Bath gout: guidelines and rules visit

Баня при подагре: рекомендации и правила посещения

About the healing properties of the baths has long been known. When visiting the sauna, has a great opportunity to clean your body. With the help of hot steam the stimulation of the leather work. Through the open pores the body is cleared of toxins. Bath is very useful for the respiratory system, th is it helps prevent cardiovascular disease.

Bath in gout is recommended as a preventive measure. Under the influence of hot steam ducts dilate blood, whereby a rapid and intense circulation of blood. Thus, the oxygen reaches all the cells present in the human body, delivering to them nutrients. In the bath under the influence of humid air and hot steam together with then the body produces excessive lactic acid. The excess of this substance can cause human fatigue.

Many women go to bathe in the bath in order to lose weight. As you know, the sauna can get rid of 1 to 3 kg at a time. For those who have time on active sport is not enough, a bath will help to warm up all the muscles. In addition, periodic use of the sauna has a positive effect on the Central nervous system. To relieve nervous tension can help hot steam along with a cold shower for maximum effect is to use a birch broom.

Periodically visit bath is recommended for people suffering from the following diseases of the joints:

  • osteoarthritis;
  • bursitis;
  • arthritis;
  • arthritis;
  • gout.

What is the use of baths for gout

Баня при подагре: рекомендации и правила посещения

Therapeutic massage with a broom removes toxins and excess fluid from the body

As a rule, to gout causes impaired metabolism in the human body. Deposited in the joints of uric acid salts, which subsequently lead to their destruction. Gout can affect almost any joint, but in most cases, the disease brings suffering to the hands and feet. The gradual joint destruction is accompanied by severe pains. The most common cause of gout becomes diseased kidneys, which can not handle the withdrawal from the body of uric acid.

Characteristic signs of gout are growths on the affected joints (often, the disease affects the joints of both big toes). To relieve the aggravation you can spend to use herbs as well as the impact sports. Bath is one of the most effective treatments for gout. The fact that all of the above properties of the hot steam have a beneficial effect on the affected joints. It should be noted that alcohol and Smoking gout can aggravate the situation.

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Often the disease is characterized as chronic. Gout treatment in such cases can only take the edge off, but after some time, the disease will again manifest themselves. For best result go to the bath is recommended daily, especially if we are talking about the chronic form of gout. It is very important that the sauna was filled with hot steam resistant and, with it, working the affected joints are gradually returning to normal.

Gout treatment bath will help get rid of the unbearable crushing pain. When visiting the sauna, you should follow certain recommendations, you will strengthen obtained from the procedure effect. You should know that taking alcohol before and during sauna use is contraindicated.

Gout treatment is carried out by removal from the body of uric acid that goes along with the sweat. Enhance sweating in various ways. For example, in between visits to the steam room to smear the body with honey mixed with salt.

Gout treatment can be carried out using lotions, which are used medicinal herbs. Good effect allows to use a broom and a massage. For people suffering from some other diseases, the sauna can be dangerous. So before you apply this method of treatment of gout should consult a doctor.

Recommendations for visiting the steam room

Баня при подагре: рекомендации и правила посещения

If a strong exacerbation of gout the baths are contraindicated. It is better to go to the sauna, when pain in the affected joints do not exist. The procedure should be taken seriously. Eliminate from your diet pickles and smoked products, as well as everything that has a high content of protein. Will have to abandon the butter bread.

Before you go to sauna, take care of preparing special concoctions for the stove. You can use herbs. When evaporation saturates the body with valuable nutrients that are after this procedure, gout will not have to remind myself severe pain. To make one of the concoctions you will need cowberry leaves (1 tbsp) that should pour a glass of water. To prepare the broth should be on a water bath for 20 minutes After simmering in the infusion you can add water (1 l).

Gout during a visit to the steam room is very important to observe certain precautions. First and foremost, we should not forget about the headdress. Overeating before going to the bath is also not recommended.

As is known, the optimum residence time in the steam room in 5 minutes. The man who is tormented by the gout, should avoid hypothermia, so pour cold water is not recommended. Keep in mind that contrasting procedure should be done in moderation.

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Broom and herbs will help fight the disease

If you suffer from gout, a simple steam will not have the expected therapeutic effect. Its impact will be limited unless the heating of the body. To gout not tormented you severe pain, you can apply special gels. Excellent preventive effect can have a therapeutic herb. In addition, good help and other methods of folk medicine.

Баня при подагре: рекомендации и правила посещения

Before steam, it is possible to prepare a mixture, which includes butter and alcohol (vodka). The oil is brought to the boil in a water bath, the resulting foam is removed. Next, add the same amount of alcohol and carefully mix everything. Once there, the burn of the alcohol, the composition is ready for use. The resulting tool RUB into the affected joint.

A significant effect can be achieved with a broom. His choice should be taken very seriously as different brooms intended for the treatment of various diseases. Some help to cure colds, others are used for preventive effects on sore joints. Gout is to use nettle, birch and eucalyptus brooms.

Birch and eucalyptus broom you can get a good therapeutic effect. People suffering from gout are advised to apply and nettle brooms. This plant has pungent properties, so before use a broom make sure it was correctly saparin and ready to use.

After a treatment the affected joint is recommended to RUB the tincture, made on the basis of inflorescences of lilac. You can cook it yourself, for this you will need 0.5 liters of alcohol and referred to the inflorescence. The medication should be infused about three weeks.

You can apply gentle massage to the affected joints, it is recommended to use special ointments. By completing this procedure, the affected joint must dry heat, so wrap it with a warm scarf or towel.

What if the bath is contraindicated

High blood pressure and people who have problems with the cardiovascular or nervous systems, steam is contraindicated. In this case you will have to use other methods of treatment of gout.

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To achieve good result could help the sport. Even the most intensive drug treatment combined with a visit to the baths will not bring significant results, if the person is a passive way of life. Diseases of the joints, doctors often prescribe specific courses of gymnastics.

Traditional medicine is rich in diversity of methods, which often provide a good therapeutic effect. For example, the conclusion from the body of uric acid contribute to the fresh carrot and cucumber juices. Their use is recommended on an empty stomach three times a day one glass. In addition, to reduce the level of uric acid you can use apples.

Баня при подагре: рекомендации и правила посещения

Physical therapy heals

A good result can give herbal tea made of yarrow, peppermint and rose hips. It should again be noted that people with gout drink alcohol at least in small doses, provoke the development and exacerbation of the disease. The fact that alcohol retards uric acid in the body.

Many people do not attach importance to the soda treatment, thus this method is not only the most simple and accessible, but also very effective. Treatment of joints with baking soda has got many positive reviews. Soda can dissolve harmful deposits in the joints and to maintain a normal acid-alkaline balance.

If you are interested in the soda treatment, it is recommended to take it 30 minutes before a meal, 1.5 tsp with a glass of water, which must be warm. In addition, to be treated can be pre-dissolved in water soda. Do not forget that, using cold water can harm your stomach.

Today the soda treatment is widespread. There are many different recipes for preparation of medicines based on this product.