Bubnovsky osteochondrosis is not a sentence

According to that outlined in his book, Sergey Bubnovsky, the osteochondrosis is not a sentence. Many people with this disease are desperate to drastically result after many attempts of medical treatment and other traditional ways of dealing with pathology. Cervical osteochondrosis – a very unpleasant condition of the musculoskeletal system.

Бубновский остеохондроз не приговор

This disease affects people who spend too much time in a sitting position, with tense condition of the neck and back. Sharp pain in the back of the neck under the skull, in the upper dorsal division gives a person suffering. The development of the pathology leading to frequent headaches; pain in the temples. You receive a whistle in my ears, head movements become obstructed, often in neglected disease numb chin, deteriorating eyesight, and may cause nausea.

As the book was created

Traditional medicine in osteochondrosis offers treatment aimed at the elimination of the pain produces the anasthetic drugs, physiotherapy activities, massage. There is a special set of physical therapy, acupuncture, wearing of corsets. But usually after temporary remission occurs an exacerbation, and the patient revisits the doctor.

Bubnovsky have also developed our own teaching material, based on a unique approach to such cases. The cause of differences between his scientific views with official medicine became its own practical experience and long-term studies of patients. If you carefully read his book, you can understand certain ideas about man’s relationship to his own body throughout life. The work of the author contains many practical tips and descriptions arising from the spine problems, analyzing specific situations.

Bubnovsky managed to restore many of the functions of the spine and body as a whole, which was lost after a serious car accident. Sergey strenuously exercised, I picked up optimal load and has developed effective repair complex. Avoiding a lifelong disability, he began seriously interested in the problem of the occurrence of vertebral abnormalities. Revealing the causal relationship of age-related diseases lifestyle from a young age.

Sergey Bubnovsky sure that we provoke osteochondrosis, hernia and other diseases of the spine. His laziness and irresponsible attitude to the body we do sign a verdict. How to avoid early age, recover from trauma, heal sore joints – you can learn if you carefully read the book.

The point of view of official medicine

According to the luminaries of modern medical science, the causes of cervical degenerative disc disease has been already in the vertebral structure of this Department. In the cervical segment contains 7 vertebrae, which in size is much smaller than other vertebrae. This ratio in itself is a potential pathological risk. It is believed that the main causes of osteochondrosis:

  • irreversible changes in the structure of the cartilage tissues;
  • increased concentration of salt in the lymph and bloodstream;
  • disorders of metabolism;
  • improper diet, obesity;
  • sedentary lifestyle;
  • sleep in an uncomfortable position.
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Cervical osteochondrosis, in the opinion of official medicine, is a degenerative disease that causes the shift of individual vertebrae. As a result of the shift of trapped nerve ends, causing pain, loss of flexibility and elasticity of the cartilage, loss of shock absorbing properties of the vertebrae. There is a characteristic crunch when moving the neck. Such a violation also triggers the deposition of salts. A consequence of the static lifestyle becomes slow blood flow and consequent decrease of the salt concentration in the muscles. The blood supply of the spine affected by compression or squashing of the blood vessels of harmful deposits, intervertebral hryaschik undergo degeneration. At motionless sedentary work needs constant exercises for the neck and back.

Бубновский остеохондроз не приговорThe official treatment is carried out on the recommendation of a neurologist, while fully take into account the General condition of the patient, the presence of other abnormalities, hypersensitivity to the medication. The treatment of the disease involves the use of vitamins, chondroprotectors, anesthetics, psychotropic drugs to achieve deep anesthesia.

Prohibits self-treatment osteohondroznye symptoms. If the wrong approach to the appointment of a Wellness technique, the selection of incompatible medicines, lack of attention to concomitant serious diseases, the patient can lose viability and become totally disabled.

An alternative view of the practical expert

Sergey Bubnovsky presented their points of view in research «Osteochondrosis is not a sentence». Reading this book is helpful and the sick and the healthy: a special attention is paid to prevention. At variance with the provisions of the official science, Sergei Mikhailovich considers diseases of the spine is not a pathology of the organism, as the result of an inappropriate relationship of people to their health.

The correct way of life, daily physical exercise are the main preventive methods, says Sergey. If you read the introduction and the theoretical part, can be subjected to reasonable doubt the main conclusions about the origin of the disease. Lack of scientific basis does not make the labour less important as the practical part contains an explicit proof of the effectiveness of this method.

