Bandage «orlett»: indications for use and main functions

Бандаж "Орлетт": показания к использованию и основные функцииSometimes in life it happens that due to injury or illness have to use different orthopedic devices. This is especially true in the period of rehabilitation and in the presence of certain medical testimony. For this kind of products includes a variety of corsets, splints, bandages and other orthopedic devices, which unite the common concept of «support» (from Greek – «straight»).

Orthotic devices are widely available on the market. A clear leader among the manufacturers of German firm Rehard Technologies GmbH, which is owner of the trademark Orlett. The products of this manufacturer, including a brace orlett, widely known, consumer reviews about them are mostly positive.

Classification orthoses

Depending on its characteristics and sphere of use of orthopaedic devices are divided into the following categories.


  • for prevention;
  • for treatment;
  • for rehabilitation.

Depending on the attachment:

  • orthopedic devices for the spine (lumbosacral; thoracolumbar, thoracic, and cervical parts);
  • on the upper or lower limbs (joints of arms, hands, legs, feet);
  • medical bandages (breast, abdominal wall, pregnancy).

The degree of fixation:

  • easy (down 1/3 physiological mobility);
  • medium (reduction of the mobility of 1/2);
  • a strong (reduced to 2/3);
  • full (lack of mobility).

Бандаж "Орлетт": показания к использованию и основные функцииBased on the characteristics of the device:

  • inelastic (soft, made of malorastvorimyh materials);
  • hard (fixed primarily on bone structure);
  • hinge (orthoses on rigid or flexible basis, with a dosage effect on the joints and periarticular areas);
  • elastic (affecting cartilaginous and fibrous structures of the muscles);
  • elastic (connective tissue and epidermis).

Depending on the medical effect:

  • medical (during pregnancy and as a replacement dressings);
  • step-functional (phased restoration of the joint);
  • stabilizing (fixing and making the correct positions);
  • functional (retain full mobility and the structure of the joint);
  • dynamic (restoration, preventive effect).

The decision on whether to use one or the other orthopedic products should be taken by a doctor. He will probably recommend one of the orthoses trademarks Orlett, they are distinguished by their quality and reliability.

Orthopedic products to the spine

This category includes three types of products. Orthoses for the cervical can be used in the treatment of both adults and children. Hyperextension, tight fit, posture correctors and declinatory designed for thoracolumbar division. On the lumbosacral impose semi-rigid and rigid orthoses with variable degree of fixation, lightweight and reinforced. Some species can have a massage pillow. One of the most popular products of the company «orlett» orthopedic corset Silver Line.

Бандаж "Орлетт": показания к использованию и основные функции

Orthopedic corset for sore lower back

Corset orthopedic Lumbo Set Silver Line DLSS-4000 (F) consists of the waist, front panels, belts, fixing the bridge frame, and a set of edges (rigid and flexible). This device is used for sciatica, lumbago, spondylosis and spondylosis, degenerative disc disease and osteoporosis and for rehabilitation after hernia repair and treatment of uncomplicated fractures of the lower back, and also with intervertebral hernias if they are causing pain.

«Orlett» orthopedic corset, designed to perform several important functions.Бандаж "Орлетт": показания к использованию и основные функции

  • Remove the load and stabilize the spine.
  • To give the opportunity to gradually increase the load on the spinal muscles, reducing the fixation of the waist.
  • To immobilize fully lumbar and compensate for the lost shock-absorbing quality to the spinal column in the case of hard edges and frames.
  • «Orlett» orthopedic corset with rigid edges without a frame reduces the mobility in the lumbar spine and stabilize the lower back. Orthosis without stiffeners prevents sudden movements, keeping the muscle activity of the lumbar spine. Medical «orlett» orthopedic corset is made from a special knit material and elastic, which provides enhanced air and moisture permeability. Hard edges before putting on the brace is modeled by the attending physician, the flexible ribs don’t need it.

    To wear any corset you need lying on your back. Before using the brace ribs should be placed in his inside pockets. When using such a device as «orlett» orthopedic corset with bridge frame, straps with Velcro closure attach the frame to the belt brace exactly in the center. Now fasten the front panels of the corset, symmetrically tightened the straps of the frame, which should be located along the spine. Mode and timing of wearing a corset is determined by the physician.

    Braces for the lower extremities

    This product can be used for fixation of the hip joint. There are children’s and adult orthoses of this type. Orthopedic appliances, «orlett» for the knee joint are subdivided into postoperative, C-tire, rigid, with hinges, stiffeners, braces and splints, which provide complete fixation. Braces series Silver Line, COOLMAX for ankle and foot can be adjustable, with gel cushions, with lace, with retaining straps, ribs.

    Бандаж "Орлетт": показания к использованию и основные функции

    To determine the size of corset, measure the diameter of your waist and hips

    Such orthoses as would take on some of the functions of the joints that are damaged or susceptible to the disease, therefore, such adaptation can be called «joint orlett». Bright representative of this type of product is orlett orthosis on the knee joint KS-601. Splint «orlett» model KS-601 consists of an inextensible cuff, metallic tires and belts with snap fasteners-Velcro. This device is used for immobilization of the joint of the lower limb before and after surgery and also during transportation, the instability of the flow and deformation of knee injuries. The primary function of the splint is the complete immobilization of the joints.

    To wear the splint, loosen the straps and cuffs, adjust the tires (if necessary), place the limb in the orthosis, fasten her cuffs to the neckline fit was located in the region of the patella, secure the orthosis on the knee straps, starting from the bottom.

    The types of cuts «orlett»

    Bandages «orlett» are divided into the following categories:

    • for chest;
    • on the peritoneum;
    • at the hip joint;
    • abdominal surgical;
    • hernia;
    • jockstrap-a jockstrap;
    • umbilical;
    • for wearing during pregnancy and after child birth.

    In this category of braces is quite popular product bandage «orlett» MS-96 maternity. Orlett MS 96 consists of a belt with a Velcro closure and puffs with clasps. Indications for use: support abdominal wall and abdominal muscles in the second and third trimesters, prevention of complications during pregnancy, increased tone of the uterus, distension of her muscles, the appearance of stretch marks, postpartum recovery period. This kind of orthopedic appliances can be worn by people with a big belly, as well as patients with irreducible hernia.

    Indications for use: support abdominal wall and abdominal muscles in the second and third trimesters, prevention of complications during pregnancy, reducing the load of the lumbar, warning of the increased tone of the uterus, distension of her muscles, the appearance of stretch marks, postpartum recovery period, for people with a big belly, and also irreducible hernia.

    The main functions of orthosis: support of the abdominal muscles, pelvic organs and peritoneum, fetus in normal position, reducing pressure on lower back. The bandage should be put on in the morning, lying in bed. Belt items should be placed under the abdomen, in the pubic region, to fasten by means of a fastener and secure the bandage with tape. Mode and terms of carrying orlett ms 96 determined by the attending physician.

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