Can you hula-Hoop in scoliosis

How compatible are scoliosis and pregnancy? Is it possible for scoliosis to running, to hula-Hoop, jump rope, gym, bodybuilding, fitball? What sports scoliosis can do, and what absolutely can not? All this is far not idle questions because the correct answer depends on the health of a huge number of people.Можно ли крутить обруч при сколиозе

Scoliosis and its symptoms

Scoliosis is a lateral deformity of the spine with displacement to the side of the vertebrae. Medicine classifies scoliosis to severe progressive disease with pathological changes in the spinal column. When scoliosis first suffers correct posture and increases the load on the curved portion of the spine. In addition, in cases of severe scoliosis disrupted internal organs, primarily the heart and lungs, that can provoke heart failure. Therefore, the neglect of this, at first glance, not too dangerous disease, it is impossible.

Scoliosis – a disease manifested mainly in childhood and adolescence, although in some diseases, for example, cerebral palsy or arthritis of the joints of the feet, it can develop in adult and even in elderly people. The causes of scoliosis are still largely remain a mystery. In 3 of 4 cases the exact cause of its occurrence cannot be established. It is known only that it can be inherited.

On the development of scoliosis may indicate:

  • uneven shoulders (one shoulder always higher than the other);
  • stoop;
  • asymmetrically positioned blades;
  • curvature of the spine.

In addition to the increased load on the curved portion of the spine, suffers muscular system of the back. On the convex parts of the spine muscles will inevitably stretch and weaken, and eventually completely atrophied. When scoliosis occurs, and the thrusting rib each other, resulting in these sections are clamped intercostal nerves. The result of such deformation may be intercostal neuralgia.

But the greater the danger the disease poses to located in the chest organs. Its deformation causes compression of the lung, reducing its volume. As a result the person cannot breathe.

Deformation during scoliosis affects not only the chest but also the bones of the pelvis, which can lead to bias in the pelvic cavity organs. Over time, this can lead to kidney disease, inflammation of the reproductive organs and even cause infertility. The development of scoliosis during pregnancy can lead to great tragedy – the loss of a child.

There are a lot of other signs of progression of this dangerous disease of the spine, such as pain in the back of the long walk, but they can testify not only about scoliosis, and other spinal problems.

Load, have a positive effect in scoliosis

Можно ли крутить обруч при сколиозеTo avoid such complications, it is important to know what physical exercises will help to stop the development of pathology and which only aggravate the situation. With this knowledge, you can build a strategy of treatment using physical exercises. To get rid of scoliosis will help a gym. Among the permitted classes – bodybuilding, press, Hoop, horizontal bar, gymnastics with fitball.

Bodybuilding is included in the list of those exercises which can halt the progression of many diseases of the spine, including scoliosis. The fact is that bodybuilding greatly strengthens back muscles and improves posture, reducing the load on the spine. Practicing bodybuilding, it is possible not only to stop the deformity of the spine and remove the pain, but if the deformation is not very strong, to return the displaced vertebrae back in place.

However, bodybuilding became a getting rid of scoliosis, it is necessary to strictly observe the synchronicity in the execution of all its exercises. Need to the left and right sides of the body have experienced the same load. It should also be noted that hard practicing bodybuilding and overdo it with the weights, can only aggravate the situation. So practicing bodybuilding is necessary under the supervision of an experienced instructor, able to choose the right exercises and correctly calculate the load.

It is possible and even useful in scoliosis to download the press. Press is good because it allows to strengthen muscles of abdomen and back, besides this exercise symmetrically affects all the muscles of the spine. But doing crunches, not from the first class too much muscle instead of strengthen, they can easily tear. Therefore, independently of the press better not download and to go to the gym and do it under the supervision of an instructor, telling him that you have scoliosis.

Very useful to do ballroom dancing in scoliosis. When visiting a dance hall, we carry out a range of movements in its intensity is comparable with a session in the gym to strengthen all muscle groups of the back and learning to keep good posture.

Exercises that can be added during the lessons

There are exercises at the initial stage of training, when muscles are still weak, perform not recommended, but you can add them in the course of employment when the muscles get stronger. In this period, you can do push-UPS, jumping, hula-Hoop, pull-up, perform the exercises on the rope.




The jumping rope. After a sufficient strengthening of muscles of a back they are safe, and even useful tool for reducing spinal deformity. Therefore, in this period of jumping rope is not only possible, but necessary. Jump rope for scoliosis at the beginning of training is not desirable because such exercises provide a constant axial load on the spine. Before the beginning of classes must consult with your doctor.
The rotation of the Hoop. Effective to eliminate the effects of scoliosis I-II degree, and such apparatus as a Hoop. Fans of hula-Hoop are always beautiful and slender figure. Rotating the Hoop helps to strengthen the back muscles and the press, stimulates blood circulation, has a beneficial effect on the respiratory system. However, like any apparatus, the Hoop has a number of contraindications. It is better not to twist at the expressed inflammation of internal organs and acute exacerbations of diseases of the female organs. Also twist the Hoop is contraindicated in pregnancy and for the first time after childbirth, especially if you’ve had a cesarean section. It is better to stop to roll a Hoop and in that case, if the place of contact of the Hoop with the body you feel pain.
Visy and pulling up on the bar. These actions for scoliosis also help to reduce spinal deformity. But to turn «the sun» and perform other gymnastic exercises on the horizontal bar at scoliosis of I–II century not recommended, and in III–IV St. absolutely contraindicated.
Cycling. Lovers of pedal is necessary to raise the wheel to its maximum height. In the normal position steering the bike, especially the sport models, the spine is almost always arched, which contributes to the development of kyphosis – curvature of the spine posteriorly. While scoliosis and kyphosis at the same time – it’s a complicated situation.

Best option: come to the gym and work out on a stationary Bicycle under the supervision of an experienced coach.

Можно ли крутить обруч при сколиозе

What sports scoliosis is better not to do

Along with useful physical exercises there are to do in case of scoliosis which is undesirable due to the constant asymmetry of the loads during their execution. When curvature of the spine is better not to do weightlifting, wrestling or jumping height. Although these sports have relatively symmetrical load on the body, but they have a high load on the spine. Deformed by scoliosis of the spine is fraught with serious complications.

Not recommended by doctors to do gymnastics. This sport requires extreme flexibility of the spine, so the classes will only accelerate the deformation of the spine. Fencing, Boxing, badminton and tennis differ spasmodic, fitful movements of the upper trunk that also able to significantly accelerate the deformation of the spine.

These sports activities is not desirable to do, even when scoliosis of the first degree. Football, hockey, handball and basketball I–II stage to do, and then dangerous, because it’s all contact sports, in which avoid shocks in the back and falls. For curved scoliosis of the spine it is fraught with serious injuries, up to fracture.

In scoliosis, even in the initial stage, it is better not to run for a long distance. You are only permitted to Jogging, and then only with long rest stops. But the best solution is the gym. It is usually equipped treadmills on which you can choose the time of the race and speed.

Scoliosis is one of the few diseases that are treated much more effectively with exercise than medication. So if you want to get rid of scoliosis, the gym, pool or dance hall should become part of your life. But if you are not able to visit the pool, go dancing or go to the gym, you shouldn’t give up. Of course, practicing at home bodybuilding is not worth it, but to hula-Hoop, jump rope, do chin-UPS on the bar, and perform other simple gymnastic exercises you can own.

Regardless of whether you plan to enroll in a dance club, gym or at home on your own, before class you should visit your doctor and together choose a suitable set of exercises. Only under this condition struggle with scoliosis will be effective and will cause no complications.

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