Cancer of the spine: causes, diagnosis, treatment

Рак позвоночника: причины, диагностика, лечениеCancer of the spine is one of the most urgent problems today. To get rid of it is not always possible, but there is prevention, and special treatment to minimize the consequences. Very often, even doctors can not predict the exact prognosis — pathology is unpredictable. However, the spinal tumor is found only in 15% of cases compared with cancer other joint or organ. The newly formed tumor can also be malignant or benign. But even for benign tumors of the spine painful for the patient.

The fact that any tumor is able to squeeze the nerve roots increase in size. Cancer of the spinal cord, for example, disrupts the efficiency of the Central nervous system. The risk of disease increases with age both in men and women. Thus, cancer of the spine is always accompanied by back pain as the tumor compresses the spinal vertebrae, blood vessels, nerves and other structures.

Originates from the disease

The first stage of development of the disease have characteristic symptoms, which revealed the disease. Cancer is often the result of bad genetics. This disease is recognized as hereditary, but doctors believe that it is and acquired.

Cancer causes different — it could be a spinal injury or chronic disease. Diagnosed after a thorough examination by a specialist. Often patients complain of pain near the cervical spine or lumbar. Many people mistakenly assume that low back pain or other similar ailments. Cancer of the lumbar spine symptoms gives in the form of pain. The patient must pay attention to the character of the pain: if you experience tumors it usually sharp, not like the others.

Cancer of the spine is of two types: primary and secondary. In the first case, metastases affecting the brain and internal organs, the second form of metastatic tumors of the stomach, liver, lungs.

Рак позвоночника: причины, диагностика, лечение

The tumor disrupts the spinal cord and can cause partial or complete paralysis

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We are talking about tumors of malignant nature. Signs of cancer is pronounced. They manifest depending on the location of the tumor, its size and other factors.

Cervical cancer also has its symptoms. Here there is regularity — the higher is the tumor, the more pronounced symptoms of the disease. Tumor of the cervical spine affects the neurological area, so the disease is particularly painful. In the result of cancer leads to stifled vertebrae.

Tumors of the cervical spine have a number of distinctive characteristics. One of them is a headache during the tilt of the head. Thoracic and lumbar, too, given his symptoms, which the doctors can diagnose.

The first symptoms of the pathology

Usually contributes to the appearance of the tumor is not one cause, and in each case is their own. However, there are several factors that lead to the appearance of tumors in the spine. These include hereditary factor, carcinogens (any harmful chemicals in the body), radiation, viruses and parasites on the body. It is possible the development of a tumor due to low immunity. Other causes: various injuries of the back.

Рак позвоночника: причины, диагностика, лечение

Increasing size of the tumor destroys the vertebrae and presses on the nerve endings

Cancer of the spine — not that other, as a genetic failure. At some point, cells of cartilaginous and bony tissues begin to share. This forms a tumor on the back. The true reason for such division is anyone’s guess.

The society always has consequences. In the early stages is pain, often intense. Other signs of illness: weakness, malaise, back pain and extremities. In patients with cervical cancer are observed disrupted breathing and brain disorders. Companion cancer is considered rapid weight loss.

The danger of the disease is that the malignant tumor in the initial stages of developing asymptomatic.

Only in cases when the disease becomes difficult to cure, appear the first symptoms. The doctors suggested that the cancer of the spine at the first stage is able to allocate the special substances that mute the pain. So you don’t feel any anxiety, and the pathology continues to develop further.

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Diagnosis of the disease

Рак позвоночника: причины, диагностика, лечение

MRI accurately defines the size and location of the cancer and its metastases

The resulting tumor is usually immediately evident on x-rays. People may suspect the disease, but the diagnosis puts a doctor. Better to visit a doctor than to go to the oncologist already with the tumor. You need to be attentive to your body, and then the person can be sure that he’s all right with health. The doctor pays attention to when inspecting? Tumor of the back may be visible that allows you to immediately determine the diagnosis. In addition, specialist oral questioning, considering all the complaints regarding the health. Cancer of the spine often give progressive weight loss, changes in skin colour and unreasonable fatigue.

In the analysis of blood can detect abnormal cells characteristic of cancers. In some cases they are not observed.

In the survey a key role of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). It is considered most effective for detecting tumors. Among other studies used x-rays and in rare cases, computed tomography (CT) .

A tumor on the spine: methods of disposal

Squeezed vertebrae, usually need immediate treatment. There are only two: conservative and surgical. Depending on how large the tumor (given its location), the doctor prescribes the most effective method of treatment. Any massages, exercises and other means are excluded. They will make it worse. As soon as you discover the above symptoms — take the time to begin self-treatment. It will not only be useless, you may cause damage to your health. Therefore, should treat the doctor.

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Based on the state of health of the patient at this point, the tumor can be treated with chemotherapy and radiation therapy. These methods provide a conservative method of treatment. As for the operation, it is done as needed. This radical operations are not carried out — the doctors are trying to remove only the damaged cells.

There are times when to remove all the damaged cells cannot, because the specialists do not touch the space around the nerve roots.

Medications, vitamins in the treatment of cancer of the spine is only an additional means. They do not cure the cancer, but support the body. In some cases, the patient without drugs can not do: often the patient suffering from pains in the affected area, so doctors prescribe these strong painkillers.