Bone Paget’s disease: symptoms, treatment and complications, photos

Paget’s disease — pathological destruction of bone

Any manifestation of pain effect causes discomfort, affecting dramatically the overall condition of the body.

Special spread recently, is a disease of the joints and bone tissue, causing deformation of the human skeleton.

Most often, bone Paget’s disease affects men aged 40 years, earlier manifestations are very rare in nature.

The history of the emergence

The bone tissue throughout a person’s life, subject to constant changes. Some cells destroy tissue, others reduced them.

This process is natural, and is called remodeling. However, in some cases, a failure occurs, the debugged mechanism of work of the cells is disturbed, as a result, some sections of the bone appears the tumor tissues.

First, such a kind of deformation of bones and joints was described in the late 19th century, a surgeon from England, by James Paget.

He hypothesized that the cause of the disease is a viral infection which is in the process of aging can cause the inflammatory process of the bone tissue.

Although the theory of the famous surgeon of the past, to the present time has no solid confirmation of such violations in medical practice is called Paget’s disease.

Causes and symptoms

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The causes of osteitis deformans (medical name of the disease), to date finally revealed.

In most, the most common opinion about the appearance of bone formation, is considered a slow viral infection in nature.

Experts studying Paget’s disease currently suggest that the reason for the manifestation of the deformation of the joints can be considered a genetic predisposition.

In connection with this factor, the relatives, the family which discovered the disease, the recommended annual blood tests. If needed, one every 2 years, to do x-rays of the skeleton, for a complete sense of security.

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What pathology?

The symptoms that help to identify Paget’s disease in the early stages are absent.

Sometimes, osteitis deformans can occur without symptoms for several years, however, with the development of disease symptoms begin to appear more clearly:

  1. Aching constant pain in the bones located near joints. It is particularly enhanced in the period of night sleep or rest.
  2. Pain in the joints, causing the restriction of motor functions.
  3. Visible deformity of joints and bone tissue in the form of dense nodules.
  4. Inflammation and rise in temperature in the nidus.

The process of the disease weakens the bone, making it more susceptible to fractures even with minor trauma.

Appears slouch, joints be sealed and formed to the curvature. As a result of long studies by experts it was found that within 1 year, there is a loss of 1 cm of the fabric.

Diagnosis of the disease

Diagnosis of the disease implies a complete x-ray examination and biochemical analysis of blood for calcium, phosphorus and magnesium.

The level of alkaline phosphatase determined by the laboratory, in the presence of the disease is much higher than normal. Another method for determining the location of the deforming osteitis, is scintigraphy.

The procedure helps to provide a visualization of the skeleton in General.

By carrying out x-ray, specialists determine the existence of a disease of the bone Paget on the following factors:

  • the narrowing cracks of the joints in the lower extremities;
  • the deformation of the individual vertebrae, in the form of increased size and curvature;
  • rich thickening of the skull bones with blurred outlines of the outer plates;
  • in areas of the bone there is a clear seal.

Complications during exacerbation of the disease

The process of the disease can last for a long time, in addition to the basic symptoms, many of which just try not to pay attention, there is the likelihood of complications.

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Advanced stage joint disease can lead to complete loss of mobility. The development of arthritis, is a consequence of the spread of the disease with bone tissue, in adjacent joints.

One of the most common complications in Paget’s disease, is considered a pinched nerve endings and blood vessels. The increase in bone occupies more space around important arteries and nerves, thus leaving them to complete the work.

In the case of a pinched nerve or blood vessel may be loss of sensation in the area of the lesion.

The increase of bone mass requires more blood volume, this causes the heart muscle to increase the number of cuts.

Thus, there is an overload of the heart, eventually leading to heart failure. One of the rare but most severe complications, doctors call — malignancy, the cause of sarcoma. Of education diseased tissues occurs rapidly, causing intense pain.

In this case, the seal can form metastases, affecting new areas of the bones, joints, lungs.

Supportive therapy

Unfortunately, complete cure for Paget’s disease is impossible. Through long-term drug treatment, can provide significant reduction of the disease, and to suspend the development of tumors.

Diagnosis and treatment of this disease are engaged in podiatrists. The process of treatment is long courses, reaching, depending on the severity of the disorder up to 6 months.

To slow down the process of deformation of the joints, appoint experts to the group of medicines called bisphosphonate.

The prescribing should be done only by a specialist, leading the patient. The group recommended drugs can cause a number of side effects that can lead to negative consequences.

As anaesthetic assistants orthopedics recommend the use of non-steroidal drugs, providing anti-inflammatory action. Also, when joint disease is prescribed to the use of calcium and vitamin D.

Actions upon detection of the disease

It should be noted the insidiousness of Paget’s disease, the disease may not be completely visible for a long time, do not deliver discomfort.

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However, there are cases of sudden symptoms leading to disability. Noticing the symptoms, you should immediately contact a specialist.

Timely solution, will help prevent negative consequences.

In the early stages of the disease, intervention will save the patient from complications. In this case, the treatment will have success.

The only condition for a positive outcome, becoming a regular visiting physician.

Don’t forget about the periodic blood test for serum alkaline phosphatase.

Preventive methods

Paget’s disease without having a specific reason for the occurrence, can be formed in every human being. However, preventive measures can significantly reduce the risk of diseases of the joints.

The basics of prevention of deforming osteitis are as follows:

  • to avoid injuries of joints and bones;
  • at the first sign of joint disease, immediate recourse to a specialist;
  • complete and timely treatment of all types of viral and infectious diseases;
  • compliance with all recommendations of the doctor, in the appointment of treatment.

We should not forget that excellent health and strong immunity to various diseases, can only be obtained when you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

A balanced diet, rich in vitamins, minerals, calcium and phosphorus, as well as regular walks in the fresh air, simple sports exercises fill the body healthy in spirit, with ease and cheerfulness.