Butrimov exercises with cervical osteochondrosis

The symptoms of the cervical osteochondrosis due to the specific nature of this spine differs from the normal manifestations that occur when the same disease is another area of the spine. This disease leads to disruption of cerebral blood flow, oxygen starvation. Osteochondrosis of the cervical causes insomnia, depression, jumps in blood pressure, blackouts, headaches and even panic attacks. The disease of this division leads to the development of vegetative-vascular dystonia.

Reason – in the anatomy of the cervical spine: the proximity of the brain, the presence of large vessels and various nerves. This spine is almost always in a vertical position and is constantly exposed to physical stress. As a result, the vertebrae in the neck area in people over 35 years old begin to deform, which leads to osteochondrosis.Бутримов упражнения при шейном остеохондрозе

The definition of flexibility of the neck

The best way to restore the original position of the vertebrae and repairing blood circulation is gymnastics. There is an effective set of exercises for the treatment of the cervical spine. Its author is Dr. Butrimov – applies the achievements of the ancient Chinese exercises of qigong, which allows you to ease the pain and increase flexibility in the neck muscles.

The elements of this complex is an effective exercise with the use of special technologies aimed at the rapid obtaining of the desired result. Exercises that are included in the complex Butrimova designed in such a way that they are forced to work all the cervical vertebrae and the surrounding muscles. Universal complex, which through years of research created doctor of Butrimov, also has a positive impact on the psychological and emotional state of the patient.

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Before you begin to complete the exercises, you need to determine the condition of the spine in the cervical region by carrying out test movements.

  • Tilt your head forward, reaching out his chin to his chest.
  • Tilt your head to the right towards the shoulder. The upper edge of the right ear must be located approximately on the same horizontal line with the bottom edge of the left ear. Repeat same to the left.
  • Body position – straight, upright. Tilt the head back, sending a glance upward, or squinting slightly to the side.
  • Stand in front of the wall, keeping a straight posture. Mark the wall at the level of the tip of the nose. Turn around 90 degrees to the right and turn your head to the wall. The tip of the nose must match the assigned label. Repeat same to the left.
  • If you could easily do these exercises, so, low back pain is absent, and the flexibility of the neck is excellent. If the movement were met, but difficulties arose and the condition of your spine in the neck area good. Maintain his regular classes.

    A situation in which you are unable to perform half of the items or felt pain, suggests that low back pain began to develop. In the case where you are unable to master all the exercises, you should take urgent measures for treatment, lifestyle change and start doing gymnastics complex, which recommends Dr. Butrimov.

    Бутримов упражнения при шейном остеохондрозе

    The base unit exercises gymnastics Butrimova

    The complex, which offers a doctor of Butrimov, consists of various sets of movements. Each block of exercises recommended to perform with cervical degenerative disc disease at different stages. We offer a basic set of elements, developed by one of the best qigong therapists, therapist, and supporter of traditional Chinese martial arts.

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    Performing elements of the complex, tune in to the mental immersion in the movements and in the organism. Focus directly on your problem area of the spine. Breathe gently through the nose. Perform all movements with a wide amplitude, smoothly and quietly. Stretch the muscles, not strain them. You should be comfortable, pain should not be.



    The movement of the chin. Gently pull the chin forward and bring it closer to the neck, as if gently pulling him in the neck.
    Head turns to the side stretch. Alternately rotate the head left and right. At the end of the turn gently drag the chin to the shoulder joint, stretching the neck.
    Turns to the side in the slope. Slightly lower the head down and from this position perform smooth turns to the side. The top stretches a little up and to the side. At the end of the turn, the gaze is directed upwards.
    Tilts forward and back. Pressing her chin to her chest, slowly slide them down, stretching the cervical-thoracic spine. Then slightly tilt your head backward: lift sets up and slightly pull the top back up.
    Inclinations in the parties with the stretching. Make the head tilts alternately left and right at the end of the pulling movement of the crown. Thus it is not necessary to press the head down to shoulder. This double movement is developing in the cervical and partly thoracic.

    Don’t worry if when you perform the initial elements occur dizziness. This temporary condition will pass quickly. Slight cracking in the neck means the removal of perennial locks in the defective segments of the vertebrae. When carrying elements ensure that all movements were carried out only the neck and head, with fixed position of the shoulders and mandatory relaxation.

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    Gymnastics in osteochondrosis of the spine in the neck may not be appointed at the stage of exacerbation, the presence of pain, tumor. To pick up patients a set of exercises yourself in any case impossible. Osteochondrosis any physical stress on the neck should be discussed with your doctor.

    Do all movements slowly, slowly. It is important to do everything smoothly. The exercises in no case should not happen through the power and overcoming pain. Doing this technique daily for 12 minutes, after 4-5 months you will feel a significant improvement.