The author believes that the origin of this insidious chronic disease is not due to violations of the structure of the vertebra, nerve, blood vessel, cartilage or tendon. The primary focus of attention in this area, the author considers the muscular system. It atrophy, shrinkage, inaction of the muscles leads to such serious consequences. Therefore, regular physical exercise, as well as freedom from Smoking, overeating, drinking alcohol can help to cope with the danger. In his book, the doctor of medical Sciences makes recommendations on nutrition in this disease, recommends alternative treatment non-traditional methods, says right to build a daily schedule of life and to satisfy her movements.

Medic believes that it is extremely difficult to cure in the short term an older person with degenerative disc disease. But to help the patient a young age before the development of the disease, if you teach it correctly to treat yourself. Complexes, which recommends the author, most diverse, and some of them he advises to do soon as you Wake up, without getting out of bed.

The doctor is sure that x-ray pictures and computed tomography of the spine – not sufficient conditions for an accurate diagnosis, because manifestations of the disease can occur in internal organs as a result of prolonged exposure to the disease. To prescribe the right treatment, you need to thoroughly examine the condition of the ligaments, fascia and muscles, to determine the presence of autoimmune and neuropathic diseases, pathologies of blood vessels.

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Physiotherapy in action

The development of a well-known doctor is called «kinesitherapy». Literally, it means «treatment by movement». In pathology of the neck, the scientist advises to do special exercises that he picked up in the research process, the condition of many patients. Pizzagate has demonstrated its high efficacy as a prophylactic. A separate group of patients managed after long-term program to restore full function of the fibrous ring.

The difficulty lies in the fact that patients with severe pain are unable to do exercises for the neck. The method replaces them with gentle gymnastic acts, reminiscent of light training workout. Treatment of the muscles as the main «culprit» of the problem, the researcher recommends starting in the morning, still lying in bed.

The approximate scheme of the morning «speed» neck workout includes the following exercises:

  • raise the head up;
  • slow alternating head turns to the left and right sides;
  • camber in the back;
  • tilts his chin down;
  • lateral bending to the left and right side to touch ear to shoulder.

Бубновский остеохондроз не приговорAdditional treatment may consist of massage of the toes and hands, kneading and rubbing movements of the hands in the neck. Once passed or reduced the intensity of acute pain, you can begin to more severe stress. Muscle strengthening therapy continues dips or pull-UPS. With such complex loads manage just tough and physically healthy people, but to have a home bar is useful for everyone.

The book describes in detail how to perform the exercises on a portable pull-up bar installed in the doorway. The recovery of muscle tone of the neck is fast and efficient, if you use such a device and run the vis for several minutes several times a week. The therapeutic effect will also be most effective if the right to distribute the load of traffic for a long period them properly alternated.

Torso pull the top part of the crossbar of the horizontal bar fixed in the middle of the doorway. Pullups can be done with support legs on benches raised above the bar. There is a useful exercise from a seated position between two stools or chairs. Is a deep breath of in the position with the support arms on the chairs. In the process of exhalation is the lifting of the torso to form a straight plane of the legs and back. To complicate the procedure wrap my legs around an exercise ball.

In the book there are detailed descriptions of exercises and also illustrations demonstrating how to do it. All actions must be done, starting from simple and gradually increasing the load.

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Where you need to be careful

The author recommends to take his advice, but to comply with reasonable caution.

What not to do What you need
We should not immediately try to perform all the exercises. On the second day after such an emergency the load can be pain when you try to move, it is possible that will increase body temperature. Special attention should be given to diaphragmatic breathing and breaths and breaths in the process of execution of gymnastic actions.
Muscle pains are sure to accompany the initial stage of the practice of kinesitherapy. Sometimes they even cause seizures. It should not be because of this right to discontinue lessons during the adaptation period you need to endure. Eliminating such pain is (in addition to proper breathing) in raising of muscle tone with a cold shower or cool bath. But it is impossible to overheat the body like a hot shower or bath procedures.
If a person constantly takes drugs, normalizing the function of the heart, not from them just give up and replace exercise. In addition to physical muscles, need to observe in parallel an appropriate diet.

By following the diet, the author of this work has dumped 12 kg of excess weight every month for 3 months. It was gone the fatty tissue and muscle mass is not lost thanks to proper nutrition. Try to follow the advice of an experienced person, to restore your body after an accident and deeply studied the influence of his method on practice. Regular exercise can alleviate the suffering of patients with pathologies of the musculoskeletal system.

Prevention of diseases of the spine include proper nutrition. The food must be consumed fresh products of natural origin. Healthy dietary products that help in correction include: cheese, milk, cheese, rabbit meat, poultry, fish, eggs, grains, nuts, vegetables and fruits. Excludes alcohol, coffee, excess salt and sugar.

Бубновский остеохондроз не приговор