Bhoothnath arthrosis of the joints of the spine: treatment and symptoms

Bhoothnath arthrosis of the joints of the spine and especially its treatment

Bootroot (facet) joints play an important role in the functioning of the spinal system of the body.

The presence of the facet joints leads to the possibility of different movements. Due to this, the spine is flexible and movable structure.

Facet arthropathy – a disease that occurs in permanent form in patients of older age (after 45 – 50 years).

Most often osteoarthritis of bootastic joints manifested by pain in the neck or the lumbar spine, rarely the chest.

Causes and risk factors

The main reason for the development of this disease is excessive strain on the neck and other parts of the spine.

But spondiloartroz also able to develop along with other diseases of the spine (scoliosis, lordosis, etc.).

Risk factors:

  • the patient’s age (about 50 – 60 years);
  • high physical load on the joints;
  • a long human presence in the sitting or standing;
  • metabolic disorders and endocrine diseases;
  • malnutrition (a consequence – the degeneration of the cartilage).

The clinical picture

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One of the main symptoms of osteoarthritis of the facet joints is the occurrence of pain in the cervical, thoracic or lumbar spine.

Also, the patient should be alerted to the presence of discomfort and pressure in the spine.

Can manifest as difficulty twisting and leaning of the head.

Diagnostic methods

To diagnose the presence of facet pain syndrome in the patient, the doctor may have the first treatment in the hospital.

The diagnosis is easily confirmed by radiographic examination, but to confirm the diagnosis of an experienced doctor may order CT or MRI.

Aims and methods of traditional therapy

Treatment of osteoarthritis bootastic joints of the spine must be held under the supervision of a qualified professional.

Only a doctor can make an accurate diagnosis, determine the stage of disease, prescribe treatment, which would completely fit the patient and will take into account the individual characteristics of his body.

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Aggregate methods of struggle will help to eliminate pain and improve movement in the fastest possible time.

The condition of the first — adherence

You must stay in bed for 1 – 3 days after the worsening of the disease. This method will allow you to relax tense muscles.

Due to this increase the blood flow to the affected section of the spine, while the power cells back to normal.

Over time, the pain will disappear, and the patient is again able to move.

But even in the case of improving the state should not lift heavy objects, so you can re-start the process of aggravation of the facet arthrosis.


Pharmacological blockade of pain occurs with the use of drugs, such as hormones, chondroprotectors and corticosteroids.

These drugs the doctors administered with caution in the spine that are experiencing the maximum level of pain.

Also the appropriate use of various types of injections, tablets, ointments, gels and creams.

The main purpose of the use of drugs reduce inflammation to a minimum, start the recovery process of cartilage and relieving the symptoms of the disease in humans.

To determine the dosage of the drug and duration of treatment is advised to consult a qualified physician.

Intravenous (injection) contribute to the qualitative improvement of the process of metabolism (metabolism), provide good circulation in the nerve cells, and suspend the possible negative reaction of the organism to various drugs in the treatment process.

The use of vitamin complexes

In the daily diet of a patient suffering from the disease must be present vitamin complexes.

Vitamins fight disease by indirect, that is, a positive effect on the recovery process of the joints and structure of cartilage.

B vitamins are the main helpers in the fight against disease. To achieve a good and quick result, this group of vitamins should be consumed in the complex.

Methods of physiotherapy

These methods are widely used for the treatment and rehabilitation of patients with facet arthrosis are the most secure.

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One of the methods of physiotherapy and therapeutic physical culture. Exercise is necessary for strengthening of the muscular frame in the region of the facet joints, and to strengthen them in the blood microcirculation.

In the treatment of the disease match the different types of massage.

With osteoarthritis massage is useful in that it is heated and improves blood circulation in joints, occurs the removal of pain in the affected areas muscles.


By such methods as acupuncture patients were treated in order to eliminate spasms in the muscles around the affected joints and to activate the recovery processes.

A feature of this method is that by acting only on 1 point, you can effectively affect the functions of some organs.

But, like all methods, acupuncture has some contraindications.

In order to use acupuncture need to consult with an experienced technician!

Leeches guarding the health of the joints

In the treatment of osteoarthritis of the facet joints you can use the method of hirudotherapy, ie treatment with leeches.

In order to understand whether it is effective this type of treatment is tailored to the individual characteristics of the organism that must spend at least 1 session of hirudotherapy.

If after attending the first session being of the patient improved, it makes sense to take the full course of treatment.

Leech therapy should not be used if the patient:

  • anemia;
  • hypotension;
  • pregnancy;
  • poor blood clotting;
  • and poor health and weakening of the body.

Hirudotherapy has a complex effect on the body and the affected tissue.

Recipes of traditional medicine

Facet arthropathy in all parts of the spine is quite easy to treat folk remedies.

Used compresses, tinctures, belt with anti-inflammatory effect:

  1. Tincture of eucalyptus leaves. Slice finely 100g. eucalyptus and pour 500 ml of vodka. Mix thoroughly and put in a dark place 5 to 7 days. Once the tincture is ready, RUB the sore spot with gentle circular motions before going to bed.
  2. Ointment of mustard seeds. To make this ointment take 100 gr. of mustard powder and 200 gr. any salt. I should add a little kerosene to facilitate the mixing process. The resulting ointment to RUB the affected area before bedtime.
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These funds can provide a warming and anti-inflammatory effects, reduce pain, and to stop the disease.

The health of your joints in your hands and feet

Exercise will help to keep the joints in healthy condition. The best way to fit Jogging or swimming.

The result of exercise is to increase blood circulation around the articular cartilage that leads to preserving and improving the health of the joint as a whole. Therefore, athletic training assistant at the prevention of disease.

Being overweight is one of the main enemies of the joints.

To prevent osteoarthritis of the facet joints it is necessary to carefully monitor the body mass index. Obesity significantly increases the load on the joints, which sooner or later will lead to the development of the disease.

Therefore, the patient should think about weight loss that negatively affects the health of all body systems.

Secure the movement and elimination of injuries is also one of the important factors.

Too frequent and exorbitant physical activity can cause microtrauma of the joints, tears and torn ligaments. As a result, muscular frame is weakened and the joint becomes loose.

Given all these facts, it should be noted that the facet pain syndrome – a serious disease that must be subjected to careful treatment.

To postpone the visit to the doctor is not necessary, as bhootnath osteoarthritis of joints can easily become chronic with constant pain manifestations.