Broken toe: symptoms, treatment, rehab, photos of injuries

At the first symptoms of a broken toe needs immediate treatment

Fracture is a very serious injury that has long healed.

In the human body is more than two hundred bones, all of which in certain situations may not withstand the load and break.

Often in danger of fractures of the limbs — as the most vulnerable part of the body.

And, in particular, the most common type of fracture is a fracture of the toe.

The structure of the joint of the finger and its functions

Toes are a very important part of the motor apparatus of man, as they, along with the feet bear the weight of the body and give him the opportunity to travel and helping to maintain balance.

Each finger on the hand and foot consists of several bones that are called phalanges. They are connected by the movable interphalangeal joints that allows flexion and extension of fingers.

Causes of fractures of the phalanges

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In everyday life sometimes it happens that you have a broken toe – in the fall, severe injury on hard objects, bad jumping. Also, the reason may be the exposure of the foot, falling on the leg of a heavy object and that this situation impacts on the foot.

The fracture is characterized by damage to the integrity of bones and sometimes the skin around it.


Fractures of the toe can be divided into the following types:

  1. Traumatic fracture – occurs as a result of mechanical impact on the foot, such as contusion, compression, exposure.
  2. Pathological – occurs as a result of some zaboleva violating bone strength and making it too fragile. Such diseases include osteoporosis, bone cancer, thyroid dysfunction, tuberculosis, tumor and others.

The second characteristic of a fracture is its appearance and condition:

  • outdoor – when the violation of the integrity of the skin and through the wound you can see part of the broken bone;
  • closed – while maintaining the integrity of the soft tissues;
  • offset – the resulting impact on the finger forces that caused the injury, shifting of damaged bones. This can result in pinched nerves, vessels or muscles nearby.
  • without displacement;
  • full – in which the bone breaks into two or more parts;
  • incomplete cracks in bone tissue;
  • comminuted – occurs when fragmentation of the bones, causing the fragments fall into the wound.

The location of the fracture can be classified as:

  • on the nail phalanx;
  • on the middle phalanx;
  • on the main phalanx;
  • combined fracture – when corrupted by two or more phalanges.
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Why often broken thumb

Unlike the big toe from the others is that it has two phalanges instead of three. When walking this finger feels the brunt, supporting the weight of a person, and often it is more likely to fracture, as more comes forward.

Moreover, the bruising and swelling can spread from the big toe to the entire foot and the adjacent toes, which is painful to tread on the leg or move it.

For the treatment of fracture great toe, you will need the gypsum from the upper third of the leg to the finger you want to wear about 5 to 6 weeks.

How to identify trauma

Symptoms of broken toe is divided into absolute and relative.

The relative signs of trauma only possible to make preliminary conclusion about the injury. These include:

  • acute pain;
  • swelling of the damaged finger.
  • it may be bleeding under the nail or the skin;
  • disorders of function of the leg;
  • when moving the finger felt a sharp pain.

More pronounced these symptoms if you lose the main phalanx of the finger, which is connected with the bones of the foot.

On the thumb of the hematoma and edema are more severe, and the leg when it swells and hurts during the movement of the fingers. Fracture II, III, IV and V fingers may be less pronounced, because they are a small load. Even the victim did not immediately notice the injury and usually goes to the doctor until the next day when the pain will increase.

Absolute signs clearly indicate the presence of a fracture. Among them are the following:

  • abnormal mobility of the finger;
  • the unnatural position of the limb;
  • the crunch of splinters when pressure is applied on the affected area.

Diagnostic methods

When a broken toe should apply to the traumatologist. On the basis of a small survey to determine relative and absolute signs of fracture, and x-rays he will be able to make the correct diagnosis.

Even if the first finger is very sore still after the injury it is better to go to the hospital, do not postpone.

First aid and medical procedures

What to do in case of this injury?

If seeking medical attention is not required

First aid can have in principle any person. First, you need to immobilize the foot, that is to immobilize it. Removing shoes, you need to wrap in a sterile bandage the injured limb, if there be a wound. This is done in order not to contaminate the infection.

