Bubnovsky exercises for the spine

Hernia of the spine is not a death sentence, although many believe this disease is lifelong and can not be fundamentally eliminated. People suffering from various ailments due to pathologies of the back, have constant pain and discomfort. Conventional treatment in most of the cases gives temporary relief, and then again comes the period of exacerbation. For this awkward, sudden movements or lifting heavy cargo. And sick to despair, losing hope for a full and complete recovery, accept the situation.

Бубновский упражнения для позвоночника

Meanwhile, effective treatment of a hernia is! And it is guaranteed to get rid of debilitating aches in lower back, shooting pains, difficult movement. It proved Sergey Bubnovsky – known people today with the profession of a psychotherapist and a survivor of a serious accident with tragic consequences. Neither the doctor who examined him after the disaster, could not give a positive prognosis for treatment. But he proved the opposite, self-restoring their health, in a state of hopeless disability.

A sport for yourself

Hernia of the spine – not a sentence, said to himself Bubnovsky and began promoting a new extreme method of physical therapy. He tried to perform a variety of exercises, analyzing their performance and noting what gymnastics gives the maximum effect. Now his method is widely known, the popular, helps to cope with the disease for many desperate patients. Sergey Bubnovsky not only involved in active life, and thanks to its unique method has helped thousands of people with pathology of musculoskeletal system. Simple remedies: exercise, exercises, daily exercises, extreme load.

If any Orthodox method of neurology is focused on the elimination of pain in the pathology of the spine, then an alternative method, which was invented by Sergey Bubnov, restores lost functions and raises to his feet even bedridden patients. The doctor gave his method the name «Sport». The essence of the teachings – and the systematic stress the muscle groups involved in the pathological process in the spinal diseases.

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Treatment of a hernia, in his opinion, effectively at the maximum allowable extreme load on the spine. Exercises for the spine, as recommended by the doctor Sergey Bubnovsky, you must follow certain rules.

  • Exercises should be combined with balneological procedures, manual therapy, massage.
  • Exercises are performed by special technique.
  • Gymnastics is subject to compliance with the rules of breathing.

The doctor believes that the source of the back problems – no changes of the intervertebral discs, and the blockade of muscle tissue. Launcher mechanism of disease – hypokinesia, hypodynamia.

Shooting pain

When doing therapeutic exercises, muscle and ligamentous system is in a state of tonus. In addition, tissue with a deficit of oxygen begin to strain, the affected vessel is restored. Exercises are accompanied by pain, but in the course of employment pain gradually disappear. Regular exercises reduces the pain intensity with each subsequent lesson. Blockade of the deep short muscles is in most cases the cause of pain. Treatment of diseases is carried out using simulators.

To relieve compression of the spine is necessary to perform regular exercises on horizontal bar and horizontal bar: to hang, to catch up. You need to alternate contraction and relaxation of muscles. Daily charge includes simultaneous lifting knees bent legs with a sharp exhalation, in which the spoken sound «ha». During the initial three to four movements a person experiences aching pain. As the constant development of paravertebral muscle pain disappear. Exercises of this type enhances the therapeutic effects, but for best effect the necessary related exercises to strengthen the press.

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Doctor Sergey Bubnovsky believe that patients with a weakened organism can perform these actions, lying on his back with capture of hands of support. When gymnastics is over, it is advisable to spend the cold cold water, take a shower or bath. It reduces pain by partially relieves swelling of tissues, improves capillary circulation. Shock loads contribute to the restoration of microcirculation in the spinal area, deficit of oxygen in the tissues.

Бубновский упражнения для позвоночника

A method developed Bubnovsky, suitable for people experiencing chronic pain. For acute pain need treatment by this technique under the control of a trained specialist. Warming gels and ointments, painkillers in this treatment program is not provided at all.

How to engage in the program

In some medical institutions applied recovery of motor function physical exercises on special simulator. If your doctor has recommended these classes and found them no contraindications, they can be implemented.

Complex Execution
Pulling up the feet on an inclined Board. The patient lies with his head to the top at a slight angle of inclination. Exhale, tightens legs. Breathing returns to its normal position. The breathing mode contributes to the reduction of pain.
The rise of direct and bent legs on the bar. Classes on the bar are not limited to ineffective visy, and include 12 lifts bent leg to strengthen the muscle corset.
The bench press bar with horizontal benches. When working with the rod is allowed to lift the pelvis to create tension in the lumbar muscles.
Utimately movement on the parallel bars. Work on the uneven bars with a good physical condition of the patient allows for the use of the load on the belt.

Sometimes alternative methods give unexpectedly high effect. This is precisely the picture observed in patients who have decided to try the method of Dr. Bubnovsky. Hopeless at first glance, patients begin to move actively and to restore normal function. This proves once again, that hernia of the spine is not a death sentence.