Bilateral and unilateral sacroiliitis: causes, symptoms, treatment

The symptoms and treatment of various forms of sacroiliitis

Inflammation of the sacroiliac joint is called sacroiliitis.

The person feels pain in the lower back. The disease may be an independent or a symptom of some other diseases.

This joint is inactive. Sacrum – the penultimate section of the spine below the coccyx. At birth, the sacral vertebrae are located separately from each other, they grow together after 18 years. Form a single bone.

It is a congenital anomaly called spina bifida is when the fusion is incomplete.

There are several forms of sacroiliitis, they depend on the cause, the nature of the process, its prevalence, symptoms and over.

Most often caused by the process?

Causes and risk factors:

  • trauma;
  • prolonged stress on the joint (pregnancy, carrying heavy loads, sedentary work);
  • birth defects;
  • tumor;
  • metabolic;
  • infection;
  • a number of autoimmune diseases.

The stage of the disease

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There are three stages of sacroiliitis:

  1. At the first degree the symptoms are not expressed.
  2. While in the latter there is a pain in the buttocks, into the thigh. Frequent become backache, cramps, having a paroxysmal character. Mobility hampered.
  3. The third stage is very serious. Occur sciatica, convulsions, increasing the pressure.

Symptoms and signs

The symptoms differ in different types of the disease.

Call common:

  • the main initial symptom of the disease – pain in the lower back;
  • the deterioration in peripheral joints;
  • fatigue;
  • low-grade fever;
  • sometimes deteriorating eyesight;
  • appears arrhythmia and other heart problems;
  • limited range of motion;
  • backache, twinges.

Types and subtypes of the disease

Sacroiliitis often unilateral disease, bilateral is sometimes observed with brucellosis, tuberculosis, necessarily – Bechterew’s disease.

There are the following types:

  1. Synovitis. Inflamed synovium.
  2. Anartic. The whole joint is inflamed, all its tissues.

When sacroiliitis can be different nature of inflammation.

On this basis it is divided into:

  • nonspecific (purulent),
  • specific (in syphilis, tuberculosis, brutalize);
  • aseptic (autoimmune diseases);
  • noninfectious nature.

The latter is due to various injuries, excessive stress, inflammation, malformations.

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Pyogenic sacroiliitis

The reasons may be different. Can break purulent focus, happen infection of the open wound. Start of acute – chills, fever, sharp pain in the abdomen and back, excessive sweating, aching. The condition worsens.

The patient is standing, bending your knee and hip joints. In the sacrum a sharp pain that increases with extension of the legs. In the blood, increased ESR and leukocytosis. The pus from the joint can break into the nearby organs, and form streaks.

The treatment is carried out in the surgical Department. At the initial stage antibiotics, detoxication therapy. In severe cases – surgery.


Is rare, occurs most often chronic. The lesions may be unilateral and bilateral. The pain, the localization of which is difficult to determine, somewhere in the region of the pelvis and sciatic nerve.

Stiffness in the movements. Possible deformation in the form of scoliosis. Very often formed sinter abscesses in the thigh region, accompanied by formation of fistulas. Treatment is carried out in the tuberculosis unit.

Sometimes therapy is enough, sometimes surgery is needed.

In syphilis

In secondary syphilis is rare. Usually in the form of arthralgia. Passes quickly under the influence of antibiotic treatment. When the tertiary is synovitis or osteoarthritis.

Night is characterized by mild pain. A little stiffness in the movement. Treated in STI clinics.

When brucellosis

Usually of a temporary nature, volatile arthralgia. Sometimes persistent inflammation, and it is difficult treated. The patient complains of pain in the sacrum, which, when traffic becomes unbearable.

It is absolutely impossible to bend and straighten the spine, the body is shackled. There is a symptom of’s symptom. It’s when you try to raise the straightened leg, increased pain in the rear surface thereof.

The treatment is conservative. In chronic course shows physical therapy. Helps Spa treatment.


It happens in the presence of rheumatic diseases, for example, in psoriatic arthritis, Reiter’s disease.

Bechterew’s disease early diagnosis is important, as treatment in this case starts in favorable period, until fusion of the vertebrae. Clinical manifestations of pale.

Mild pain in the buttocks radiating to the thigh. At rest, hurts more when walking is weakening. Morning stiffness, gradually disappear.

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If the diagnosis of sacroiliitis was confirmed by x-ray and other studies, the prescribed treatment is a comprehensive therapy. It is anti-inflammatory drugs, physical education, physiotherapy, sanatorium.

Disease infectious nature

Arises in connection with the degeneration of the joint. Not considered a prominent representative of this disease.

In this case, there are or arthritic changes in the joint, or inflammation of the sacroiliac ligaments. Diagnosis is such and sacroiliitis of unknown etiology.

The change is attributable to the injury, overload of the joint. It could be pregnancy, exercise and so on. Impaired posture increases the risk of this disease. Pain attacks, spontaneous.

Increases with movement, standing, sitting, bending. Sometimes extends to the thigh, lower back, buttock. Developing the so-called duck gait, swaying when walking.

Symptom of Ferguson is pathognomonic for this disease. The patient should stand on a chair healthy, then bad leg. The same should go – first healthy, then bad leg. Originated pain in the sacrum tells about the disease. Treatment eliminates inflammation and pain.

When severe pain doing the blockade.

Diagnostics, radiological signs

You should go to the orthopedist-traumatologist. After inspection of assigned analyses and x-ray examination.

It will be a noticeable change in the joint. Can be seal bone, blurred contours, erosion, narrowing of the joint space and even the lack of it. But not everyone may show on a radiograph.

For example, when synovitis changes it is not revealed. Same thing with Brucella sacroileitis, although the rest of the symptoms in this case pronounced.

When the diagnosis takes into account all the tests. First and foremost is the examination of the patient, studied his history, gait, tone and so on.


Treatment and prognosis depend upon the causes and forms of development. In aseptic sacroiliitis treatment is conservative, with purulent often can not do without surgery.

Pregnant appoint a special bandage to reduce the load on the patient’s joint. If the pathology is a consequence of another disease, first treated it. If the background of a traumatic nature, must be cured by trauma, reduced joint.

Therapeutic gymnastics and massage

In the acute period about it. It requires mobility limitations. And during remission require physical exercise in the form of light.

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Ideally, if you have the opportunity to engage in yoga or Aqua fitness. Also useful massage. Do it 2-3 times a day. After doing a compress of sea buckthorn oil or rubbing bischofite.

The popular treatment

Treatment of sacroiliitis folk remedies can be used as part of complex treatment, talking to your doctor.

For example, such recipes:

  1. It is recommended to take on an empty stomach 0.3-percent solution of Shilajit. Twice a day for 20 ml.
  2. Or suggest to take the powder from the eggshell. Half a gram in the evening 2 hours before dinner.

This treatment will not eliminate the causes of the disease, its effects, it can be used as a supporting tool. To help seriously doctor can.

Prevention: it is easier to prevent than to cure

An important and necessary step – prevention. The main thing – to support the immune system. It is necessary to treat infectious diseases, not waiting for the complications to the joints. Important moderate exercise.

In sedentary work – a warm up from time to time. If the joint is ill, it must not be overloaded. Need urgent visit to the doctor and perform all of its recommendations.

Back pain can not be called pleasant phenomenon. In addition, it indicates danger. You need to stop, to listen, to go to the doctor, to take the necessary measures. Then you will alter all their Affairs. When the back is healthy and joyful mood.