Bursitis of the elbow joint: causes and treatment

Бурсит локтевого сустава: причины возникновения и лечение

In a sick inflamed elbow bag increased in size

Since the joint is a movable connection, for normal and full operation should be preserved its structure. One of the main diseases that disrupt the structure of the elbow is bursitis. Most often this disease develops in tennis players, miners, masons, tanners and other people who works heavily load and often injure the elbows. To bursitis of the elbow joint was not the cause of restricted movement, it is important to protect from the negative impact of the joint capsule. In her synovial fluid is a lubricant for bones joints and ensures their mobility.

Etiology and causes of bursitis

This disease can develop after injury of the elbow joint, when from the wound in periarticular bag is the infection. There are other reasons that can lead to the development of bursitis. These are such diseases as tuberculosis, gonorrhea, brucellosis. The appearance of the disease may help angina, acute respiratory viral infections, furuncle, erysipelas, osteomyelitis and pressure sores.

Inflammation of the mucous edges may be acute or chronic, which leads to the formation at the site of lesion exudate. Bursitis of the elbow most often develops in the most loaded areas of the joint. Most often the disease affects the shoulder, but may develop bursitis in the knee and also other joints.

Бурсит локтевого сустава: причины возникновения и лечение

Place of occurrence of tumor in the joint

Acute bursitis occurs when periarticular bag accumulate exudate and tissue that are around, are impregnated with a serous fluid. If the patient has purulent type of the disease, it can lead to a breakthrough pus in the joint or surrounding tissues and subsequently cause the development of septic arthritis. To avoid this, it’s time to start treatment.

If people are constantly putting a strain on the joint or injure him, periarticular bag becomes thicker and rough, which limits mobility. All of this can cause of the disease. Salt deposits on the walls of the bag lead to the development of calcareous bursitis. Photos of different manifestations of the disease can be found in the literature or the Internet.

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The sooner you identify the causes of bursitis of the elbow joint, eliminate them and begin treatment, the faster you will get rid of the disease. In this case, the negative consequences will be minimal.


The main manifestation of the disease is a swelling in the joint, it is quite painful and has an elastic consistency. The diameter of such education can reach 10 cm In a specified region of the patient marked fever, pain. Mobility is moderately limited. Perhaps phlegmonous inflammation, in this case, the surrounding tissues become swollen, and can develop redness of the skin. While there are severe pain and the temperature sometimes rises to 40° C.

Бурсит локтевого сустава: причины возникновения и лечение

The patient requires urgent help

If you do not start the treatment of bursitis, inflammation will cover the soft tissue around the joint. May be signs of cellulitis. That develop chronic bursitis, will indicate the presence of periarticular bags soft swelling. When probing the skin will be fixed, but the performance of the joint will not be disturbed.

At exacerbation of chronic diseases in the cavity of the bag increases the amount of liquid. If you do not start timely treatment, may be formed insulated cavity in the form of a cyst, which is filled with excess fluid. Such a formation is called a «ganglion cyst», her photo can be found on specialized sites.

Chronic bursitis in the elbow develop slowly. The patient with pressure on the joint area appears slight pain. Before swelling, can be distressing pain in the region of the olecranon.

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If the elbow is all right, to probe the synovial bag is impossible, in the presence of inflammation, it becomes large and is easily identified by touch. Over the area of swelling, the skin becomes rougher and loses its elasticity. If we talk about the density of the bags, it can be both hard and soft.

Because of the shrinkage of the walls of the bag, with the development of the disease the swelling may slightly decrease. If the patient is young and chronic bursitis occurred to him recently, with the probing can determine a soft swelling with distinct shapes. But more often the tumor has a density of cartilage.

Бурсит локтевого сустава: причины возникновения и лечение

Removing the accumulated in the joint fluid

When performing palpation of the bag can be heard the distinctive crunch. It occurs due to friction sklerozirovanie walls. The emergence of the crunch will coincide with increased pain in the joint and partial loss of his health.

Usually, when the functioning of bursitis of the elbow joint is not disturbed. This happens only in cases when the swelling grows to a large size.

Diagnosis and treatment of disease

Special laboratory tests to identify the bursitis does not exist. Mostly diagnosis is to survey patient: turns out his feelings, the character of the pain, their localization. This is followed by a visual inspection of the joint.

Бурсит локтевого сустава: причины возникновения и лечение

X-ray showed inflammation of the joint bags

In order to identify changes that have occurred in the joint and its surrounding tissues and also to detect the presence of the bags in the synovial fluid, an ultrasound and x-ray examination. If these methods did not allow accurate diagnosis can be assigned to magnetic resonance imaging.

To examine synovial fluid for the presence of infections hold the puncture. This procedure allows to determine, it is serous, purulent bursitis, purulent, hemorrhagic, or other. Determine the microbial flora and how it is sensitive to action of antibiotics. The conduct of the research allows to confirm or refute the presence of the disease, to find out its causes and to select appropriate therapies. To accurately establish the diagnosis, all of these studies should be carried out in the complex.

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In order for treatment to be effective, it must be comprehensive, to include the use of drugs local action, conservative therapy. If neglected the disease may surgery. If there is a patient of acute bursitis is necessary to urgently carry out the fixation of the joint, thus avoiding the appearance of swelling. Apply a hot compress.

If a patient has chronic bursitis before you start to treat the disease, it is necessary to withdraw the exudates. To do this, hold the puncture. If the bursitis is caused by trauma, periarticular bag administered antibiotics and hydrocortisone.

Complications and the progression of the disease, the synovial cavity of the bag is opened, remove pus, fluid and blood. The wound bad healed, so surgery is done only in extreme cases.