Bursitis of shoulder joint: causes, symptoms and treatment

«Bursa» is a Latin word that means «bag». Bursitis occurs as a consequence of inflammatory processes in the synovial bags. As a result, the Bourse is accumulated exudate — protein liquid that contains blood cells.

The causes and manifestations of the disease

Бурсит плечевого сустава: причины, симптомы и лечение

The inflammatory process in the shoulder joint

Any injury of the shoulder joint (sprain, contusion) or getting into a bag of synovial lymphatic germs from boils, carbuncles and sores is fraught with the beginning of inflammation. Depending on what the synovial bag are localized pathological processes, and subjectively distinguish between subacromial bursitis of the shoulder joint. Calculous bursitis develops in the case when the inflammation passes into the chronic stage. The wall of the bag thickens, it accumulates calcium salts. That is why this form of the disease is even called «stone, or calcareous bursitis».

The disease the most susceptible people who constantly overload the shoulder joint: tennis players or those who engage in golfing. In the initial stage of the disease may be asymptomatic, but if the amount of fluid increases and fills the whole bag, you experience the following symptoms:

  • sharp pain when lifting the arm;
  • stiffness;
  • redness and swelling of the skin;
  • the rise in temperature in the place of development of the inflammatory process.

All symptoms can occur with more or less intensity, but require an immediate response, as infection through blood are capable of spreading to other joints. Neglected acute bursitis will go into a chronic and such to treat much more difficult.

Diagnosis of the disease does not cause much difficulty, but to determine the character of the flora, its reaction to antibiotics your doctor may prescribe a puncture of the shoulder joint. To diagnose subdeltoidal bursitis, hidden soft tissue, is possible only by x-rays.

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Methods of dealing with illness

The question of how to treat bursitis effectively, often occurs in athletes who hope to quickly recover and continue his career. But patience here would be superfluous, because the first condition of successful recovery is the rest an inflamed shoulder. In infectious bursitis to start, identify and eliminate sources of infection.

In acute stage of the disease the patient applied a pressure bandage to provide maximum joint a rest, do a hot compress. The majority of patients will need analgesics, all without exception anti-inflammatory drugs (nonsteroidal better), and in the case of the infectious nature of the disease — antibiotics. If there were complications, treatment for bursitis of the shoulder joint is carried out with the help of hormonal drugs that are injected directly into the synovial bags.

Бурсит плечевого сустава: причины, симптомы и лечение

Physiotherapy can be used after inflammation has receded and disappeared all of his symptoms. Doctors use UHF, phonophoresis with hydrocortisone or UV irradiation. They are needed in order to restore functionality of the joint. At this time you can start the physical exercise, just be very careful, starting with light shakes of her arm. Many patients to rehabilitate the joint helped acupuncture.

When purulent or chronic bursitis, especially of the calcareous type, sometimes surgical intervention is required, in which a synovial cavity is opened and removed all the tissue and pus. The services offer not only traditional, but also traditional medicine. Effective compresses of burdock root, Kalanchoe, propolis.