Bandage on the shoulder joint: indications, objectives and rules of use

Бандаж на плечевой сустав: показания, задачи и правила использованияFor various injuries to the shoulder, such as dislocation, fracture of humerus or clavicle if the patient ignores the doctor’s recommendations, there is a risk of more serious diseases. The lack of the necessary systematic treatment provokes arthritis, osteoarthritis, myositis and periarthritis. Bandage on the shoulder joint it is recommended to wear patients with different injuries and injuries to joints, dislocations, sprains muscular, inflammation of the tendon and other lesions of the shoulder region.

Shoulder brace: the main functions and tasks

Problems with the musculoskeletal system can be very diverse and occur for various reasons. They cannot be treated independently. The appearance of discomfort in the joints, pain, loss of mobility, you should immediately contact the doctor to put a correct diagnosis.

Shoulder joint constantly falls down heavy loads due to the mobility of the upper limbs. Often, if there is some problem in the shoulder or even hands in General, doctors are advised to purchase and wear a bandage for the hand. Bandage on the shoulder joint is the most effective and frequently used means of ensuring complete or partial immobilization (immobilization) of the affected limb. It can serve as a mild lock, at the same time stabilizing the shoulder joint and creating some relief for muscular.

Бандаж на плечевой сустав: показания, задачи и правила использования

The complex structure of the shoulder joint of a person with a lot of twists and sprains

Providing support and preventing excessive movement of the joint and the shoulder contact will help to improve the condition and speedy recovery. Limiting the dynamics of the muscles, the locking pin reduces static and tangles. That is why even their partial damage must be accompanied by the wearing of a brace. If injured area is securely fixed, the disappearance of pain will be noted much earlier. Note that the bandage on the shoulder joint is valuable precisely because it can provide the immobilization not only of one shoulder or the injury, but also the entire hand. Sometimes you need to immobilize even the thoracic spine.

The doctor may recommend to buy a striker also in order to prevent or to relieve the unpleasant symptoms. If the patient is diagnosed with arthritis, arthrosis or arthritis, the brace helps you to keep your hand, relieving the shoulder and elbow joints, allowing her to take the most advantageous position. In addition, the disease will not progress.

Thus, to provide the necessary immobility of the injured extremity is the basic function performed by shoulder brace. All conditions are created in order to normal motor activity was restored properly. A dance belt will help.

Any bandage for the shoulder joint has a compression effect, thermal effect and gives a feeling of massage.

Indications for use

Бандаж на плечевой сустав: показания, задачи и правила использования

Triangular retainer of an elastic material protects the injured arm from any sudden movements

In addition to the reasons already mentioned, it is worth noting also the widespread use of bandages athletes. To various joint injuries is inevitable in almost any sport, unfortunately. Athletes are saved it is the fact that immobilize the affected limb.

Often the clamp can also be used as a prophylactic. So the joints are protected against overvoltage. This will significantly reduce the risk of injury to a muscle or sprain.

So, it is necessary to summarize when you need to wear a retaining brace:

  • as rehabilitation following any injuries, sprains, dislocations and subluxations, fractures;
  • to support the hand if there are acute or chronic diseases of the joints of the upper limbs including inflammatory disorders (arthrosis of the shoulder joint, arthritis, shoulder periarthritis, shoulder osteoarthritis, myositis);
  • when the diagnosis of paresis or paralysis of the hands;
  • as rehabilitation after surgery, implantation of the prostheses;
  • if there is a problem of hypermobility of the shoulder joint;
  • for the reconstruction of torn muscles of the upper limb;
  • if the function of the shoulder joint was violated various neurological diseases;
  • as a preventive tool for eliminating pain.

The shoulder support can be used independently, and can be combined with other variations of braces. They will perform the function of immobilization of the joints of the upper limb. May also be worn with traditional plaster cast.

Important nuances, rules, and contraindications

Бандаж на плечевой сустав: показания, задачи и правила использования

Triangular orthosis with adjustable stretch provides a different level of fixation of the injured shoulder

The locking mechanism be used properly in order not to harm yourself and your health. Remember, if you apply VapoRub or cream, then immediately put a bandage on your shoulder is impossible. Carefully read the instructions to the product, check whether you are allergic to any material. Contraindications can still be attributed to the presence in a patient of a local dermatitis.

