C shaped scoliosis of 1, 2, 3 and 4 degrees right and left: symptoms, treatment

Recognize and effectively cured C-shaped scoliosis

From childhood, very familiar to many these phrases: Veronaise! Keep your posture! Stand up straight! These common words a child hears from their parents or close relatives.

When a child says that he is so comfortable, you hear a story about a terrible disease called silicosis, according to parents, the disease will soon make him old, frail and with a huge hump.

Of course, it’s not so bad, scoliosis is unable to progress so quickly, and not always similar to the hump, but the truth is, in the words of the parents is still there.

Scoliosis is a curved spinal curvature in humans, which may be either congenital or acquired. The disease may take time to evolve, manifesting itself as a slight stoop, which the people blamed on fatigue and poor mood.

Scoliosis is a disease fraught with complications of the vital organs.

What are the forms of curvature

Scoliosis is of three kinds:

  1. C — shaped – single arcuate curvature of the spine.
  2. S-shaped – the curvature of the spine in two places, most often in the thoracic and lumbar spine.
  3. Z — shaped triple curvature. In the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine.

Disease distinguish not only the shape curvature, but also by origin. Curvature of the spine in scoliosis of type C can be left and right.

S-shaped deformation of the vertebral column

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The most common is C-shaped scoliosis, in most cases, this curvature is localized in the thoracic spine, is the so — called right-sided scoliosis.

Often such violation occurs in children and adolescents. In adults the disease is much rarer.

C-shaped curvature is the most invisible of all types of scoliosis, because the doctors did not immediately recognize him, confusing with kyphosis (the spine is bent back in the chest Department).

The worsening of the distortion stage by stage

Of course, if not treated a violation of it successfully develops and progresses:

  • as mentioned above: first the extent of the disease is the most invisible and even doctors are not always able to recognize the curvature in this case is 1-10 degrees;
  • second degree noticeable to the doctors, as the curvature increases, and its size reaches 25 degrees;
  • on a third-degree deflection angle ranges from 26 to 50 degrees;
  • the fourth degree is not amenable to conservative treatment, the angle of deformation is 50 degrees or more.

The causes of the violations

The most common reasons for the development of s-shaped scoliosis are:

  1. For a long period of holding back in the wrong position, such as sitting at a computer leaning strongly to the keyboard.
  2. Carrying heavy bags in one hand, sometimes causes the development of scoliotic illness.
  3. A considerable role is played by heredity. If parents have a predisposition to curvature of the spine, the child it too will evolve.
  4. It so happens that a person leads an active lifestyle, plays sports, and the disease it is still present. The reason for that favorite sport. So, for example: playing tennis and javelin-throwing can lead to the development of the disease.
  5. The disruption of fetal development causes congenital scoliosis.
  6. The child’s age 10-14 years is often the cause of the disease, because at this time there is active bone growth.
  7. The disease is a consequence of cerebral palsy, poliomyelitis, rickets.
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The symptoms of scoliotic disease

C-shaped scoliosis does not manifest itself at the first stage and it is impossible to see even when viewed by physicians. Sometimes, you may experience stooped posture.

The second stage is more visible, it produces uneven arrangement of the ribs and raised the blade. In the third stage, the irregularities are amplified, and the shoulder and scapula of the patient would be tilted sideways.

Fourth degree enhances these symptoms, the back is strongly bent in the right or left side like the arc.

The symptoms of this disease can include back pain, shortness of breath, chest pain, heart pain (if a third or fourth stage of curvature).

Diagnostic methods

To identify the disease at early stages, the doctor asks the patient to lean forward with his hands down.

Then inspect the back, if is the edge or blade, then, is the presence of the first stage of scoliosis.

However, this method is not always effective, for example, if the disease has just begun, and the curvature is negligible.

Also used:

  1. X-rays of the spine exactly helps to determine the presence and stage of disease. Looking at the experienced doctor will determine not only the presence but also the origin of the disease. As is well known, x-ray harmful to the body because the doctors recently used images with lower radiation.
  2. Scoliometer Bonnelly – three-dimensional measurement of the spine light-optical methods. Allows you to make an accurate diagnosis. Unlike x-rays, the method is less dangerous.
  3. Imaging of the spine – a study using metered-dose ionizing radiation.
  4. Three-dimensional ultrasound of the spine is the safest method, with no radiation. It is safe for pregnant women, and for children of any age.

