Bursitis of the elbow: treatment, diagnosis

Бурсит локтевого сустава: лечение, диагностика

In the diseased joint bag enlarged and inflamed

Bursitis of the elbow is an inflammation of periarticular bags (Bursa). In the inflammatory process in the cavity of the Bursa gets a large amount of synovial fluid resulting in joint, usually on its outer side, formed a red lump. It is well visible even to the naked eye, that greatly facilitates diagnosis.

The disease is caused by trauma to the elbow, including repeated, long-term mechanical stress on the joint caused by professional activity, in the presence in the body of a number of infectious diseases. Most often bursitis of the elbow affects athletes, jewelers, and people who like to lean on his elbows when lying on its side. Rarely the disease develops in patients with gonorrhea, syphilis, tuberculosis, or brucellosis.

Whatever caused by inflammation, treatment of bursitis of the elbow joint traditional methods should be under constant supervision of a trauma surgeon. In fact, when properly selected methods of therapy may need surgical excision of the inflamed mucosa. In the absence of pus in the periarticular bag treatment at home.

Varieties and symptoms of the disease

Inflammation of the mucous Bursa is of the following types:

  • sharp,
  • purulent,
  • chronic,
  • relapsing.

Бурсит локтевого сустава: лечение, диагностика

Acute bursitis usually occurs in trauma. In the affected joint bag gets fluid from the joint cavity, causing the Bursa is greatly increased in size. There is a puffiness and soft red lump. Often in severe injuries in the cavity of the bag replacement gets the blood pressure of the tissues is increased and there is severe pain. The optimal solution in this case is the puncture of. It is necessary to remove exudate from the cavity of the Bursa to prevent the deposition of fibrin and the overlap of the synovial vessels.

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Purulent bursitis of the elbow occurs when injected into the joint capsule of the bacteria through the wound hole, the blood or the lymphatic system. Purulent inflammation may be specific, if it is caused by gonococci, pale Treponema, Bacillus, or brucellosis. The nonspecific type of disease develops upon infection with Staphylococcus or Streptococcus. To treat purulent inflammation better in a specialized hospital.

Chronic inflammation of the Bursa usually is much softer than sharp. For example, an inflamed Bursa hurts only when you try to build on it. Movement of the joint is almost not cause pain, and only when the weather changes or heavy load on periarticular bag having discomfort.

Recurrent bursitis develops, if not dalechina acute form of the disease. At the slightest injury again there is acute inflammation. Treated recurrent form of the disease only by surgery. The main symptom of all varieties of inflammation of the Bursa is the emergence of soft red bumps on the outer side of the joint. Moreover, patients quite often there is pain with flexion and extension of the hand.

The main method of diagnosis to differentiate bursitis from arthritis or arthritis is a radiographic study. To clarify the diagnosis assigned to ultrasound or MRI. All methods give an exact result, which allows to treat promptly.

Therapies for inflammation of the synovial Bursa

After the diagnosis of trauma, how to treat bursitis of the elbow joint. For the particular variety of the disease there are therapies. In acute inflammatory process, not burdened by a bacterial infection, usually is assigned to the following treatment:

  • wearing a tight pressure bandage;
  • the nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs;
  • local applications with Dimexidum, and the dry antibiotic.
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If the lump is large, hold the puncture. Syringe deflate the inflammatory exudate from the cavity of the Bursa. Then impose a pressure bandage with Dimexidum or any other antiseptic. When the exudation of blood give fluid for bacterial culture.

Бурсит локтевого сустава: лечение, диагностикаIf the patient has a suppurative bursitis or disease occurs on the background of any, including chronic infectious diseases, he immediately prescribed antibiotics intravenously or intramuscularly. If the antibiotics do not exert the expected effect of periarticular mucous excised, washed with antiseptics and treated as open wound.

Treatment of septic bursitis of the elbow joint folk remedies prohibited. In addition, pressure bandages, orthoses and various ointments. Such therapies did not help, but only aggravate the disease. But medical experts welcome the treatment of folk remedies chronic inflammation of periarticular bags. For example, good help decoction of burdock root, water if there’s bandages and tightly wrap them affected joint. Instead of decoction of burdock, you can use the juice of cabbage.

Remember: even if you have chronic inflammation of the joint capsule, treatment of bursitis of the popular methods can be started only after all the diagnostic tests and medication prescribed by the attending physician.