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How to wear and what is needed bus Vilna — reviews parents

Quite often, there are times when a child is born with dysplasia, a disease characterized by the dislocation of the hip joint. In this case, parents should not panic or despair – all this can be cured.

For example, doctors recommend that you apply a bus Vilna, which is specifically designed for children from two weeks to a year.

Why the need for bus Vilna else? It is also used for breeding of the lower extremities in the treatment spastic – increased muscle tone.

Using this bus, you retain the ability of foot motion in the joints of the baby, and therefore this device is not a hindrance to its development, unlike the special bandages and corsets. The tire ensures careful but effective breeding extremities.

Bus Vilna arranged in the form of a sliding strut, both ends of which is fixed a cuff of skin is natural or artificial. Developed over 50 years ago a doctor Vilensky, she for so long has not changed its design and is still popular with parents whose children had hip dysplasia.


Bus Vilna is made in three sizes:

  • great for children older than one year;
  • the average – from 3 months to a year;
  • small – for kids, still under 3 months.

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Usage instructions

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To remove the tire not only during bathing of the child. The rest of the time it should always be worn.

The course of treatment is individual and is set by the podiatrist, but often it lasts about 9 months. Therefore, the bus must be comfortable for the baby to match his size.

For this reason, you can’t buy it «by hand», and need to pick up specifically for your child that is made to order, or buy in a specialized store according to the measurements of the baby.

How to wear the device

Before you apply on the baby bus Vilna, contact a podiatrist like her to wear. The fact that in each case the tire is mounted on different heights of the limbs of the baby. And the doctor should in detail to tell you about it.

So when you detailed out everything you need to study the instructions for putting on the bus Vilna and begin:

  • put baby on his back on a hard surface, thus spreading him legs thus, as was shown by the doctor;
  • insert one leg into the leather cuff at the level indicated by the podiatrist;
  • firmly secure the lacing of the strap;
  • do the same with the second leg.

When the dislocation reduced, the child should begin to go also in the bus.

At the end of the article you can find the video on the practical application of the bus Vilnius.

How to put a device

You can select the following rules for the wearing of tires:

You must ensure that the device was securely attached to the limbs of the child and not slipping during movements, otherwise you will lose the whole effect of it. To do this, it is possible to build the baby a vest-like body of durable and non-slip fabric.

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The splint should be worn without removing, from 4 to 9 months as the doctor says.

You can remove it only when the hip joint will reduce in its place.

Reviews about the device

On the bus Vilnius you can find a lot of reviews on the Internet. And often they are positive. Among the shortcomings highlight the disadvantage of this device is for the baby, but it’s all bearable, knowing that as a result your child will be healthy.

Parents of children with dysplasia noted that the sooner you start treatment, the sooner you remove the tyre, giving the baby a chance to develop normally, crawling and walking.

Doctors also often dysplasia is recommended to use the bus Vilna, noting its effectiveness.

The fact that the device helps the child to keep the legs apart, they say, and it is in this position, the joint begins to properly take shape.

And at the same time the bus does not prevent the baby to move, develop normally. The only condition is not to remove the tire. The exception is bathing the child, but it is still necessary to plant its feet. Having cured this way, your kid will forget about dysplasia and will have normally developed feet.

Where to buy

The easiest way to buy bus Vilnius in one of the online stores. Price is required within the 2000 – 2400 rubles.

Or you can contact the specialized stores that sell orthopedic products, if any in your city. Price of the device there will be higher, but will be able to accurately pick the correct size.

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Previously will need to take the necessary measurements of the baby to pick up or order what you need.

The bus must be for a child more or less comfortable, and wearing it should not be painful.

So, we can say that even if your child at birth received a nasty disease, like dysplasia, a way out of this situation.

By bus Vilna on the recommendation of a podiatrist you will see a positive result already after a maximum of nine months, and then be able to see how your baby runs freely around the room. Do not delay treatment of the child, it is very important.

Video: the Boy went with the established bus Vilna