Selection of the correct brace shoulder may exercise only the doctor. It determines the causes of your pain, discomfort and makes a diagnosis. Most likely, you will be directed to an x-ray to make sure that is not allowed no error. Therefore, before you purchase the locking device, consult with a specialist.

Please note that wear of the shoulder support lock can only be strictly so, as you appointed a doctor. According to the rules of use need to wear not clothing and on bare skin. Fixation is accomplished (mostly) through the fasten around the torso with Velcro. To regulate or change the level of support in any case impossible. Such recommendations should be given only to the attending physician.

In case of emergency situations when you have to put the lock yourself, be sure to check it out. There should not be any damage. After all, if the violation of the support elements, wearing such a brace can cause joint is incorrectly recorded. Be careful not to pinch the nerve or not to break the flow. In any case, then everything must be checked by a doctor.

Almost all types of fabric bandages (including triangular) can be worn around the clock without having to remove even the sleep period (if there is such a need and a doctor’s prescription). They are practical, soft and comfortable. You can wash them by hand. For this you need to use cool water. Ironing service, dry cleaning, any bleaching agents is excluded. Fasten before washing, all the zipper. Do not remove and do not squeeze the cloth very hard, otherwise you risk to break the supports. Hard tires can also be used for continuous wear.

Taking care of orthopedic products, it should be remembered that, in addition to washing mitigating linings, we still have to wipe metal frame.

What are the different types of tires

It is necessary to understand what is the difference between bandage and orthosis. Shoulder brace will tightly encircle the torso, fix the joint, will help to ensure that the load will be distributed evenly and correctly. However, for its production using tight, but soft knit fabric. The brace is a latch, which includes in its design a metal or plastic element, not just fabric. Therefore, they can be used to immobilize a limb. Moreover, they are able to be fixed at a certain angle, which is also important. Although today there are many bands in which are inset metal spokes to provide the best fit.

Triangular bandage — this is the locking of the arm supporting the limb with relatively minor damage. This can include sprains, dislocations, bruises, minor injuries and simple fractures. If you need to preserve the mobility of the hinge joint which has been damaged in one way or another, and the load exerted on it must be reduced, then you should purchase a triangular retainer. At the same time control straps will help you achieve the most comfortable physiological position of your shoulder.

Because of problems with the joints of the upper extremities there are a lot have been developed and different types of devices for their fixing. The choice of what to buy bandage. It will depend on what goal you want to achieve with wearing, where you are going to apply.

Бандаж на плечевой сустав: показания, задачи и правила использования

The orthosis ensures complete immobility of the shoulder

Orthosis — a device for rigid fixation

The orthosis is what you will need in severe injuries that require rigid fixation. Such a rigid bandage on the shoulder joint, equipped with a metal frame, controls the angle and amount of motion, may appoint to carry only a doctor. Any other recommendations are also only a specialist (duration of use, other rules).

Indications in order to buy and use a rigid orthosis may be:

  • injury to the ligaments;
  • the fracture of a radial bone;
  • shoulder dislocation or wrist;
  • fracture of the shoulder;
  • damage to the clavicle.

Professional athletes also often forced to resort to using orthoses. However, they are recommended to wear elastic fixing means. This helps to avoid injuries and stretch marks, reduces undue stress on the ligaments and muscles. Special elastic materials such fixation devices may also warm the joint or to provide him a massage effect. People with arthritis, myositis and osteoarthritis can also recommend to buy elastic orthosis.

A very high level of fixing has the immobilizer brace — shoulder support clamp which will help to stabilize the injured limb with the housing (also known as bandage Dezo). It is used continuously during the period of rehabilitation after surgeries, fractures and other injuries. That’s why it is very important that the brace for the arms were made of hypoallergenic natural materials. This allows you to make the period of wearing the retainer as comfortable as possible.

Before you buy orthopedic product, be sure to study the composition of materials of the brace.

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