The complex of therapeutic measures

The task of the doctor to eliminate the cause of the disease, prescribe the optimum treatment for each stage of the disease, prevent further development of scoliosis. Treatment should be individualized.

Taken into account the origin of the disease, its stage, age of the patient.

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There are a few common treatments that are often prescribed by physicians:

  • therapeutic massage;
  • the complex of physical exercises for the back;
  • wearing a corset;
  • surgical treatment.

Physical therapy is the mainstay of treatment

Exercises that are performed lying on the back:

  1. Elbows alternately to pull on the knee. Right elbow should pull to left and left to right.
  2. The knees need to pull to your chest. Short of, you will stay in this position and count to five.
  3. Hands on the floor, trying not to move them, you need to lift your legs and tilt them to the left, then to the right.

On the abdomen:

  1. Hands folded in the castle, raise and lower upper torso.
  2. Leaning on the palm of your hand slightly lifting the upper part of the torso (hips and abdomen should be pressed to the floor) must alternately raise one or the other leg.

Exercises to perform standing:

  1. Standing on tiptoes, you should hold high the hands, then slowly lower.
  2. Raising his hands, you must pull the torso up, but the feet should be pressed to the floor.
  3. Keeping your back straight, you need to perform walking on the spot.

The use of physical therapy is a very effective method, but full recovery will take at least a month, depending on the stage.

Other methods

Very effective treatment of scoliosis, the chiropractor. Chiropractor doing therapeutic massage, it is sometimes slightly painful but very effective. Three visiting lines, visibly improving your posture, and eliminates back pain.

Wearing a corset is more suitable for children and teenagers than for adults because a child’s bones are growing and forming. The corset against the stoop and scoliosis should not wear a very long time, almost constantly.

Surgery done at the last stage of the disease, when all the above methods are ineffective. To perform the operation, along the edges or on the middle line of the torso is cut open and are attached to the spine with metal rods, allowing to fix it in a straight position.

Surgery in very rare cases there are complications:

  • inflammation of the respiratory system;
  • internal bleeding;
  • trauma of the nervous system.

Before going to the doctor…

If the disease is still in an early stage of development, and treatment, for some reason not assigned, you can try to treated at home.

If scoliosis develops in the child, parents sometimes ask him to align your back like a few minutes with a book on your head. Once the back takes the usual slouching position, the book falls.

A set of exercises, mentioned above, is quite suitable for the home environment.

Although the corset is not always effective for adults, but it can be worn while performing sedentary work. This will help to keep the back straight throughout the day.

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It is important to remember! It is impossible in any case to appoint himself exercises on the second and third stages of scoliosis, they should appoint a specialist, given the extent and origin of the disease.

If for some reason advice of a qualified specialist is not available, you can refer to the medical literature and to consider the origin, variety and grade of disease.

When properly selected exercises can be complications and progression of curvature.

A better way to prevent it?

Prevention of scoliosis is primarily a healthy and active lifestyle. Namely: sport, work, allowing you to frequently change the position. The absence of obesity.

Six months babies should not be planted until such time as they will not make it. Children at this age the head is heavier than the rest of the body, because the child is not able to keep posture.

If the students observed children slouch, you need to follow the proper wearing of a backpack (on the shoulders, must be clothed with two straps, not one), a seat at a table or Desk.

Do in the army with scoliosis?

The initial stage of scoliosis is not a Vice, because zakosit from the army will not succeed. The doctor determines the degree of curvature on the pre-service inspection.

The second and the third and fourth stages allow to be exempted from military service.

The disease is not a hindrance to sports. It all depends on the degree of deformation. For example, the initial stage of the disease, allows to practice all kinds of sport but; tennis, archery and other activities requiring participation of only one hand.

Gymnastics and pulling on the bar will be useful for all types and stages of scoliosis except the fourth. Raising the bar is not prohibited, but should consult with your doctor.

Curvature of the spine in adults and children can be found very often, not everyone involved in his treatment, believing it to be hereditary. Whatever origin he may, a c-shaped scoliosis, like other types, need to be treated.

Otherwise, it is possible to significantly degrade the quality and reduce the duration of their life.