Belt-corset made out of dog fur, its properties and applications

Пояс-корсет из собачьей шерсти, его свойства и применениеHealing belt-corset made out of dog fur is used in the treatment of many diseases. Since ancient times, people used a woolen blanket dog knitting socks, gloves, belts, knee pads. This is a great protection to the spine in the lower back from draughts, cold winds, keeping the body from problems with joints and muscles. Healing warmth of the dog’s hair stimulates the blood flow to the problem areas of the back and other body parts, has a micromassage effect.

The peoples of the North was covered with hair of the dog baby cradle, noticing that toddlers with sleep warm and dry, and that it is completely harmless. Fishermen and hunters, truckers and travelers wear belts of camel hair, top cover or fluff dogs and sheep. The right pattern will help those wishing to make a wool bandage his hands.

Healing properties of dog’s fur

Пояс-корсет из собачьей шерсти, его свойства и применениеThe healing properties of wool of different animals have been used by humans for prevention and treatment of many diseases. Today, medical corsets are made not only from dogs but also from camel and sheep. But among the wool of various animals most valued by the therapeutic qualities of the dog.

Dogs can withstand the cold, even sleeping in the snow, and their hair is not only a superb conductor of heat, but also capable of long-term to maintain its temperature level. For the manufacture of products from the dog wool is taken as combed from the dogs down and cut her hair.

Wool or down dog:

  • perfectly keeps warm;
  • anti-inflammatory effect, so the dog’s belt for the back is used for colds, flu, acute respiratory infections;
  • strengthens overall immunity of the body, protects against various allergens.
  • helps to relieve swelling;
  • it has tonic and analgesic properties: to ensure their active substances contained in natural fat layer of the animal;
  • accelerates the regenerative processes in the body;
  • does not conduct electric discharges;
  • effect on human skin as a massage medium due to the rigidity of pricking the hairs.
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Dog’s hair is unique in that it is hollow inside. Due to this, it perfectly retains heat. In addition, hairs of the dog is hygroscopic. They perfectly absorb moisture, becoming wet at the same time.

Wool dogs two times lighter camel or sheep wool, so the products made from it weigh very little. Besides, the dog’s bandage is much more useful than not breathable leather corset.

When you wear a belt made of wool dogs

Warming belt corset dog hair is indicated for use in:

  • sciatica;
  • prostatitis;
  • rheumatism;
  • colds;
  • neuritis;
  • viral infections;
  • pneumonia;
  • bronchitis;
  • osteochondrosis;
  • kidney stones;
  • diseases of urinary system and genital organs in men and women;
  • entrapment of the nerve branches;
  • intervertebral hernias;
  • inflammation of the spine and okolomatocnah zone;
  • pain in the joints;
  • the back injuries.

Пояс-корсет из собачьей шерсти, его свойства и применениеFor spine dog bandage is useful in that it removes tension and muscle spasm, stimulates venous blood flow. Dog corset is a warm back support and a reliable fixation of the lumbar. No leather belt would effectively protect the lower back. Tight leather bondage cannot substitute mustard or heat compresses, and the belt from the animal’s coat easy does it.

In addition, a dog zone for the spine is recommended to wear for people whose work takes place in conditions of constant draughts and hypothermia. Get it to protect the backs of the athletes. A tingling effect dog’s hair does not stagnate the blood in the pelvic organs. Therefore, the brace of camel or dog wool useful to those who are associated with sedentary work and a sedentary lifestyle.

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A belt for the back of the dog’s coat is best worn directly on the naked body. Then its healing effect is much higher.

However, it is possible to fix the bandage and over the clothes. The warming effect of a dog brace for the spine is used for weight loss.

In combination with active movement attached to the back belt helps to eliminate from the body with the sweat discharge toxins. He ill-wishes the body fat in the waist area and abdomen.

How to make a bandage from the dog wool

Today you can buy ready-made dog belt for the spine of different species. Some prefer to make their own wool for the back corset. It’s not much harder than sewing leather jockstrap. There are several ways on how to make a belt made of sheep, camel or dog wool.

Пояс-корсет из собачьей шерсти, его свойства и применениеBelt for the spine can be linked to felting or sewing. Knitting brace will need the dog’s fur and pattern size. Then you need to prepare needles, water, soap solution, a little wrap and wool yarns. Dog hair must first spin.

When knitting reverse and face loops are arranged so that they go across the entire width of the product in a checkerboard pattern. Pre-made pattern will help to observe the correct proportions of the product. Build the pattern based on measured waist circumference.

When done the pattern, you need to lay in a few additional inches for the clasp. And in the process of knitting with the purl loops, which will snap buttons or hooks. After the knitted cloth prepared, with his other hand sewn hooks or buttons as you like.

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Wool a brace for the spine can be matted one of the many existing methods. In this case, you will also need a pattern to stick to the shape and size of the product.

To sew a bandage of dog hair, you must have the basic skill of sewing and understanding how the pattern of the product. To the front of the corset in use any solid matter. It is better to take for this denim or suiting. Suit and woolen material. The wrong side of the belt would be correct to make a soft thin flannel or calico, because it will fit directly to the body.

On the smooth surface of the table puts the pattern of a corset on it, and cut two rectangles from thick and thin fabric. This should take into account an additional two to three inches on the clasp. Between fabric rectangles evenly placed the coat of the animal. The product is held together with pins. Machine stitching is laid at the edges of the corset.

Sewn binding cloth should be protegat squares or diamonds, sew on Velcro and use good health. The expiration date of such corsets is unlimited.