Calcium supplements osteoporosis

The main part of medical therapy, allowing to restore the structure of bone tissue is calcium supplementation for osteoporosis. However, the introduction of a single medication is not enough, because the development of the disease is a very complex process. Osteoporosis occurs as young people and elderly people. This is due to malnutrition, sedentary lifestyle, endocrine, gynecological or metabolic diseases.

Given the fact that the exchange of alkali metals in the body is influenced by many factors, there should be a comprehensive treatment of the disease. Medications for osteoporosis are appointed taking into account the causes of disease, mechanism of development, age and sex of the patient. For treatment using drugs of calcium, phosphorus, fluoride, thyroid hormones.Препараты кальция остеопорозе

Manifestations and diagnosis of osteoporosis

Before you start treatment, it is necessary to diagnose the disease and to identify the causes of its development. Osteoporosis is a disease that takes a long time with little or no symptoms, but is accompanied by severe complications (fractures). Fractures of the very long fused or not fused at all. In the latest version of operative treatment.

To determine the cause and mechanism of excretion of calcium from the bones using an indicator such as osteocalcin. It is determined by examination of venous blood. What is this indicator? Osteocalcin is a protein of bone tissue, reflecting the changes of metabolism. Failure absorption of calcium in the bone tissue that is accompanied by violation of its formation, osteocalcin is reduced. If the processes are dominated by excretion of this ion, osteocalcin increases. During normal bone metabolism, this indicator practically does not change.

Note that when taking Biotin osteocalcin is increased and on the background of treatment with glucocorticoids decreases. Therefore, before analysis should inform the doctor about all the medications you are taking. Also increases osteocalcin during prolonged bedrest. It is impossible to determine osteocalcin without taking into account the functional state of the kidneys. In chronic failure of the kidney is impaired excretion of metabolic products, respectively, osteocalcin in the blood increases. This indicator allows you to objectively evaluate the process of bone formation and resorption.

Diagnosis of osteoporosis cannot be based on a single analysis for osteocalcin. Also determine the level of calcium, phosphorus, parathyroid hormones and deoxypyridinoline. The excess hormones the parathyroid glands increase the excretion of calcium, that is the cause of osteoporosis. Deoxypyridinoline is a marker of excretion of calcium.

Due to the comprehensive evaluation of laboratory data can accurately determine the mechanism of the disease and prescribe adequate medical therapy.

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How to ensure the supply of calcium in the right quantity?

For the treatment and prevention of diseases of the skeleton should provide the necessary amounts of calcium in the body. This can be achieved by a balanced diet and the introduction of appropriate drugs. Adequate supply of this alkali metal from food helps to maintain normal bone density and prevents its resorption. The most abundant source of food are seafood. A balanced diet is the Foundation for the prevention of osteoporosis. Calcium provides:Препараты кальция остеопорозе

  • bone density;
  • vasodilation, stabilizes the cell membranes of the vascular wall.
  • normalizes the transmission of nerve impulses, muscle contraction, heart;
  • involved in the process of blood clotting;
  • increases the body’s resistance to infections and toxins.

Effect of calcium and to a large extent depend on accompanying therapy. Accept them without an accompanying therapy for the treatment of advanced caries and non-carious defects of enamel. Calcium supplements for osteoporosis are used in conjunction with other agents that stimulate metabolism in the bone (calcitonin, vitamin D). At the moment, are a lot of calcium, but the highest content in such as: calcium carbonate, tripolyphosphate, citrate.

To use calcium citrate for the treatment and prevention of osteoporosis is best on an empty stomach, it will provide a greater percentage of its absorption. If you are taking calcium carbonate, not more than 600 mg at a time, otherwise its absorption (suction) is reduced. It is best to split the administration of the drug several times a day.

Calcium chloride is a cure for osteoporosis that can occur after immobilization or insufficient functioning of the parathyroid glands. The content of this metal in the product reaches 27%. Calcium chloride is administered only intravenously, intramuscular injection will occur abscess or necrosis at the injection site. Should be administered slowly drug side effects are a feeling of heat, decrease heart rate, phlebitis.

