Bruised ribs: symptoms, diagnosis, first aid and treatment

What to do if injury rib: how to identify symptoms and provide first aid

As you know, ribs are a very important part of the skeleton, because they are taking part in the breathing process and protect vital internal organs from various types of damage.

Maybe the injury itself is not as dangerous as the same rib fracture, however, fraught with complications and is accompanied by a rather painful experience.

A bruised rib is a violation of the integrity of bone tissue, with damage covering the edges of the muscle with subsequent spasm and poor circulation in the damaged area. As a result, there pain and possible bruising (as a result of rupture of blood vessels).

The cause of the injury

Sadly, but the theme of the following article to be extremely relevant, because a bruised rib injury is quite frequent and common.

This type of injury can get unsuccessful falling, or in case of an accidental collision with someone or some subject of impressive dimensions, not to mention such cases as car accidents, work injury or strong blow to the chest.

Very high risk of appearance of this unpleasant and dangerous injuries in children, which in the vast majority of very careless.

Because the General characteristics, diagnosis, methods of prevention and treatment for broken rib should, no doubt, to know everyone.

Associated injuries

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From the paired severe injuries should be identified:

  • rib fracture: time is not revealed, leads to such serious consequences as pneumothorax and hydrothorax (damage edge of the pleura and lung, resulting in the pleural cavity accumulates blood; in the other case, when damage to the pleura and the skin is broken the connection of the lungs with the environment);
  • the crack of ribs: incomplete rib fracture without displacement of the bone, possible with severe injury (may lead to bleeding in the chest caused by damage to the lung followed by death);
  • pneumonia (may occur when injected into the lung of any infection and prolonged inflammatory process).

Symptoms characteristic of damage

It should be emphasized the importance of proper and timely diagnosis, it is not always known for certain that it is concerned about a bruise and not anything else.

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Knowledge of symptoms is an important step on the path to proper treatment, and then complete recovery.

So, these are different symptoms inherent in injury rib:

  1. Strong, very sharp pain at the time of injury. Most often a bruised rib occurs as a result of blunt force trauma or sharp contact with a solid surface, large innervation in this area and provokes considerable pain.
  2. The injury site hurts for a long time. Depending on the severity of the damage, the injury may be sore from a few days to two weeks or more when breathing and movements of the body.
  3. Shortness of breath. The main pain have, as a rule, inhalation, possible shallow rapid breathing with a feeling of lack of air. In case of damage to the lung can occur stop breathing.
  4. In damaged areas of considerable size is visible bruise. The size and brightness of the bruise depends on the amount of damaged blood vessels. As the recovery of the color obtained as a result of trauma bruises change from purple to brown, then yellow.
  5. At the site of injury occurs tumor. Another sign of injury to the ribs is swelling. Over time, the swelling at the site of injury gets more crowded, but after some time passes. During palpation, as a rule, there is excruciating pain.
  6. The skin at the site of the injury feels hot, in most cases is red (if not black).

Diagnostic methods

Diagnosis involves physical examination and usually x-rays of the damaged section. The doctor’s task at this stage is the definition of the severity of the injury.

It is very important to determine that the victim is not a fracture. The doctor palpated the injury site for signs of protrusions or depressions, such symptoms clearly indicate a fracture. If nothing like that discovered, but there remains a risk of misdiagnosis, the doctor may prescribe x-ray.

This study allows not only to confirm no fracture, but also to study the degree of injury.

The complex of medical measures when injury

Treatment for bruised ribs need to start with first aid.

First aid

So, what to do when injury edges in the first minutes after injury:

  1. Make sure that the case of rib fracture ruled out. To do this, easily, without pressure, run your hand over the place of injury — possible swelling, but should not be deep dents and bumps. If you suspect that got broken – don’t delay, contact a specialist.
  2. Inspect the entire surface of the thorax on the subject of projections. They can occur because of fractured ribs is not necessarily in the area of its origin.
  3. Limit physical activity. With the injury active movements are forbidden. For a few days-allow yourself to stay in bed.
  4. Take your pain medicines. Many of them are highly effective for severe pain (such as diclofenac, ibuprofen).
  5. If the muscles of the back and spine allow, then, oddly enough, but you need to try to lie it hurt on the side – this will help to ease breathing.
  6. Applying cold to the injured area. This is a very effective method of self-medication, as the cold helps to reduce pain, reduce the effects of hemorrhage, and also can greatly reduce the swelling. For this procedure, you must first impose on the damage of a pressure bandage, and give the body an elevated position, then gently apply soaked in cold water sheets or a bag of ice. Regular repetition of this procedure can remove many of the negative manifestations of this damage.
  7. After a while, outpatient treatment should apply warm compresses that help restore.
  8. Over time, your doctor should do gentle stretching exercises of the chest.
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First aid is rendered, it’s time to learn how to treat bruised ribs.

Medical intervention

If you experience symptoms such as: dizziness, confusion, incoordination, accompanied by bleeding cough, pain in the heart and the heart’s rhythm, you must immediately go to the doctor.

IMPORTANT: if the injury occurred in the region of the heart, for him in any case can not even touch, and as soon as possible to seek medical help, as in this case, the injury most dangerous and in this case, the decision about how to treat bruised ribs must accept only the doctor!

Use the following procedures: UHF, electrophoresis, amplipuls.

Also apply such thermal manipulations, such as electric heating pad, blue lamp (30-40 minutes a day). Are also prescribed different medications depending on the degree of pain, and the presence or absence of allergic reactions. In the case of hemothorax be carried out puncture of the pleural cavity under anesthesia, and in the case of pneumothorax – a puncture is carried out to remove air using a special tube. In case of occurrence of the symptoms of pneumonia appoint a course of treatment with antibiotics.

Traditional methods

Treatment of injury of the ribs of folk remedies often gives very good results. Among the most effective are:

  1. Treatment of calendula flowers: 1 tablespoon of inflorescences per 2 cups of water. Let stand 2 hours, then drink ½ Cup 4 times a day.
  2. Geranium blood-red varieties: 1 tbsp per 2 cups of boiling water, cook for 15 minutes on low heat, then cool and strain the broth. The resulting broth is applying as a compress.
  3. Chicory root helps to relieve pain: 100 gr. chopped roots pour 0.5 liters of vodka and keep it for 2 weeks. Lubricate the bruised place extract obtained.
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Complications of trauma

Among the complications the most common are:

  • prolonged pain syndrome (fraught with prolonged stress);
  • hypoxia (prolonged lack of air);
  • as with rib fractures, possible pneumothorax and hydrothorax;
  • as with any damage to the ribs with damage to the lung, possible pneumonia.

Prevention of injury to the ribs

In the case of pain in the rib area, under certain circumstances limitation of physical activity is the first preventive method.

It is further recommended a course of physiotherapy, it is also desirable the acquisition of the retaining edges with the correct position of the vest. Also this design will help to reduce the load on the ribs.

Be sure to pay attention to the manifestation of allergic reactions and fever ( any, indicates the presence of inflammation). As a preventive method is not less useful to a variety of anti-inflammatory and analgesic ointments — these can be purchased either on prescription or without it.

By itself, this injury to the ribs, an injury does not bear threat of life and rarely leads to complications. However, the inattention to trauma and a lack of correct treatment can lead to serious consequences for the health of the victim.

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