Burning knees

Why burn brush and knees? This question can often be found on health forums. A burning sensation in the knee joints and sometimes the hands can be disturbed for various reasons. In itself, the burning sensation is not a disease but symptomatic syndrome.

The burning in my knees are complaining both young and elderly people. This can occur during the day or night. The burning sensation can be intermittent or permanent, may be accompanied by pain, difficulty of motion in joints, swelling. Usually these symptoms come later, the man is in no hurry to go to the doctor if burning feet, knees. In fact, it is better to visit a specialist as soon as felt this symptom because it may indicate serious diseases of the joints.Горят колени

Discomfort can be felt asymmetrically, in the joints of the hands, knees, sometimes burning ankle joints. All depends on the location of the underlying disease and its severity. In addition, the legs can go numb, lose feeling, to ache above the knee.

Causes: vitamin deficiency and virus

Reasons why feet are unusually hot, ache and swell, may be different, it is a symptom of many diseases. Often this happens after long-standing injuries, such as fractures, dislocation, sprains, severe injury. Untreated trauma causes articular diseases and disorders. Fresh injuries of the meniscus, tendons and ligaments of the knee joint can cause acute burning pain and swelling. It is important to minimize movement in the affected joint, applying ice compresses to relieve swelling. Once rendered immediate first aid should go to the emergency room.

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The second reason, which provokes a burning sensation in the joints – lack of vitamins and mineral deficiencies or excess. This imbalance can be caused by several factors:

  • a deficiency of vitamins from food;
  • bad habits;
  • stressful situation;
  • sedentary job.

Vitamin and mineral imbalance can cause weakening of joints and ligaments, malnutrition of the joints, problems with the immune system of the body. Symptoms of imbalance: you may experience stiffness in the joints, legs feel heavy, skin blush, there is a sharp burning sensation.

The third reason may be related to viral disease. The infection settles in the lymph nodes, which are located on the articular surfaces. There is a feeling that the burning legs, the fingers. The burning sensation may be local, in the field of knee and ankle or above the knee. Infectious foci may be far from the articular surfaces, but if you had a cold or the flu, the remaining bacteria can cause rheumatic or infectious arthritis.

Joint diseases such as arthritis, arthrosis, bursitis, synovitis, and other diseases of the joints, may occur at the initial stages of a slight pain, which gradually intensified.

Vascular and dermatological diseases

Горят колениDisease of the spine can also induce a burning sensation in the feet and hands to varying degrees. To determine the nature of the lesion, conducted x-rays and sampling of fluid from the spine. In addition, there are other possible causes of discomfort.



A pinched nerve in the spine. From pinching the lower part of the spine the legs are affected at the region of the hip joints and above the knees, as they are closer to the affected source. If a pinched nerve in the upper part of the spine can be burning sensation and numbness of hands, shoulder joints.
Frostbite. Often the knees, feet, hands and fingers burning after frostbite. If this happens frequently, a burning sensation becomes permanent, there is aching in the joints. If the frostbite is to warm up slowly and not rubbing the frostbitten area.
Fungal and bacterial infection. When together with a burning sensation, itching, peeling, skin irritation, consult a dermatologist. To treat them using external ointments, gels, emulsions. It is important not to brush the affected areas with a fungus – this can lead to blood poisoning and serious consequences.

If burning feet, it could indicate incipient diseases of the veins and blood vessels. Thrombophlebitis, varicose veins are just some of the diseases that begin with pain in the legs.

Горят колени

Diagnosis and treatment

To what doctor to address, if you burn the joints of the hands and feet? Such problems are dealt with a rheumatologist. To identify the initial cause of concern, it is necessary to pass examination. Your doctor may prescribe several types of diagnostics depending on the overall clinical picture and concomitant diseases:

  • blood tests, microbiological analysis;
  • serology, x-rays, ultrasound, MRI;
  • arthroscopy, a bone density test.

The treatment depends on the disease. Usually if there is swelling, pain, prescribe medicines that reduce inflammation and pain. The patient should immobilize the joint and provide him with maximum comfort. After removing the swelling and pain symptom treatment to strengthen and stabilize the joint, as well as anti-infective drugs, if we are talking about arthritis. To speed up the recovery process, prescribed physiotherapy, massage, drugs to correct mineral balance.

To prevent the need to adjust physical activity, to follow the diet, to a regime of sleep and rest, and when the first signs of discomfort consult a doctor.