Bandage on the shoulder joint elastic: indications for use

Бандаж на плечевой сустав эластичный: показания к использованиюBy the doctor for various injuries of the shoulder, the doctor may prescribe the imposition of tight bandages. It can sometimes replace the bandage on the shoulder joint supple, which can be purchased in the pharmacy or specialty store. It is used in various injuries of the arm and forearm. Light bandage for the shoulder and forearm locks the arm to the torso, leaving her some leeway. Wear it around the clock is impossible, for each kind of injury it is individual.

Although the injury is gradually disappearing from our lives, yet he still remains in professional sports, certain kinds of professions where it is necessary for the active work of the hands, particularly of the shoulder joint. In order not to grab at the drugstore first got the device, it is possible for a change to see some types of fixing means, which are created thanks to active work of scientists and physicians.

The principles of bandaging

In different situations, the pharmacy product may not be available. To use improvised means in this situation is reasonable. It is therefore necessary to learn how to perform certain types of dressing using non-sterile elastic bandage or any other material available at hand.

For the proper performance of dressings of any type you must know some principles to apply and remove. The bandage in his hands should be held so that he spun and immediately lay on the body. Thus, the main part of the bandage twisted all the time it remains above the bandage.

The roll of bandage only lightly pressed against the body. To start you need to bandage below the injury site. Unwinding the bandage, you must first make a few turns of the winding, by bending the region, imposing itself up to the main part, then cut, lightly touching the body.

Right removed the elastic bandage can be used again.

As a bandage to replace the bandage

In order to fully simulate the brace shoulder immobilizer, which was not in the pharmacy, need to buy elastic bandage width of about 10 cm and carry immobilization bandage:

  • in the axillary region can put vintovoi or cotton roller;
  • arm bend at the elbow joint;
  • the first round of locking front and back of the shoulder, but not the deltoid, to the body;
  • to do another round;
  • further obliquely upward from the front of the torso through the shoulder to the deltoid pieces;
  • to elbow, to clasp him on the back of the shoulder;
  • go to the circle that passes from the elbow of one hand to the other shoulder from the front;
  • from shoulder to make a transition through the cervical vertebrae to the elbow from the front;
  • continuing to go around the back shoulder, to reach the middle shoulder;
  • go to fixing around the body, that is the first round of the bandage;
  • repeat 4 times.
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Бандаж на плечевой сустав эластичный: показания к использованию

Immobilizing retainer used with a strong shoulder injuries

Shoulder immobilizer brace may be needed for fixation of the shoulder girdle with the clavicle fracture. Described bandage Desault to cope with these functions. Sometimes the shoulder bandage used for fixing dressings in the deltoid region of the shoulder. But this is the modern method of fixation, in marching conditions it is possible to replace spicate bandage, made of both conventional and elastic bandage.

Here we consider only bandages that are performed for shoulder and forearm. The elbow joint is also included in this area. Turtle headband two types can be made for this joint. Because the process of blending is very painful, bandages for the elbow is very appropriate to assist the victim.

In this situation, you can optionally use a brace to support the shoulder joint and arm to loosen the tension of the brachial blood vessels, muscles, to relieve the load on the shoulder.

Variety of retaining means

In severe injuries the bandage for the shoulder and forearm is designed for fixation of the shoulder joint, reducing pain. The primary stage is the use of conservative treatment in some types of fractures of the humeral head or the scapula.

The principle of this kind of fixation is quite simple:

  • Elastic tissue has a compressive effect on the local surface of the skin, thereby reducing muscle activity, in other words, bezbolevaya.
  • Decreased mobility of the shoulder joint.
  • All other functions stem from these two.

    For easier fixation of the shoulder joint can be used triangular bandage. This type of bandages is quite common, it can be used to fix the free extremity of the hand in a comfortable position. Its implementation may be necessary if the patient:

    • fracture;
    • injury;
    • dislocation;
    • stretching.
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    Бандаж на плечевой сустав эластичный: показания к использованию

    Triangular fixator is worn over the clothing and fixes a broken arm

    Triangular bandage is worn over the clothes. The materials used for its production, remain at the discretion of the person: this can be a bed sheet, and pillow case. It is undesirable to leave it for a long time, as it provides a greater load on the cervical vertebrae.

    Professional triangular bandage can be purchased at the pharmacy. It can vary in size, which is determined by the length of the forearm. Each piece is accompanied by a size chart. Besides individual manufacturers complement their bandages conveniences such as:

    • compensatory relief of pressure on the cervical vertebrae;
    • a handy zip-lock using sticky tape;
    • fixation of the shoulder without the participation of the cervical vertebrae;
    • if necessary, it is possible to commit to the body;
    • different materials of manufacture.

    Injury in which damaged the shoulder joint, occur in the home often enough. In addition, they can be caused by falling on the street during icy conditions, increased activity of the shoulder joint in the workplace. In such cases, it may be assigned bandage shoulder support. It can be made of different materials. The main elastic part covers all three parts of the shoulder:

    • front;
    • rear;
    • deltoid.

    Бандаж на плечевой сустав эластичный: показания к использованию

    This retainer features rubber lifting to limit motion in the affected hand

    In addition to elasticity, fixed on forearm to help him to support the various belt loops, fastened with sticky tape. In addition, there are special support the shoulder joint and arm straps. Using the bandage for the shoulder and forearm, you can just let your hand relax, take the stress off the shoulder joint. One of variants of such bandages is the model when possible to achieve complete fixation of the shoulder and forearm to the torso. Such bandages include elastic encircling strap.

    Anticipating the large load on the shoulder, for example, long carrying heavy bags can be used as a preventive measure shoulder support brace, locking the elbow not the hand piece.

    A warming means for the shoulder girdle to wear a certain prescribed time, the shoulder brace that looks like a very tight elastic t-shirt, barely covering the chest.

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    Contraindications to the use of elastic retainer

    There are instances when the bandage on the shoulder joint elastic is contraindicated:

    • local diseases of the skin;
    • an intolerance to some components within the structure material;
    • use as a means for performing a hot compress without prescription.

    In addition, not every band on the shoulder joint and the arm can be worn equally long. In this case, there is a scale of gradation of disease complexity. Some bandages prescribed for hospital socks. But it is possible, to avoid the formation of bedsores surfaces and atrophy of the skin, they are recommended sometimes to remove, while keeping the hand at rest or fixing other, less traumatic to the skin layer method.

    And yet in most cases the retaining elastic means are safe and useful. If you do not use them fanatically breaking all the doctor’s advice, any problems the patient or the victim simply does not arise with their use. Some manufacturers bandage production claim that their fabric does not prevent the transmission of air to the skin.

    Using system belt tensioning, locking them according to individual requirements, we can achieve fast positive result of conservative treatment.

    In addition, modern types of fixation with elastic bandages and devices easy to use. If necessary, the victim can wear and remove it yourself.

    The clips can be right and left. When you purchase must consider this fact. Additionally be sure that the bandage is dimensionless, or Vice versa. Usually you can tell from the packaging to the product.