Brace lumbar: classification and characteristics of destination

Бандаж поясничный: классификация и особенности назначения

Orthopedic appliances, such as a lumbar brace and a variety of corsets that are required to create a strong or moderate compression in the lower back. Compression helps to solve various problems, among which a special place belongs to the following:

  • maintaining a normal arrangement of bodies in their descent;
  • strengthening the weakened muscles of the abdominal region;
  • preventing the formation of hernias, including lumbosacral;
  • reducing the load exerted on the lumbar region is in the process of carrying a child.

How to choose a back brace

Corsets can be used for fixation of the lumbosacral and cervical and thoracic. Among all the varieties of braces the most common is the lumbar brace. Orthopedic corset is a medical belt made of breathable, elastic fabric. It enclosing a special ribs which can be made of plastic or metal. Brace for lumbosacral belt is intended for its fixing on the housing.

Бандаж поясничный: классификация и особенности назначения

Supports sore back and improves your silhouette

The selection of a corset it should be approached with great responsibility, as the mismatched model is able to exacerbate the existing problems of the musculoskeletal system. Key parameters when selecting a lumbar brace are the following.

  • The severity of the disease. The choice of corset depends on the problems and ways to solve it. If the person is unable to straighten his back, experiencing severe pain or is in the process of rehabilitation after injuries to the spinal column, requires the use of strong fixation bandage.
  • The type of corset is determined by the surgeon after examination. Hard tires get only on prescription. When choosing a semi-rigid option, you need to focus on waist girth and waist of a person suffering from the disease.

  • Types of corsets-bandages

    The medical industry produces several types of bandages. Each of them helps to solve certain tasks. Distinguish corsets:

    • prenatal;
    • postpartum;
    • multi-purpose;
    • postoperative;
    • protivokrazhnye.

    Orthopedic bandages klassificeret in accordance with the sections of the spine for which they are intended. The most commonly used orthoses are for fixing the lumbar and thoracic spine. Among the corset-bandages widespread following.

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    Бандаж поясничный: классификация и особенности назначения

    Supports heavy belly and ensures the correct position of the baby

  • Warming zone. These corsets are light semi-rigid bandages which you can choose yourself. The brace is purchased and used for getting rid of the pain associated with the occurrence of ailments. Treatment is carried out by warming the affected area dry heat. It increases blood circulation in the warm phase, which helps to eliminate the inflammation.
  • Semi-rigid brace provides support of the spine in the correct position. It helps reduce pain in a variety of ailments of the back. This design is ideal for protecting the lower back during intense physical work or driving.
  • Women’s corsets are tailored to the specific structure of the female body. They not only relieve pain in the lumbar region, but also facilitate the implementation of actions associated with physical activity.

  • Function of lumbar orthoses

    The bandage is indispensable in the event of ailments of the back. The use of an orthosis has beneficial effects on the musculoskeletal system and promotes a speedy recovery. The lumbar corset is currently the most popular. This situation is due to several reasons, main among them — the overvoltage, excessive load, incorrect posture, maintaining a passive lifestyle, injuries of the spine.

    The band is the subject of personal hygiene. It is made of environmental and hygienic material, wash in warm water. Ribs hold the shape of the corset and ensures the fixation of the case when giving him the correct position. The main objective of the stiffeners brace is the removal or proper distribution of the loads experienced by the musculoskeletal system. Good and proper fixation to prevent the displacement of the vertebrae, ensuring conservation of motor activity of man.

    Бандаж поясничный: классификация и особенности назначения

    When the support belt inguinal hernia repair

    The use of almost all types of tires similar, however, the function each of them different. Much depends on the type and degree of development of the disease. Lumbar suffering from such ailments as hernias, sprains and strains and pinched nerves. The use of corsets allows you to avoid the formation of hernias, which are caused by excessive load and lifting weights. The brace performs the role of support, helping to reduce muscle tension. In addition, it helps to relieve fatigue and eliminate pinched nerves.

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    The basic functions of a lumbar corset with semi-rigid design:

    • external fixation of the lumbosacral spine;
    • ensuring partial discharge of the affected area;
    • protection of muscle from excessive stress;
    • create a massage and warming effect.

    Tight corset is prescribed by a doctor-rehabilitologist or trauma as part of therapy for recovery after injury. The orthosis needed to compensate for the load on the affected area of the spine. Tasks tight corset: protection from vertebral displacement and acceleration of rehabilitation processes.

    There are a number of corsets with variable stiffness. They can be used for fixing lumbar, lumbosacral and thoracic spine.

    Fixtures for other divisions of the spine

    The main functions of rigid thoracolumbar brace are:

    • stabilization and lower lumbar;
    • pain in the spine;
    • unloading of the muscles of the back.

    These orthoses are used in the initial phase of recovery after injury, as a preventive and for treatment of diseases of the thoracolumbar region of the spine.

    Бандаж поясничный: классификация и особенности назначения

    Corset for fixing the chest and waist

    Functions of lumbosacral brace:

    • stabilizirovannyi lumbosacral;
    • to restore mobility;
    • eliminate back pain;
    • reducing the load on the spine during intensive physical labor.

    Lumbosacral corsets can be rigid or semirigid. Such designs help with sciatica and spinal hernia. Brace for lumbosacral used in rehabilitation period after injuries of the spine.

    In addition to the cuts to the lumbar and thoracic regions of the spine, there are bandages, fixing the neck. This type of orthopedic fixture is applied after injury of the cervical. The neck brace allows to stop the pain.

    Бандаж поясничный: классификация и особенности назначения

    Retainer for damaged neck

    Corset helps to relieve pressure off the spine in the cervical and relieve from muscle tension. This type of brace provides limited mobility of the neck, helps to normalize the functioning of the nervous system and blood supply. Has a soft design, and it has a warming massage effect.

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    Bandages for the cervical spine are available in several forms. Their design depends on the disease in which they are applied. The neck brace is able to provide moderate or hard fixing. The use of such an orthosis allows to improve the results of treatment and preventive measures aimed at freedom from disease or injury.

    The advantages of the application of the brace for cervical spine:

    • the possibility of using at home;
    • strengthening of the neck muscles and intervertebral discs;
    • low cost;
    • the durability of the structure;
    • therapeutic efficacy that allows you to refuse the use of certain medications.

    Pneumaticity: features and functions

    Бандаж поясничный: классификация и особенности назначенияPneumaticity are used to fix and reduce mobility of the spine. The use of such a brace helps to restore the spaces between the vertebrae. When creating pressure in the cavity of the corset provides support for the spine.

    The expansion of the cavities is vertical in order to increase the intervertebral gap, to fix the vertebrae and prevent movement. The use of pneumaticity can relieve the back muscles, relax them. This effect improves blood circulation, innervation, and muscle structures. As a result of applying the brace decreases pain syndrome.

    The main functions of pneumaticity are relief the pain associated with physical activity and preventive effects in osteochondrosis, scoliosis, spondylosis, and herniated. The latch is applied and if the violations of posture.