Bus Elanskogo: an independent application, photo device

Purpose and use of the tire Elanskogo

Any medical bus is a special device that is designed to fix those areas that were damaged in a stationary state.


In medicine there are a large number of their raznovidnostei:

  1. Pneumatic immobilization (represent inflated cylinders are used for injuries of the extremities.
  2. Bus Diterihs (represent two boards, one with sleeves, and other openings, securely necessary part of the body.
  3. Cotton circles (for head fixation);
  4. Collars Trench (used to secure the neck).
  5. Bus Elanskogo (used for immobilization of the spine).

On the latter will be discussed in more detail.

Details about the device

Bus Elanskogo is a modular design, intended for immobilization of the cervical spine.

It is commonly made from wood (usually we are talking about multi-layered wood) and fastened by straps to the upper torso.

It consists of two identical halves which are connected by special hinges. If you expand the design, it will be a silhouette of the torso, neck and head.

Which is handy, minimized it takes up quite a bit, which makes it particularly convenient to transport. The upper part of the device equipped (which correspond to the occipital region of the human body) there is a special recess oval shape, the edges of which are decorated with a cotton cushion, covered with oilcloth.

This cushion is attached with its front side, and the hinges are on the back. This allows you to fold and unfold the tire with minimal time, while making a quite large amount of effort.

On the lower part of the structure, the edges are slotted holes, through which are straps or ribbon, through which it will record directly to the human body.

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Into the holes on the sides, in turn, pass through two thick cloth bands, with a length of 1 meter each. This addition is necessary to lock.

The ends of these strips are simply fastened on the breast of the victim. In the same case, if we are talking about belts for fastening on the body design uses a buckle.

the bottom two slots, they are used to carry out a more long string (about five feet), which is a reliable way to fix the tire to the body

How to apply?

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When applying you should follow some important rules:

  • the design is very carefully placed under the head and the back rear;
  • directly under the neck also gently enclose cotton-gauze pad, the size of which must not exceed 20×20 cm;
  • just below the nape of the neck to the posterior surface of the necks of the victim, place a lump of cotton wool;
  • the tire is securely fastened with a bandage to the head;
  • and, finally, to do all the described manipulations affected only in the supine position.

The presence of the tires, if all made correctly and properly, completely eliminates lateral and flexion movement of the head.

What to look for when applying

For anybody not a secret that the spine consists of vertebrae, whose main task is to protect the spinal cord.

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Given the fact that the fracture can be absolutely each vertebra from the tailbone and up to the top of the neck, it may injure the spinal cord, which is fraught with serious and in some cases even irreversible consequences.

That is why splinting Elanskogo should be approached responsibly. And better if you manipulate will be an experienced medic.

In any case, before you apply a splint, you should check for symptoms of trauma.

These include:

  • deformation of the back;
  • deformation of the neck;
  • pain in the injured place;
  • the presence of bruises and cuts;
  • a feeling of numbness;
  • burning sensation or tingling in the injured place;
  • paralysis.


If in view of certain circumstances, to provide first aid to the person, traumatic spine, you have, and also an original design not available there, you will have to take risks and to impose it in accordance with the instructions that will be given below.

Most importantly, in no case do not move the victim until the time until you completely immobilize. And you necessarily need an assistant.

For immobilization of the head need a sweater, newspaper, rolled up towel, or any other similar object. They should oblige the head, but not too tight, so that the bandage does not interfere with breathing. Move the victim in any case impossible.

To immobilize the spine in the field, you will need to make several manipulations:

  1. Beside the casualty should be put to support. It can be a door, wide Board or something of that kind. Most importantly, the item went from the buttocks to the head.
  2. Prepare scarves, ties and any other fabric with which it is possible to support the body bind, dragging the bottom.
  3. If the victim has not lost the ability to breathe on his own, he needs to keep his head under the same angle at which it was immediately after the injury. Have an assistant gently lift the victim’s clothes and gently slip under it support.
  4. It is necessary to move very slowly and carefully. To lift a person should be no higher than necessary to podsovyvaniya a support for the body. Be sure to move the body as a whole. The head under no circumstances must not move by itself.
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Then the victim is securely tied. This last bandage will be placed on the forehead.

Don’t underestimate the importance of tyres Elanskogo. Because it not only prevents aggravation of the injury, but also allows you to avoid a painful shock, decreasing pain.