Bee subpestilence: properties, use for joints recipes tinctures and ointments

Treatment of joints bee subpestilence: a collection of recipes and tips

Joint pain makes us constantly look for a way through which you can get rid of unpleasant discomfort. In this regard, for the treatment and prevention of joint diseases are actively applied not only to various drugs for oral administration and products for topical use, but all kinds of traditional medicines.

One of the most effective and useful for the joints of the substances is bee subpestilence mass consisting of the bodies natural way of bees.

Medicinal properties

Dead bees, also called scree, is the material that remains after the death of the bees. Melliferous insects don’t live too long, and their bodies collected in the apiaries throughout the year. The greatest number of dead bees accumulate in the spring.

For the preparation of this medicinal product should be use only fresh remains of bees. Them, pre-clearing of wax and impurities, sieved, then dried at a temperature of about 40-50 degrees (this can be done by using oven). Next, the body of the insect is crushed. The resulting mass is stored in cloth bags, by placing them either in the freezer or in a dry and ventilated room.

The use of dead bees due to the fact that the body of melliferous insects contain rare nutrients. They allow you to apply the product in the treatment of various diseases.

In the scree bees are all useful components contained in the bodies of insects. This:

  • chitosan has the properties to stop the bleeding, fighting to suppress feelings, to heal damaged skin, because of this element also decreases the level of cholesterol in the blood;
  • the melanin that protects the skin from aggressive action of ultraviolet rays, and has antibacterial effect;
  • heparin, which helps strengthen blood vessel walls;
  • bee venom – apitoxin containing necessary for the proper functioning of the body trace elements and amino acids;
  • bee fat — it contains a large amount of valuable polyunsaturated fatty acids.

A sample used in a variety of pathologies and deviations, as this product:

  • promotes elimination of excess subcutaneous fat;
  • has an antioxidant effect;
  • strengthens the immune system;
  • actively fighting against bacterial and infectious organisms;
  • toxins and waste products;
  • eliminates inflammation;
  • is an effective means to prevent the development of tumors.
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An important property of dead bees – the ability to treat painful joints, on the basis of this product is prepared compresses and means for rubbing the affected areas.

Remains of insects have an effective therapeutic effect in diseases such as rheumatism, arthritis of different Genesis, polyarthrosis. The performance and effectiveness of the recipes based on dead bees associated with the properties of raw materials to reduce the severity of inflammation and to eliminate pain, improve mobility. Some folk healers claim that with the help of dead bees you can even restore cartilage.

Treatment of joints bee Podmore effective because it:

  • eliminates inflammation, which is especially important in infectious arthritis;
  • struggling with osteoarthritis which reduces joint mobility and painful sensations appear, with debris insects joint function is fully restored;
  • promotes tissue repair of cartilage, so, thanks contained in the sample chitosan, is filling gaps in damaged areas of tissue;
  • quickly and effectively treats bruises, heparin prevents the development of inflammation and accumulation of leukocytes in damaged joints;
  • treats osteoporosis, which is a violation of bone structures, which in turn increases the risk of fractures; the sample cavities in the bones are filled, which significantly strengthens them;
  • eliminates purulent accumulations in periarticular spaces appearing after injuries.

Also bee products are recommended for:

  • worm infestations;
  • unstable blood pressure;
  • diabetes;
  • diseases of the genitourinary system;
  • chronic diseases of ENT-organs;
  • the decline in potency and libido;
  • varicose veins;
  • myopia;
  • mastitis;
  • mastitis;
  • prostate adenoma;
  • pain in the muscles;
  • epilepsy;
  • the lack of energy and fatigue;
  • excess weight.

To use the product it is not always possible. There are contraindications, which include:

  • children’s age (up to 3 years);
  • pregnancy;
  • the period of breastfeeding;
  • individual intolerance of products of beekeeping;
  • any disease, which in the acute stage of the development;
  • the presence of cancer.
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Recipes based on the sample

On the basis of bee subpestilence, it is possible to prepare various medicines that will improve the sore joints:

  1. Homemade cream for rubbing. You need to take a tablespoon of the dry sample, and a teaspoon of propolis and wax, 200 ml olive or vegetable oil.

    These components of the mix, a container of ground to put in a water bath and boil for an hour. At the end the mixture should acquire the consistency of thick cream. The mass is gently rubbed into the skin of patients sites 2 times a day.

  2. Medical ointment from bee subpestilence . For its preparation take a glass of melted animal fat – pork, goose, badger. 2 tablespoons of dead bees add to the fat. The resulting mass is placed in a water bath and cook for 2 hours. Application method is same as in the previous recipe.
  3. Tincture for ingestion. To prepare a healing liquid, you need to take a tablespoon of peeled bodies of dead bees. The sample should be thoroughly cleaned. The mixture is poured into a glass container, pour a glass of vodka, close tightly and leave in a dark, cool place for 20 days. Every 5 days the liquid should be gently stirred. Before applying the tincture several times strain. In half a glass of water to throw 35-40 drops of the resulting fluid. Drink the infusion 2 times a day on an empty stomach.
  4. Another option ointment for rubbing of the joints. We need to take a powder sample and heated vegetable oil in equal proportions. The resulting mass should be rubbed into the affected joints. Keep ready the ointment should be refrigerated and before using heat.

To purchase a sample you need in tested apiaries: only a quality product will help get rid of joint pain.

Basic rules of use

Using bee scree as a therapeutic agent, it is necessary to remember the following:

  • the product is prepared only on the basis of those bees that died a natural death;
  • highest quality material – one that was assembled in the summer-autumn period;
  • if the product has an unpleasant odor or musty, use it is strictly prohibited;
  • the shelf life of dead bees in dry or frozen form – 12 months, if this period is over, and the material was not used until the end, it must be disposed of;
  • if prepared on the basis of sample ointments and creams must be stored in the refrigerator, before using, slightly warm it, it should be done only with the help of a water bath, and the temperature should not exceed 45 degrees at higher rates by all means lose all the nutrients and turns into poison.

Before you use any popular method, is to consult with a specialist. In the predisposition to allergic reactions should not use recipes, which includes dead bees, as the treatment – consequences can be unpredictable, and even death.

Bee subpestilence is a unique natural product, which can be used to treat various diseases, strengthen the immune system, to accelerate the process of wound healing on the skin. Scree melliferous insects must be of high quality, without stains, odor, mold. Applying the product should always be mindful of contraindications.