suffer injuries of the joints of overweight people. This is a common cause of many diseases of the joints. The legs of the person is not able to handle the load and starts in the joints first an inflammatory and later a destructive process. The knee joint is in such a situation suffers the most. In order to avoid such damage, you must take the time to minimal exercise. In such cases, doctors usually prescribe the use of tires medium, or weak fixation, which just support the limb and let it load.

Бандаж на коленный сустав: разновидности приспособлений

Elastic bandage will help to avoid injuries and well captures the injured knee

Quite often suffer from painful sensations in the knee women. In this case, the pain can be caused by a natural process of hormonal changes. Once this process stops, a painful syndrome, will be himself. But the use of a knee brace can greatly reduce the symptom.

Suffer from joint pain can people who have by virtue of their employment for a long time to sit or stand. When the knee joint is not designed for long and is always in 1 position, it can accumulate salt. As a result, when walking, the patient hears the squeak and crunch in the joints.

Often causes painful symptoms in the leg with an old injury. The patient may feel pain in the rehabilitation period and long after.

Why do I need retainers?

Bandages for the knee in some cases to be not just desirable, but necessary. Such situations include wearing a knee brace for a certain time:

  • Sprain or dislocation of the knee.
  • Infectious and inflammatory lesions in the joint capsule.
  • The melting of the patella.
  • Disease Shlyattera-Osgood.
  • To prescribe a brace for my knee the doctor may in a few cases. 1 all these are preventive measures. If the person is professionally engaged in hazardous sports, the protection of the knee joint it is simply necessary. This patch is worn on the patient’s leg to prevent injury. Any impact from the outside will have less impact on human health. Bandage for the knee joint is often used by people who are not related to sports, but daily forced to do heavy physical exertion.

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    If a person has a knee damage to wear a bandage he must. If the injury was not only damaged the joint and the adjacent muscles, the flexible latch will reduce the load exerted on the damaged area, and thereby contribute to the speedy healing of injuries. The use of a knee brace will provoke a decrease swelling, relieve swelling and decrease pain.

    Бандаж на коленный сустав: разновидности приспособлений

    The medical retainer, a corrective movement of the knee joint

    Therapeutic knee brace needs 1 turn to limit movement in the joint. The device, which are used for such purposes, are distinguished by their rigidity and the ability to tightly fix the leg of the patient. Such devices are used after surgery during the rehabilitation period after fractures or when it is necessary to fix the limb.

    Knee locking is often used in cases when the unloading of the joint.

    A similar effect is needed when a patient has severe pain that is provoked by diseases of a destructive nature. Osteoporosis, arthritis, arthrosis, coxarthrosis affect the joints and contribute to cartilage destruction. For high-quality treatment is necessary to reduce the burden received by the hip. Hard knee will be able to fix the limb and will not let it to function incorrectly. The longer will be the foot is at rest, the more time is allocated quality of neutralizing damage.

    Types of fixing devices

    There are 3 kinds of bandages for the knee. The overall purpose of their use 1, but they are used for injuries of a different nature. Type 1 — elastic bandage. It is a knee lock, which is used as a preventive device. Usually it is a soft stretchy bandage that is often used by athletes. Such a latch has a protective function. It prevents sprains and strains by tight fixation of the possible areas of damage. More modern models of these tires made of natural knit fabric. The price of such products are usually low and affordable to the consumer.

    Бандаж на коленный сустав: разновидности приспособлений

    Reinforced retainer used by athletes, which thus protect the knee from re-injury

    Heavy-duty clips used for support of muscles and joints after injuries of mild to moderate severity. Such a brace on the knee cavity follows the shape of the patient’s foot. Are these products made of synthetic material. This retainer at the same time very elastic, but durable. Buy a reinforced latch to be in a special store or at the pharmacy. Some devices are equipped with straps for strong fixation and dense inserts. The price of such a retainer can vary depending on who is the manufacturer of the product and what additional equipment from the selected model.

    Splints and orthoses are used for rigid fixation of the limbs of the patient. It’s a tight knee, made of a hard material. Usually, the model splints are supplied with additional fixing elements. Price of the device depends on its size, shape, manufacturer, and material of which it is made.

    The knee pad can be made of different materials and a variety of elements.

    The tires are the same hardness has its own parameters on which they are classified. Such devices can be of different shapes and sizes, more and less hard. Share bandages for knee-type functionality. The locking mechanism may be a compression, split, warming, all-in-one, with holes, with additional panels for greater rigidity, with locking rollers. Very popular compression bandage. He’s better than everyone else fixes the damaged limb and promotes proper fusion of tissues.

