Burning in lower back: symptoms and first aid

Жжение в пояснице: симптомы и первая помощь

Burning in the loins is indicative of several possible diseases. Pain and discomfort in this area can be the consequence of many diseases. Burning pain is the most common condition that a person experiences throughout his life.

Burning lower back pain in women in most cases indicates a hormonal problem. For males this indicates the dysfunction of the musculoskeletal system. Burning pain have one feature, they occur periodically.

And it can happen suddenly and over time, disappear without a trace. So no hurry on the doctor, which is extremely unacceptable. Lower back pain can gain intensity and thereby to aggravate the situation, becoming chronic problems.

Why is there this phenomenon?

Burning pain often occur due to the presence of the following diseases:

  • problems with the urinary system. Mostly kidney stones can lead to the manifestation of pain that is aching in nature. Felt it clearly, often on the right side, thus causing spasms;
  • problems with the kidneys. Pain and burning sensation in this case are paroxysmal in nature. Mild discomfort may suddenly change to a strong pain attack. But its duration is small, only a few minutes. It is characteristic temperature rise and the change of color of urine;
  • ulcer. Burning pain during this disease are permanent. Often, the discomfort occurs in the lower back. Not eliminated hot flashes, which is gaining intense after eating. Keeping a certain diet and the correct mode of the day remove lower back pain;
  • neurological disease. Discomfort in the lower back is the main symptom of neuralgia. In this case, back pain can manifest itself on both the left and the right. Pain can increase during inspiration, and he «holds» at any time of the day;
  • problems with the cardiovascular system. Lower back pain indicates the presence of heart disease. The typical feeling is a burning sensation behind the breastbone and below. This happens mainly after administration of Nitroglycerin;
  • sciatica and low back pain. An unpleasant burning pain, that give in the leg, evidence of problems with the spine.
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The fact that the back pain never just emerges. This phenomenon is preceded by the already existing disease. The reasons are varied, but symptoms only two. This strong burning sensation and pain. The distinctive symptom can be considered a so-called lumbago. They are characterized by uncontrolled attacks of pain, which seem to pervade the lumbar region.

Most importantly in the manifestation of unpleasant symptoms to correctly diagnose the condition. In this case, self-determination reason is unacceptable. You need to determine the appearance of burning through a differentiated process of examination and precise diagnosis. As a result of the studies assigned an effective therapy that will help to remove the unpleasant pain.

To delay treatment is not necessary, because it met such cases, when the disease is at the peak of its activity led to serious changes in heart function and the digestive tract. Therefore, determining the cause and permanent control of the condition of the musculoskeletal system are the most important arguments in the struggle with unpleasant sensations.

First aid to the patient

Initially, you need to make the pose more comfortable. If burning back pain started suddenly, you need to take optimum position. Perfectly helps to cope with the unpleasant manifestations of a common pose of the driver. The patient needs to sit on a chair and the body forward. This allows you to relax the muscles of the back and lower the head down.

Жжение в пояснице: симптомы и первая помощь

In the lumbar spine to relieve pain will help the rest. With this, one is recommended to lie down, especially if you experience discomfort in the back. If there are suspicions that the attack appeared in connection with problems of the cardiovascular system, you should immediately drink Nitroglycerin. In this case, to relieve the pain alone is difficult, it is advisable to call an ambulance, because if it is a seizure of a heart attack, every minute counts.

People suffering from neurological problems often experience pain in the lumbar spine. And in many cases suffering and lower limbs. To mitigate severe pain, you need to take a fetal position. The person just falls to the side and pressed his feet to the chest.

Perfectly relieves pain massage. He is able to reduce chronic disease and to delay the next attack.

It is imperative to follow the tips of a doctor. It is on the basis of the research, defines the reasons for the development of this phenomenon and appoint effective treatment. Often used a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory means of the action. But apply them after the course of treatment prescribed by the doctor, ends. It has its own reasons. Uncontrollably to accept funds in the hope of overcome the pain in the lumbar spine may not succeed. Moreover, it can lead to new problems of the gastro-intestinal tract.

Discomfort in the lower back on the left, you should immediately consult a specialist. Any neglected diseases can lead to problems with internal organs. It is difficult to overcome chronic illness because they can lead to the development of pathologies.

If you have pain you should immediately seek help to the doctors. Indeed, in many cases, every minute counts, because the causes of pain can be varied.