Then we need to find any solid object, which would have acted as a bus, and bandage it to stop. Just need to remember that when putting a band-aid on the wound of the hand should be clean.

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As a result of such actions, the wound will not re-break the bone fragments and the pain should decrease.

Treatment of fractures depending on their type

In the treatment of broken toe it is necessary to consider the localization:

  1. Thus, when the injury nail phalanx of a finger, you need to anesthetize her. If the damage is distal of distal phalanx is immobilization of the bones. For this perforeret the nail, removing it of the accumulated blood, a band-aid fix the broken pieces and added them to the adjacent phalanx. If subungual hematoma is too large, then you need to remove the nail.
  2. Fracture of the middle and basic phalanxes of fingers – a fairly common phenomenon, as these little fingers protected from external influences. Their treatment is usually performed on an outpatient basis. If the damage was without offset, on the affected area applied adhesive, for about two weeks. Not even a slight fracture on leave without immobilization, as it may heal incorrectly.

When multiple fractures superimposed plaster «Shoe» to be worn for approximately 2 – 3 weeks.

If the finger injury has occurred, the offset applies traction along the axis for a sore thumb or superimposed bus Cherkes-zade.

If the offset was large, then performed manual reposition of bone fragments bones to revert to their original position, after which approximately 1 — 2 weeks superimposed plaster bandage «shoes». It should be worn until complete healing of the wound. Work capacity is restored after about three to four weeks.

Treatment of fracture great toe (if he is indoor and not very big) house, or to go to the doctor.

If you choose a home treatment option, the first thing you need to do the following:

  • Impose on the affected area a cold compress to reduce swelling. This should be done for 10 to 15 minutes every hour, and repeat one or two days. But it must be careful to avoid frostbite.
  • The leg, which was broken a finger you need to raise above heart level, so as to reduce puffiness and soreness.
  • Also to eliminate the pain, it is recommended to take ibuprofen or another pain reliever, which will be advised by the doctor.
  • For immobilization of the patient’s finger must use the elastic bandage to make a harness, attach, the damaged area to a neighboring finger and placing cotton wool between them for alignment. With the help of gauze secured with a tourniquet.

With an open fracture is bone reconstruction from the fragments, immobilized foot, injected with rabies vaccine and appointed antibacterial therapy to avoid the development of secondary infection.

And better do not delay to seek treatment at the hospital where you:

  • Will do an x-ray to know the nature of the fracture. Can also put a cast on.
  • If necessary, eliminate the offset (when the two edges of the finger are not in place), or warping, in which the finger is bent the wrong way. Inserting the finger in place, the doctor will put on the damaged area of the tire to ensure his immobility to heal.
  • Sometimes, the doctor may advise you to wear special support shoes, which have a beneficial effect on getting rid of edema.
  • If you razdeli fracture skin, you’ll have a tetanus shot to avoid infection.
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For about six weeks after the fracture it is necessary to protect a damaged finger, not to overextend it. This implies that contraindicated long walks, and especially playing sports. When walking watch your step so as not to hurt a sore thumb.

The rehabilitation process includes thisprocedure, therapeutic massage and special exercises, as well as the implementation of the recommendations of the doctor. In your diet should include food rich in protein and calcium.

Preventive measures

To avoid fractures of the fingers, you need to:

  1. Wear comfortable shoes with a stable sole.
  2. Smaller to use products that wash away from the body calcium is responsible for bone strength, such as coffee, sweet drinks, and alcoholic beverages.
  3. It is recommended to consume foods containing calcium. It’s not only dairy products but also beans, peas, apples, apricots, grapes, potatoes, eggs, carrots, cabbage, rye bread and many others.
  4. You also need to be careful in places where feet may fall a heavy object, or where on the floor placed a lot of objects, which are easy to bump with your foot.

From the foregoing it can be concluded that it is impossible to neglect their health because treatment will then be quite unpleasant and long.

As a result, certain injuries can also permanently to the lameness, which greatly complicates life. Therefore in advance take care of your health.

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