Bandage for umbilical hernia: the use in the treatment of children

The occurrence of umbilical hernia – very common. Usually to combat this disease in children is applied as a bandage for umbilical hernia.

Бандаж для пупочной грыжи: применение при лечении детей

Newtoy baby navel

Hernial phenomenon in adults is a pathological condition in which the internal organs pass through the abdominal cavity and be outside under the skin in the navel area. According to statistics, this disease occurs in 5-10% of people. But due to the fact that in recent years the number of overweight people increases, this number continues to grow.

Causes of umbilical hernia

The main causes of disease – a different kind of physical effects on the lower part of the abdomen of the person. However, it should be noted that the cause of hernia, as a rule, is characteristic only of adults. Umbilical hernia often occurs in women older than 30 years. One of the causes of disease, is lifting weights.

In children, the herniation is most often associated with situations where the baby is quite long and hysterically crying. Because of their immaturity and incomplete development of the body of small children is not strong enough. Therefore, there are cases where the internal organs of the baby protrude through a hole in the abdominal cavity.

In addition, if the child is weak, the probability of occurrence of this disease in the future is increasing rapidly. Due to the fact that in the abdomen the only weak point is the navel, in this place, as a rule, and there is a hernia. Its location on the white line of the abdomen acts as a circular opening called the umbilical ring to another.

Бандаж для пупочной грыжи: применение при лечении детей

The most dangerous form of the disease is a violation of the hernia. In the course of development of pathological process of internal organs squeezing each other in a certain area, there is a progression of a hernia white line of the abdomen.

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When complications should immediately contact the doctor. Remember: this state is dangerous. Blood circulation to internal organs and there is a risk of further mortification process.

The disease can occur as a complication in the postoperative period. Umbilical hernia also appears without much reason. In any case, if you suspect the disease first, the patient should consult a doctor.

Only a specialist can promptly recommend to the examination and make the necessary appointments. Additionally prescribed to wear a special brace from an umbilical hernia.

Methods and ways of treatment of the disease

You must remember that if you have symptoms of hernias in children timely treatment in medical institution is very important. The doctor will examine you and prescribe a course of massage. In addition, the doctor may recommend the child special exercises. As a rule, in addition to physical therapy is prescribed the wearing of orthopedic products, this special bandages gryzenia.

Such treatments are most often suited to small children, the body which has not yet completely formed. In cases of occurrence of a hernia at the kid trying all possible ways to get rid of it, without resorting to surgery. Often conservative treatment is sufficient.

Бандаж для пупочной грыжи: применение при лечении детей

Child lock protects against infringement

Most doctors agree that the treatment of hernia using surgical methods is not performed in children under the age of 5 years. It is believed that this time is sufficient to umbilical hernia was overgrown by yourself. Often for the treatment of this pathological condition, it is recommended to use a bandage of hernia white line of the abdomen.

With adults the situation is quite different. Them to deal with the disease is usually surgery is recommended. However, there are cases when in the treatment and adults to resort to surgical intervention impossible.

Group at risk are people with:

  • diabetes with complete disorder of the immune system;
  • excess excess weight (or obesity);
  • diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • alleged or confirmed pregnancy.

Effective way to prevent complications of the umbilical hernia is to wear a special medical tool called a bandage for hernia white line of the abdomen. Today it is fairly well-known and effective tool in the fight against hernia.

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How does the retainer hernia

Many doctors recommend to prevent infringement of hernia use hernia bandage. The first sign of infringement are prolonged pain in the abdomen. The hernia to reduce impossible. To prevent the emergence of serious consequences, the patient is strongly advised to set yourself a hernia. In such a situation, the victim should immediately contact to doctor so that he appointed him to any band.

Today, bandages are available in different type and models:

  • for hernia white line of the abdomen;
  • for umbilical hernias;
  • for hernias which were formed after the receipt of any injury to the lower abdomen.

Бандаж для пупочной грыжи: применение при лечении детей

Protective retainer for adults

Besides, there are both adult and children’s protivoglistnoe umbilical bandage. They have different sizes and materials. The appointment of such locking devices – preventing the occurrence of a hernia.

The bandage is especially suitable for those people who intensively is engaged in physical activity. No wonder the athletes, the main activity of which is the lifting of heavy equipment and sports devices that use similar products. The latches perform the role of preventive medicine.

Such a device is highly recommended by experts and avoid consequences of the disease. When applying a bandage of hernia, anterior abdominal cavity and part of the loins are in the same position. This allows internal organs to bulge out even more.

Bandages gryzenia exert local pressure on the navel, thus preventing the exit of the hernia SAC outside the abdominal wall. Such a device is subject to its continued implementation has a positive effect on muscle tone.

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The results of applying the bandage

A bandage for the umbilical hernia can help prevent difficult situations, accompanied by the development of a hernia. If there are serious contraindications to surgery doctors recommend the patient to use a daily bandage of hernia. Modern tires have characteristics and properties that allow patients who are overweight to use this device in order to prevent an umbilical hernia.

More recently, a new type of device is a bandage umbilical made exclusively from natural fabrics, which in turn, easy to absorb moisture. This brace is invisible under clothing. Along with this widely known and popular today umbilical hernia bandage for newborns. This orthopedic device is used in the treatment of the child since his birth.

The bandage provides extra ribs, which do not allow the product to shift after donning. The use of such a device allows to avoid the infringement of a hernia white line of the abdomen and to minimize the risk of hazardous situations. First of all we are talking about a tool in the fight against disease as umbilical hernia bandage. Wearing this retainer is one of the ways to prevent the reporting of the disease.

Herniation of the umbilical bandage for adults should be used in cases when surgery is contraindicated, but to get rid of the hernia is necessary.