Bump on hand: causes and treatments

Lump on arm often appears suddenly, regardless of the age and characteristics of the labour activity. Upon detection of tumors should consult a doctor as necessary to control the increase in the size of the tumor. If you do not pay for the presence of cones of attention, this might then lead to the development of serious ailments. In this case, to treat the disease is several times more difficult.

The reasons for the formation of bumps

Шишка на кисти руки: причины возникновения и методы леченияThe reasons due to which there is a lump, quite a lot. The main ones are the following.

  • Long-term exercise. They are the main cause of bumps on arm. To the formation of the tumor can lead even the wrong position of the hand on a computer mouse.
  • Bursitis — a disease of inflammatory nature in the soft tissues around the joints. It is treatable at virtually every stage, however, it is reasonable to start therapy in the early stages of the disease, to exclude complications such as a lump on the wrist.
  • Chronic inflammation, caused accumulation of fluid, for example, in the joints of the fingers. Independently this fluid will not go away even when use of drugs. So delay the trip to the doctor is not necessary, because running the inflammatory process can spread further, affecting the sensitivity of the soft tissues.
  • Lump on wrist can be formed even for one-time overload hands. Quite often, the neoplasm appears after injuries, particularly fractures or severe bruises. A special role is played by hereditary factors, predisposition to disease of the joints. In this case, the state of the musculoskeletal system should be continuously monitored, undergo routine medical examination and to neglect prevention.

    If the resulting injury is cause for some concern, you should always consult with a physician. He felt cloth, he will prescribe a drug at admission of which the bumps on the arm will disappear quickly.

    Non-traditional remedies

    Alternative medicine offers a number of effective recipes available to everyone. One of the methods of healing is the elimination of bumps on the hand with the copper coin. Copper has beneficial effects on inflammation, slows them down. Coin is pre-treated with an antibacterial agent and placed in brine where it should lie a few hours. After this time the coin is attached to a wrist and is not removed within a few weeks.

    Particularly effective such manipulations are in the first few days after there was a lump until it had time to harden. Tape a coin should be very tight, but without breaking the blood circulation. If the bandaged hand began to numb, or changed its color, the dressing should be lightly loosened. Optimally suited for this purpose elastic bandage that securely holds the coin.

    In case of advanced disease at hand can be applied 70% alcohol compress. It is often do at night, giving the skin a day to rest. Venturing on such treatment, you should check the sensitivity of the skin, causing it alcohol in small quantities. If on the hand manifest of red spots, from the use of this method should be abandoned.

    Шишка на кисти руки: причины возникновения и методы леченияEffective against the bumps on the brush is a tincture from marigold flowers, vodka-drenched and infused in the course of a week. Located, for example, on the wrist of the left hand, compress this and even has a warming effect. Calendula has a pronounced antibacterial and healing effect, which may cause slight tingling. The course of treatment is from 10 days to 2 weeks. If during this period she did not improve, experts recommend to refer to other methods of therapy.

    Conventional therapies

    Before to treat bumps on the joints, the patient must undergo a full examination. Will first done x-ray, which is to deny the existence of malignant tumors. Then followed by an ultrasound, is required for localization of the tumor and identify its structure. And only once approved by the full clinical picture, the doctor took another look at the hand and prescribe treatment. Depending on the degree of neglect of the disease can be used in different therapeutic methods.

    Шишка на кисти руки: причины возникновения и методы лечения

    A small tumor treated with physical therapy

  • Physiotherapy. Granted, if the disease is in an embryonic stage. Take this treatment at least a month, but it will be quite painless, and even pleasant.
  • Puncture. Education on hand is pierced with a special syringe with which the fluid is removed from the bumps. After the procedure, the joint is fixed with a special bandage, to the resulting cavity is completely overgrown, and fluid from the joint it was received.
  • The most radical method of treatment of education in hand surgery. The operation is assigned a number of procedures designed to any ways to prevent a relapse.
  • To surgery doctors used very rarely, trying to get more simple methods. The task of the patient strictly follow all instructions to not give the disease a chance.

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