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    Varieties of splints

    Orthotics are the most rigid of all possible devices for fixation of limbs. But they have their own gradation in the extent of stiffness and the principles of operation. Buy various orthoses on the Internet, specialty stores and pharmacies. To choose the right orthosis to the patient to help the doctor.

    Weak bandage on the knee usually made from soft fabric. Most often this is a genuine Jersey, which covered rigid metal frame. The addition of lavsan fibers contribute to a good fit of the knee brace and a sturdy frame ensures durability of the structure. To buy such a device, if you order it in a special shop. Modern models of such clamps is hypoallergenic. These splints are covered with mesh, allowing the skin to breathe.

    Бандаж на коленный сустав: разновидности приспособлений

    Splint for complete immobilization of the knee joint

    Orthoses average fixation represent a dense frame, which is usually made of plastic or iron. On top it is covered with synthetic fiber. This allows the knee brace to fit snugly to the leg and fully replicate its shape. In some cases, to buy such a splint can only to order. In this case, with the patient taking measurements, or select the device individually to the size of the knee. The price of such orthosis may be different.

    Some models are quite expensive due to the fact that they come with a lot of straps for fixation, additional rollers and rings. Often, this bandage can be supplemented with soft inserts. This is done so that the clip is not rubbing the patient’s leg and squeezed the bones. Size orthoses average fixation may be different. Some models put directly on the knee, while others are totally fixed tibia.

    Hinged braces are the most rigid and are designed for absolute immobilization of the person. They are used instead of plaster and are assigned to patients with severe injuries of the tibia (fractures). The price of these splints are quite high, but can vary depending on the size of the product. Such devices also include metal inserts, hinges, straps and bolsters. Some models may influence the patient’s leg and to function as micro-massage. This improves the inflow and outflow of blood to the damaged area of the body.

    How to choose bandage?

    The choice of brace should be treated seriously and to understand exactly what effect you expect from using such devices. You can select and purchase a soft or medium knee clamp. These products are not very tough and may damage the limb. Elastic retainer is designed primarily for the maintenance of muscles and joints. Hard to pull a leg or to influence the bone with such a device almost impossible.

    When choosing knee brace should consult a doctor. Unsuitable orthosis can lead to severe deformation of the legs. This knee locking mechanism should be chosen solely by a physician due to the fact that incorrectly selected device can not only put strain the injured joint, but also adversely affect the bones of the limb. Self-selected tutor can not only hinder the recovery of the patient, but also considerably worsen his condition.

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    Бандаж на коленный сустав: разновидности приспособлений

    Size chart for the selection of knee lock

    When choosing a brace for the limbs should pay attention to several important factors. In this situation, «more expensive» does not mean «better». To buy expensive lock, but if it would not be appropriate in hardness and size, it will be a waste of money. If you suffer from pain due to joint diseases, it is best to use a locking medium hardness. Sometimes patients are prescribed a soft knee brace, but not always, its use brings the desired effect.

    After surgery the joint need to rehabilitate and regenerate. At this time, the patient’s foot needs good support. The doctor prescribes the patient a knee brace medium, or soft lock. The use of such a device will help to keep the foot at rest, reduce stress, relieve pain. Soft knee brace, made of wool and cotton will not only support the damaged joint but also protects the leg from hypothermia.

    If a joint is badly destabilized, the elastic bandage is unlikely to help the patient. When you need a strong degree of fixation, the patient is prescribed a splint. This lap retainer 1 is indispensable in the days of rehabilitation after surgery, after fracture or during the period of instability in all tissues of the articular apparatus.

    To buy the brace can only as directed by your doctor. Wearing a retainer can be no more than 12 hours a day.

    Care bandage

    Knee locking can be made of different materials, but they tend to get dirty, and they should be maintained. Conventional soft locks that you can buy in any drugstore, is not choosy. These elastic bandages can be safely washed in the washing machine and not be afraid that they will undergo deformation. Then just hang them on the balcony, so that the bandage is well dried.

    The device with a more complex design require careful maintenance.

    If you use the knee lock medium-high strength, ensure that they were always clean and fresh. If you decide to buy this device, make note of what material it is made of. Try that between the legs and bandage on the skin was not damaged. In the presence of sores or rashes knee brace cannot be used. Washable knee pad strong or medium degree of fixation can only be handed. Wipe metal and plastic inserts with a damp cloth. Dry your device outdoors. Try not to use heat (hair dryer, battery). Otherwise it will cause deformation of the product.