The preparations of phosphorus and fluorine

The main depot of phosphorus and fluorine in the human body are bones and tooth enamel. The exchange of these alkaline earth metals is associated with the metabolism of calcium in bone tissue. Drugs from osteoporosis on the basis of phosphorus ensure a higher percentage of data assimilation of trace elements in bone.

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Those most effective medications for osteoporosis that contain inorganic phosphates. One of the representatives of this group of drugs is calcium glycerophosphate. It is also used as a tonic, tonic, with significant fatigue, rickets. In addition to the restoration of bone structure, this drug enhances the processes of formation (synthesis) necessary for the activities of the organism.

Phytin is a complex organic phosphate, which contains phosphorus, calcium and magnesium. Used for prevention and treatment of osteoporosis through increased growth and bone development. The product contains about 35% phosphoric acid, which allows you to quickly restore the deficiency of phosphorus and to normalize metabolism in the bones.

Fluoride is one of the most important elements. Most often the drugs based on fluoride used to prevent dental diseases and osteoporosis. To treat bone lesions or hard tissues of teeth best sodium fluoride. This drug is available in pill form, but the frequency of its administration and the dosage calculated depending on the weight and age of the patient, as well as the content of this trace element in drinking water.


Препараты кальция остеопорозеDrugs for the treatment of osteoporosis, because they contain the hormones of the parathyroid glands, provide the regulation of calcium and phosphorus in the body. These substances have a significant impact on bone and kidney, because there are specific receptors. Directly in the kidney parathyroid hormone increases the absorption of calcium in the renal tubules, but reduces the reabsorption of phosphate. They also stimulate the production of calciferol, which activates the supply of calcium and phosphorus in the body through the intestines.

It is important to know that only a normal level parathyrin enhances the growth and maturation of bones. The major indication for taking hormone therapy is osteoporosis, which arose due to the reduction in the production of hormones of the parathyroid glands (hypoparathyroidism). The most common cure for osteoporosis in this group is paratireoidin. Some doctors recommend that their patients takistan.

To treat calcium deficiency in the bones these drugs without pre-determining the measure of the hormone the blood can not, so can only worsen your condition. In excess of parathyrin enhances excretion of calcium and phosphate from the bones, which develops drug-induced osteoporosis. Therefore, only the normal maintenance of hormones in the blood has a beneficial effect on the body.

Before taking hormonal medications, you need to test your blood not only on the level of content of thyroid hormones and calcium. Contraindicated medications of this group are for diseases of the heart, kidneys, elevated levels of calcium in the blood, without strong evidence or to prevent osteoporosis.

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Fat-soluble vitamins

Препараты кальция остеопорозеThe main role in the bone metabolism among fat-soluble vitamins are given vitamin D (calciferol). The greatest amount of this vitamin in such foods as cow’s milk, butter, egg yolk. Also it is produced in the skin under ultraviolet light.

After ingestion of drugs or foods rich in vitamin D, it hits the liver, where it is converted into calcitriol or calcidiol. These highly active chemical substances according to their properties close to the hormones. In the bones they increase the production of special proteins that bind calcium and prevent its removal. These medications from osteoporosis improve the absorption of calcium from the intestines, stimulates its transport from the blood into the bone tissue.

In addition, the normal synthesis of collagen and elastin, which ensures the maturation of cartilage and improves their elasticity. Studies have shown that vitamin D slow down the division of some cancer cells. These properties of calciferol allow not only to use it for prevention, but also actively to treat osteoporosis.

When using vitamin D as a drug for osteoporosis it is necessary to accurately observe the dosage. Prolonged use of high doses of calciferol can lead to hypervitaminosis. It is manifested by weakness, nausea, abdominal pain, heartburn, diarrhea and increased blood pressure. In the future, hypervitaminosis can cause kidney (urolithiasis, hydronephrosis).

Do not use this calciferol with the active form of tuberculosis, severe heart failure, peptic ulcer disease and in the elderly. In addition calciferol, drugs containing vitamin D, is videin, cholecalciferol and cod liver oil. Before taking any medicine consult your doctor.