Blockade of the knee joint and its application in the treatment of osteoarthritis

Блокада коленного сустава и ее применение в лечении артрозаDrug blockade (including the blockade of the knee joint) is an effective method of treatment in which drugs (painkillers and anti-inflammatory) are injected directly into the nidus. This method of treatment is not new. It has been used for many years in neurology, orthopedics, traumatology and rheumatology, but has still not lost its relevance. The embargo allows you to quickly relieve the patient from pain (even in those cases when usual analgesics do not help), and in patients with diseases of musculoskeletal apparatus, to inhibit the development of inflammatory and degenerative processes in the joint and ligaments, improve the patient’s condition.

Pharmacological blockade of the knee structure is frequently used in the treatment of such diseases as osteoarthritis. Specialists to use this treatment, consider it indispensable in a number of cases, and argued that the introduction of drugs directly into the diseased joint or periarticular tissues reliably eliminates disease, eliminates severe pain and thereby maintain the working capacity of patients. The effect of the injection occurs immediately.

Drugs used for the blockade

Blockade of the knee joint is made with the following medications:

  • The acetate of hydrocortisone. It is prescribed if the disease is not very pronounced. The medicine is very well retained in the joint cavity, the duration of exposure up to one week.
  • Diprospan. Instant live dipropionate betamethasone instantly reduces pain and has a prolonged therapeutic effect, which begins in 2-3 hours. Treatment diprospana is not accompanied by painful sensations and different complications, therefore does not require additional receiving anesthetics. It is a strong drug that helps reduce inflammation. Safe blockade diprospana can be applied, and serious diseases such as systemic lupus. The dose is individual, strictly for each patient. In addition, diprospana also conducted blockade in patients with lesions of the shoulder, elbow and hip.
  • Kenalog-40. Is a suspension of triamcinolone acetonide. The action of drugs does not occur immediately, and the next day, but lasts up to 30 days. The drug can cause negative effects: atrophy of the skin and fatty tissue necrosis of the muscles and tendons.
  • Of anesthetics used drugs safe action — lidocaine, trimekain, or novocaine. Also assigned vitamin complex and homeopathic remedies.
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    Блокада коленного сустава и ее применение в лечении артроза

    The introduction of drugs directly into the bag facilitates quick joint pain relief

    Be the blockade of the knee can in two ways: insertion of a needle with the outer surface or the inner. In very severe case the blockade is on both sides.

    All drugs used for the blockade, can be taken only after a full examination according to the recommendations of the expert, which assigns individual patient treatment. The self in this issue will only bring negative consequences. Blockade of the knee can be prescribed to the patient diagnosed with the following diseases:

    • synovitis occurring in the framework of the arthritis;
    • arthritis non-infectious nature;
    • serous arthritis manifested after injury or surgery;
    • ganglia and tendovaginitis, bursitis and periarthritis.

    Not to apply it to the blockade when:

    • deforming osteoarthritis, as the shot you only need to enter periarticular way;
    • arthritis chronic form;
    • without showing the required efficiency from the 2nd and 3rd injections in the same region of the knee.

    The blockade of the joints of the pelvis and shoulder

    Blockade of the hip joint in many clinics is performed under the supervision of the EOC — electro-optical Converter, the control of which ensures the precise entry of the needle into the cavity of the hip joint. In the joint cavity administered hyaluronic acid, giving a fine effect in the treatment of early stage osteoarthritis of the hip joint. If the puncture is done by a surgeon without the use of the TUBE and the ultrasound, then a direct hit into the cavity of the hip joint will be provided only on 50-60%.
    Блокада коленного сустава и ее применение в лечении артроза
    The blockade has established itself as a remarkable analgesic method in the treatment of the hip joint. The complexity of this technique is that the location of the hip joint is not very convenient for hiding it under the skin, the muscle layer and subcutaneous tissue. Elimination of pain, spasm of muscles and vessels of the hip joint occurs after repeated blockade, swelling gone, reduced blood flow and metabolism in tissues.

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    Disease of the shoulder joint, which are caused by inflammation of surrounding tissues (ligaments, capsules, tendons, muscles) require skilled care. In the initial stages of the disease, not every patient seeks help, therefore, of disease of the shoulder joint quickly begin to progress and require a serious approach.

    Damage to the shoulder joint result of torn muscles or rotator cuff. Blockade of the shoulder joint can be carried out hormonal preparations or diprospana. The reduction in pain occurs when the introduction of injection in the suprascapular region. Treatment diprospana is only 2 times with a gap of 20-25 days. The improvement comes after the first procedure. Timely blockade of the shoulder is the ambulance from the pain, shock and severe discomfort.

    Use in diseases of the elbow joint

    In diseases of the elbow joint severe pain localized in the General area of the elbow, but the damage to the joint may not be. Inflammation covers the tendon will be swollen.Disruption of the elbow joint are called professional sports activities or heavy physical exertion for construction and agricultural work. On the development of osteoarthritis of the elbow joint can affect the previously received injury, but mostly it is a violation of its functionality. Any active activities that are constantly involved muscles of the forearm, causes of epicondylitis of the elbow joint — a disease accompanied by degenerative-dystrophic processes in the muscles and tendons. Sometimes the symptoms of the elbow joint associated with a decrease in the elasticity of collagen fibers, they become fragile, delicate and easily destroyed.

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    Conservative treatment of injuries of the elbow joint is used not always, often for urgent and immediate assistance to obtain a positive result. This fast-acting treatment is very effectively, instantly relieves pain and neurological manifestations of the damaged elbow joint.

    Blockade of the elbow relieves pain, while maintaining full ability to work patient patient. The decision on the appointment of this procedure takes specialist. Blockade is often carried out by diprospana in the triangle formed conventionally held lines from the olecranon, between the lateral namiseom and the proximal part of the radius. The needle is inserted perpendicularly into the triangle of the elbow joint.

    If the blockage is from the inner part of the elbow joint, then there is a probability of complications — nerve damage. Treatment of the ulnar nerve will require more time and medication.

    In the result of action blockade of cartilage leads to the formation of the film, which has a protective effect on the cartilage from the various mechanical frictions, congestion.